The Isle – Evrima Utahraptor Guide [Survival / Matchups]

The Isle – Evrima Utahraptor Guide [Survival / Matchups] 1 -
The Isle – Evrima Utahraptor Guide [Survival / Matchups] 1 -
“As the epitome of cunning and ferocity, able to swiftly maneuver at high speeds and pounce upon unsuspecting victims, the Utahraptor has certainly earned its fearsome reputation. Whilst all Utahraptors are inherently dangerous… It’s the ones you don’t see that are truly clever.” –

Utahraptor is a small, fast and agile dinosaur that can take on allmost anything in a group. In this guide i will be covering how to grow your raptor aswell as its matchups and how to deal with them.


Grow time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Health: 1000
Speed: 52 Km/H
Damage: 130

Growing your raptor:

Surviving as a juvi raptor can be quite challenging. As a baby, raptors are rather slow and very weak. You are best off avoiding fights with any dinos untill you are at least 50% grown. You are roughly the same strength as a ptera at 35% growth so avoid them untill then.
Your best bet to get food as a juvi raptor is to scavenge or stick with a pack of adults and have them hunt for food.
When drinking try avoid popular deinosuchus rivers like Central River or Pocket falls. The best and safest area to get water from would be the shallow river since adult deinos are too big to swim in it.



Difficulty: Very Easy
Hypsis are easy prey for any raptors as long as they arent with any bigger herbivore to protect them. Utahraptors kill hypsis in one bite aswell as beeing more faster and agile. Their blinding spit isnt much of a problem since it is currently extremely hard to land.


Difficulty: Easy
Dryos can be quite tricky to catch as they are more faster and agile than raptors. If you want the chance to kill a dryo you need to be sneaky catch it off guard and land a pounce on it. Unless there is more than 4 of them all attacking you at once, dryos arent much of a threat to any adult raptors. However watch out, as they can easily kill you if you are less than 50% grown.


Difficulty: Medium
Recommended group: 2+
Fighting a good teno 1 on 1 is nearly impossible as a raptor as it can just spam its claw attack and kill you. When fighting a teno try bait out its tail slam/kick as each attack drains 10% of its stamina. Be very careful though as one hit from a tail slam or kick will knock you down, leaving you extremely vulnerable to further attacks. When its low on stamina go in for pounces and bites as it will start bleeding and its stamina will regen slower.


Difficulty: Medium
Recommended group 4+
Going up against a stegosaurus is a high risk, high reward fight. One mistake can cost your raptors life, however successfully hunting a stego will supply you and your raptor pack with lot of food.
The best methood to kill a stego is to bleed it out. It is possible to kill it 1 on 1 by biting at its head, but this takes lots of skill and practice. When bleeding it out try to land pounces on it. First bait out a tail attack, then immideately run at it and pounce it. Be careful when jumping off your pounce, as if it stands still and isnt attacking it can easily land a devestating hit on you the moment you jump off.


Difficulty: Easy
Hunting pteranadons is quite easy. In order to hunt one you just need to catch it off guard when its landed and bite it. It takes 2 bites or 1 ALT+Bite to kill it.


Diffculty: Hard
Recommended group: 4+
Going up against a carno is very challenging and risky. Carnos are faster than you and will run you down easily so in order to not get hit you need to juke it when it goes in for an attack. You should try to get as much bleed on it by pouncing as possible and bleed it out since it wont regen stamina and it will make it harder for it to escape. When going in for a pounce make sure to be very accurate as if you miss you wont be able to move for a couple of seconds, which could be devestating.


Difficulty: Very hard
Recommended group: 8+
Fighting a deino is not something i would recommend as it can allways flee to water if it is about to die. It is very bulky and has a high bleed resistance making pouncing practicly useless. When going in for bites try be quick and avoid its 360 degree ALT bite. Dont ever try to bite it in its front as it can grab you with its lunge and drag you into water.


Written by UpInSky

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about The Isle – Evrima Utahraptor Guide [Survival / Matchups]; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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