Steel Division 2 – Gameplay Guide

Steel Division 2 – Gameplay Guide 1 -
Steel Division 2 – Gameplay Guide 1 -

This guide shows how many points are generated per phase e.e

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Steel Division 2 guide – Phases / Fases (English – Español) updated

Phase A, B, C – battle phases.

Each phase lasts a certain amount of time (usually 10 minutes like this guide). After the completion of phase A, you move on to Phase B and finally C. When you are planning battle group actions, decide which troops and how many will be available in individual phases. The principle is simple, the later the stage, more units will be available (but you have less time to capture strategic points).

Every minute you get a certain amount of assignment points that you can spend on summoning new units from outside the map or planes. The number of these points depends on the choice of “deployment type” occurring in 4 types:

Balanced (110/130/155)

Vanguard (140/125/90)

Maverick (120/170/80)

Juggernaut (110/115/175)

Flat line (125/125/125)

V for Victory (135/90/160)

The numbers in parentheses indicate an income of points every minute. Each value refers to successive A, B, C phases. In the case of balanced deployment, you will get 110 points every minute in phase A, 130 in phase B, and 155 points per minute in phase C. Thanks to this, you can adjust your battle group to the cost and number of branches. If you prefer a quick attack on the enemy in the first stage, it may be worth choosing a type that provides the most points in phase A. it is worth experimenting to see which style is most suitable for your personal preferences and the selected division.

So… taking this in mind, with this chart you can know the point distribution and use them with greater knowledge, identifying your advantages and disadvantages.

30 mins Chart

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Steel Division 2 - Gameplay Guide - 30 mins Chart - F07AD9E

40+ mins Chart

Steel Division 2 - Gameplay Guide - 40+ mins Chart - D4AA427


Steel Division 2 - Gameplay Guide - Table - DF10984

Personal POV – Opinion personal.

First of all, I’m open to reading any criticism e.e

For me, the viable options to play are:

*Maverick: (for chads and sigma players) hold the early a bit, and push in phase b, avoid long fights; if you reach phase c without a clear advantage, you are in a very bad situation

*Balanced: as its name indicates, play in a balanced way depending on the level of aggressiveness of the rival and the proposed objectives

*Juggernaut: (for camping lovers and rat players e.e) hold the early and wait for phase c, the longer the game lasts, the better

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This is all about Steel Division 2 – Gameplay Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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