The Isle – How to survive as Utah

The Isle – How to survive as Utah 5 -
The Isle – How to survive as Utah 5 -
Struggling how to grow a simple and fun carnivore, the Utahraptor? Well, this guide should help you!

This was a quick guide that I made as I main utah myself, so it isn’t insanely long, but it should give you the quick basics.


Where you should go

The places you should go could vary, depending on where you spawn. If you spawn near hidden, you should go to port. If you spawned at gulf beach, there should be a rock at gulf pond which might have some adult utahs on them. Basically, theres utahs on almost every rock on the map. 
You should of course avoid major places like twins and great falls. You will most likely die here, but however at great falls theres a rock that you can get onto no matter what age utah you are. If you’ve been to great falls before, you most likely know about it and where it is. 
If you want to grow solo and not near somewhere popular, find a tree or something to hide in near water and a heavy AI spawn. It is the most boring option, but it also works. 
Utahraptor is also loud and slow (as a juvi) so don’t go around and spam 1 call unless you want to die. Even then, a velo will probably kill you if you’re not careful, so be quiet. 
Light blue: Popular places for utahs (death pit has a rock a bit up stream that utahs can climb onto, but be careful not to fall off and die on the very top step. Most of these places in blue might have some adult raptors at them as there may be a rock there.) 
Red: Never go here. 
Green: Maybe sometimes, if there isn’t any players. 
Black: Nope. There’s no food or water here. 
The Isle - How to survive as Utah 

Juvenile Stage

As a juvi, you can’t do much and you’re very slow. What’s best to do is to just find somewhere that you’re comfortable with, and wait for oros or tacos to spawn (you’ll 1/2 shot them depending on your growth) and as you’re small, you’ll be able to get water without being spotted. 
Make sure not to walk up to anything bigger than you, because they’ll probably see you as food which will result in your death. If you don’t get a particular spawn that you want, you can either drown yourself or jump off a cliff or ask a player to eat you if they’re nearby. 
There’s nothing else to put here, except that you shouldn’t afk grow. You can, but you would have to check every 5-20 minutes as the hunger of a juvi utah is bad. If you have the time to do that, then feel free to afk grow. 
The Isle - How to survive as Utah 

Fresh Adult Stage

Great, you’re a fresh adult! This is the stage directly after juvi. Most often would mistake it for sub but utah doesn’t have a sub stage as it’s a non-apex predator. Now, what to do, you may ask? Well, again, you’re weak, and slow. Many things will outrun you like allos, rexes, gigas, etc. And you may even want to be careful of other utahs! Some utahs will eat their own. 
Now, don’t go ahead thinking that just because you’re an adult, you have all the power in the world. So what can you do, you may ask? Well, basically the same as juvi (until you reach 90+ growth). You don’t wanna lose that hour of growth, do you? You most likely do not, and your hunger is bad as well. 
Nothing else to put here, except: 1. You’re not strong. Don’t go ahead fighting big things yet. 2. Your hunger is bad and you’re weak and slow, so follow the same steps you did as juvi to get to 90+ growth. 
The Isle - How to survive as Utah 

Full-Adult Stage

Congrats, you’ve grown your raptor to full adult! You still don’t have a lot of health or a lot of damage, but your damage does stack. If you are looking to bleed prey out, it would be about 30-40 bites to bleed out an adult rex. If you have a pack and are aware of the basics of fighting a rex (like the hitbox etc) then i’d tell you to go for it. Just don’t a*sride it unless you really really know how (with training ofc). You should also stay away from gigas and spinos, as they’re insanely hard because of their turn radius. (Unless you’re experienced of course – but personally I wouldn’t ever do spino.) 
You can also hunt down other creatures, like dilos. Dilos may be feared by some utahs, but honestly they should be fearing you! You kill them within around 6 bites, and its not hard to get behind them- if you really have to you can just trade a hit to get behind them, or even juke them. You should stay away from allos and ceras however, as allos hitbox is very broken, and cera has an insane turn radius. Both will 2 shot you, but allo bleeds you out in 20 seconds. 
Basically, you are fast as hecc now, and you can hunt anything that you are able to. Again this time, watch out for other raptors! Not every utah pack is gonna 2 call you and want to be your friend. They might kill you as well, so be careful on that. Especially if you are a utah at port, you’ll die eventually as everyone wants to kill you. 
The Isle - How to survive as Utah 

Reminder of what not and what to do

Now, to sum it all up, just don’t do any insanely stupid things once you reach full adult. Utah requires a lot of skill and training, so make sure you have that and are aware of the hitbox before you fight anything. 
This was a quick guide i decided to do when I was bored, so thats why it isn’t that long. But it should hopefully give you the basics, so now have fun hunting or travelling as a raptor! 😀 
Feel free to comment if you think I should add anything, I’ll always read the comments. Again, happy hunting! 
The Isle - How to survive as Utah 

This is all about The Isle – How to survive as Utah; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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