The Isle – Sequel: Next generation

The Isle – Sequel: Next generation 1 -
The Isle – Sequel: Next generation 1 -
in this brand new sequel for the story Scar the Carnotaurus by Bobbie, Scar goes on an adventure with his family to keep their newborn baby safe!


Chapter one(prologue)- End of winter

Scar and Ella (the female) lived in a cave with their newborn son during the winter, Scar went out every once in a while to find some food, but when winter ended, they could finally exit their dark cave, and live out in the light again.

Scar sneaked forwards, stalking a dryosaurus, Scar and Ella we’re not hungry, they we’re hunting food for their baby, Ellon, he was just a few weeks old. Scar lunged at the Dryo, biting it full force, he lifted it up and bit it so hard the dryo was crushed to death, he turned around and went back to their territory, he reached their nest and dropped the dryo into the nest, Ellon started munching on the dryo, Scar and Ella watched him eat.

Chapter two-intruder

It was nighttime, the carnos we’re sleeping, suddenly, Scar waked up because of rustling in the bushes, he opened his eyes and looked around, the others seemed to wake up too, Scar and Ella got up and went forwards to check out what made that sound, they reached the bushes and sniffed the bushes, then, something came out and jumped onto Scar, it was a Troodon, Scar groaned in pain, Ella bit the Troodon and threw it onto the ground, and crushed it to death with her foot.
Scar was now bleeding, they couldn’t stay out in the open, they have to go into the big jungle.

They destroyed the nest and grabbed Ellon, and they went into the jungle.
It was day now, they set up a new nest into the jungle, Scar was now healed.

chapter three-safe during the day, endangered at night.

The jungle was nice, it was near a river so they could easily go drink water, and they could easily find food, Ellon could grow up here, Scar liked it, it was safe.

For a limited time.

It was nighttime now, the carnos weren’t sleeping yet, they we’re eating.
What was that?
Scar looked in the direction of the sound, he saw two glowing eyes, they disappeared when they noticed Scar spotted them. Ella roared in the other direction, Scar looked in her direction and spotted the eyes again, suddenly he felt like something was behind him, he got up and looked behind him, he saw a DILOPHOSAURUS which was just about to bite scar, he bit it and it ran away, Ella got up too, and looked in all directions, they we’re trying to protect Ellon, after a while, it was day light, they we’re endangered during the night, they destroyed their nest again and grabbed Ellon and went searching for an exit to the jungle.

Chapter four-Travel

They we’re traveling through the jungle, it was dusk and now they’re far away from their previous nest spot, they started hurrying to get as far away as possible before night strikes, they stopped for the night at a lake, the carnos got up and crouched and looked in all directions, with Ellon in the middle, the same thing happened as last night, they saw the white eyes, it was going as usual, but suddenly, they heard Ellon scream, they looked quickly at him, a Dilophosaur bit Ellon, Scar catched the Dilophosaur by the tail right before it managed to escape, he threw it onto the ground and snapped it’s neck. They grabbed Elon and ran away for the rest of the night,

Chapter five-Out of the jungle

After a while, they finally escaped the jungle, it was day time now, they put Ellon on the ground, waiting for him to heal, Scar went to drink water, and went hunting.

Ella stood near Ellon waiting for him to heal, suddenly, she heard a snarl behind her, she turned around and saw a Velociraptor getting ready to jump onto Ellon, she killed it and gave it to Ellon to eat.

Scar came back with a Diablo and dropped it in front of Ellon, and they all started eating again.

chapter six-A place to call home?

Once Ellon was healed they kept on moving, after a while they got to the islands main lake that goes all the way to the ocean, they set up nest there near the river, and made sure Ellon was as protected as possible.
He was the start of the new generation, he had to survive.
They marked their territory, making sure nothing got inside it.

After a month, Ellon was now almost a sub adult, he learned how to hunt from his father, maybe they did finally have a place to call home.

Chapter seven-Apex.

The Carno family we’re drinking water and eating, it was in the middle of the day, it was pure daylight, and beautiful weather.
Suddenly, the ground shook, Scar and Ellon looked forwards and around to examine the sound, only after a while did the sound catch Ella’s attention.
Suddenly, something came out of the bushes, it was a Tyrannotitan!
The Tyrannotitan roared at the carnos, the carnos roared back, the Tyrannotitan ran to them, preparing to bite, but Scar bit back, the Tyrannotitan backed up a bit and roared. Scar and Ellon bit the Tyrannotitan and ran away from the Tyrannotitan to keep a safe distance to keep their stamina.
Ella distracted it, and the Tyrannotitan bit her tail, Ellon and Scar bit the Tyrannotitan again, the Tyrannotitan turned around, and Ella bit it by the neck, putting it to the ground, Ellon approached the Tyrannotitan and killed it.

Chapter eight (epilogue)-Peace and accomplishment

They had food for a month since they killed the Tyrannotitan, and now Ellon was a fully grown adult, Scar and Ella have accomplished something they always wanted, to keep Ellon alive, and to keep the family going.

The End.


Thanks to everyone who supported the first story, all the support meant a lot to me, and that led me to make the sequel to Scar’s Story, thank you all for your support, also, be sure to expect more stories in the future!

Hope you enjoy the Guide about The Isle – Sequel: Next generation, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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