The Last Spell – Heroes and Trivia + Alt+F4 Exploits

The Last Spell – Heroes and Trivia + Alt+F4 Exploits 3 -
The Last Spell – Heroes and Trivia + Alt+F4 Exploits 3 -

Welcome to this post In this guide, we will tell you all about The Last Spell – Heroes and Trivia + Alt+F4 Exploits Following this guide each steps.

Heroes and Trivia

I won’t provide you with a guideline for any specific hero. As of right now, my Poison Druids were the only thing that was consistent across my various runs. I don’t need to explain what they do.
The other heroes were all completely different from one another and based on the situation.

I had a Tome, Wand User with Propagations and Opportunism. (Which was by far the most dangerous Wand User, I’ve ever made.)

I had an Power Staff, Scepter User with Momentum and Sad*st.

I used to have an LB, Hammer User with Meteor Ring and Isolation.

I used to have an Wand 2H Axe user with High MP as a Supporter with Lone Wolves on each side.

It is not possible to use the same strategy every game It’s just too situational.

(Except for Poison Druids …)

This is how I operate and it has always helped me a lot.

1. Get your Heroes Leapfrog and Potion Throw (Best via Omen)

2. Make sure that your Heroes have at minimum 10 Accuracy and Resistance Reduction (Best via Omen)

3. +10 Damage from a Multiplicator IS +10% Damage

4. +13 +13% more damage (and it hardly will be)

5. Have your 3 (or 4 – beginning heroes) achieve an efficient high level and you can then purchase High Level Heroes

6. Even Heroes who appear to be completely useless can turn into absolute powerhouses, when you give them a shot

7. You’ll need to look for Kills per Action Point.

8. Don’t be fooled by this, but an average of 1Kill per Action Point is above average

9. Do not pet a dog with a fire.

10. Keep good weapons, excellent weapons

11. Your heroes should be built around your weapons, not in the opposite direction.

Here are some thoughts that are strictly theoretical and which I will update on a regular schedule.


Bosses are highly resistant to harm and have high levels of resistance.

Propagation bounces if there are bounceable targets.

Propagation does not bounce on isolated targets.

Tome’s 2nd Skill reduces resistance and Damage.

A boss can have a staff member next to him but that does not mean he is isolated.

Casting Tomes 2nd Skill on the boss makes the skill bounce between him and the unit.

The hero can also be a unit that can be assigned to a boss.

All debuffs can be removed by using immunity or a Healing Potion.

The Cap on Resistance Reduction is 50%.

Resistance: When reduced below 0%, the damage grows.

Theory This strategy can guarantee a Boss -50% Resistance and Negative Alliteration.

Certain Elites and a few Bosses have Magical Mirror.

Death Denial makes your hero immune for the turn he died.

Heros can die when it is his turn

A Magical Mirror attack can result in the death of the hero.

Theory Use the Death Denial Perk for Magical Mirror Enemies, to kill them without dying.

If you go with both theories that has been previously discussed:

You could be killed by a hero.

The invulnerable hero is next to an opponent.

Cast Tomes 2nd Skill to the Boss, and let it bounce around him, the invulnerable hero.

Cast Tomes 4th Skill on the Boss.

Theory: Yes.

2. Catapults

The most efficient Physical Damage Heroes require Blood Magic.

In the beginning, Magical and Ranged Damage is more efficient.

Both types will have difficulties against Shielded enemies.

Catapults deal Physical Damage.

Theory: If you focus on Catapults first, you get easy access to Physical Damage, compensating Physical Damage Heroes

If this was not obvious to you:

End Nights fast, especially Boss Nights

Alt+F4 Exploits

What are Alt+F4 Exploits and what can they do to help you?

The game does NOT save on hard resets, but it does have checkpoints that indicate when the game saves automatically (at the end of each phase).

Or if you manually quit the game and go to the main menu.

I think it sounds like someone is just lazy on the team that code, doesn’t it?


The Last Spell - Heroes and Trivia + Alt+F4 Exploits - Alt+F4 Exploits - FCAB14A

What is so exploitable about Alt+F4?

There are two main Exploits: Save Restart and Ability Queue..

The first saves the game after the game has completed a phase or your cursor moves to the menu. In a way, you can hard reset out of the game, if you’ve made a mistake and start over from where you left off.

The Last Spell - Heroes and Trivia + Alt+F4 Exploits - Alt+F4 Exploits - 1942C95

The secod queue is a queue that is hidden. Although the queue was not wholly discovered, it did trigger several events that could be repeated if you hard reset the game. But there were also corruptions of the savefile that were occurring, and you should be aware of this should you decide to test it.

You’ll need to create some items, take note of the order of rarities and attributes, then hard reset the game to create the items in a new order. This allows you to use queued rarities or attributes to your item.

You can also change the level-up queue, as they have a similar queue.

You can also intertwine various queues. But this is too complicated for people to explore. Perhaps you’re the one and you’re willing to write on how it works however, as I observed it, no one has reported this yet.

It was a pleasure for us to walk you through The Last Spell – Heroes and Trivia + Alt+F4 Exploits, and we sincerely hope that you found the information beneficial. Please let us know in the comments section below if you see any mistakes in this piece or if you have any suggestions for how we can improve it. A tremendous amount of gratitude is for your time and effort, and I hope you have a good day today! A big thank you to Redgomor, BloodSorrow for his post that inspired this guide. If you liked this post, you should check back regularly because we publish new information every day.

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