Brawlhalla – Fighting Tips and Tricks.

Brawlhalla – Fighting Tips and Tricks. 1 -
Brawlhalla – Fighting Tips and Tricks. 1 -
This is mainly for Beginners who want to learn some Basics to Brawlhalla to better themselves.


For Starters.. Hard attacks.

For beginners you might be tempted to spam a Strong Attack thinking you won’t lose, But I assure you this is a fatal mistake. To get the most out of your attacks you need to combine them with your Smaller Basic attacks, Doing this will make it easier to weaken your enemy so that your larger hits do more damage not to mention that this can also make for some really good combos!

Throwing your Weapon.

Some players would rather keep their weapon they are using so they dont have to throw it and can keep fighting, but if you throw your weapon at an enemy so that you can grab a Bomb or Steal a weapon from them, It’s worth slowing them down so that they cant make it first and use it against you.

Blocking and Dodging

If you press your Shift key your character will turn white for a split second, This is a Dodge or Block move, Use this when an enemy is coming at you from any angle whether its Midair or on foot, pressing shift will make any attack rendered useless.. But do not spam it as there is a cooldown of about 2 – 4 seconds.


If your keen with the steps before but are looking for how combos should work My advice is try using your Small attacks only 3 times and then use a Large attack if they are in the air you can use air attacks to further this damage and destroy them!

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Brawlhalla – Fighting Tips and Tricks.; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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