The Last Spell – Wall Types Information Guide

The Last Spell – Wall Types Information Guide 4 -
The Last Spell – Wall Types Information Guide 4 -

Hi, welcome to this post, This The Last Spell – Wall Types Information Guide was created to help you.

Theory: The Chess Wall has Wall function. Though a jest, the Cheap Chess Wall is a Wall. Even with few Materials, a Chess Wall can suffice. This Wall saved me countless times.


Before we get into the wall discussion, here is the code for what enemies like to focus on:

Clawer types:
1. <!-- Attack Heroes: aggro within 2 tiles -->

2. <!-- Attack Walls: aggro within 1 tiles-->

3. <!--Attack MagicCircle: default goal-->

4. <!-- Attack Buildings (except walls): no aggro, just hit them if they happen to be adjacent after moving-->

This text is for Clawers only. It can be adapted to other enemies.

Any clawer will choose a path within reason route to the magic circle. If all paths to the magic circle are blocked, he will just go straight at it and destroy everything along the way.

If a hero is 2 tiles away from an enemy, the enemy can walk to the hero. Walls made of 1 tile are the same.

There are many types of walls, and each Wall has its pros and cons. (O = Empty field, X = Wall).

The Last Spell - Wall Types Information Guide - Walls - 67E6542

1. Wall



You can straight up Wall off everything.

+ Single melee units attacking single walls units

+ Enemies stack up in front of the wall

+ It’s easier to create corpses

+ The Perfect Orb Laser Setup

+ Stragglers pose no threat

+ Excellent Propagation Setup

+ Wall falls slow

Stone walls block Vision

– High cost

Difficult Isolation Setups

– Many AoEs don’t work properly

– It is difficult to enter or leave Walls

– Vulnerable To Boomer and Splitter AoE

Theory: This strategy works if you don’t have Isolation setups, are efficient at killing Boomers and Splitters, and have consistent access to many Materials.

However, the more difficult it is to implement this strategy, the more you get into difficulties.

The Last Spell - Wall Types Information Guide - Walls - A5D31F4

2. Chess Wall



Place your Walls in a Chess-like fashion.

+ Cheap

+ Isolation Setups

+ Making AoE Setups Obligatory for Enemies

+ Lancers and Splitters only attack 1 Unit

+ No Vision Block

+ Winged prefer landing on the Chess field (for isolation)

+ Shortbows 4th Skill Setup is easy

+/- Diagonal Propagation recommended

Boomers can demolish up to 5 units

– Difficult Propagation Setups

– It is difficult to leap through

– Wall falls fast

Theory: Multiple enemies should be focused on one wall in order to place them in an AoE lucrative spot. This makes it easier for single enemies to be isolated and allows them to access the Isolation Setups.

Your Defenses will eventually be sacrificed in this way. The mathematical Overkill is compensated by the lower HP defenses (like Barricades) have.

Example: 3 Units attack a Barricade. (Barricade HP πŸ™‚ 20 – (3 units combined Damage πŸ™‚ 300 = (Overkill damage)

Instead, the overkill damage would have been guaranteed damage to the 1. Wall.

The Last Spell - Wall Types Information Guide - Walls - D96CCAD

3. Cheap Chess Wall



Your Walls are placed in a Chess-like fashion.

+ Extremely Cheap

+ Funny fact: Enemies tend to isolate themselves more frequently when they approach this wall

+ Maximum 3 units can be assigned to attack the same Wall Unit

+ Boomers can only demolish 2 walls at maximum

+ Lancers and Splitters can only attack one wall

+ Leaping does not have to be mandatory

+/- Enemies create a straight path before they approach a wall (+ for propagation / +/– for other AoEs).

+/- Easy passable (+ for heroes / – for enemies)

+/- Isolation and Propagation Setup (it really is a personal preference, if that’s a + or a -)

Wall falls very fast.

The Last Spell – Wall Types Information Guide is now complete. We would appreciate hearing from you if you have any questions or suggestions on how we may improve this post. Thank you very much; I hope you have a fantastic day! Thanks to creator and writer Redgomor, BloodSorrow for motivating this post’s creation. Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with this website frequently for more posts.

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