Ring of Pain – How to Get No Swapies Achievement

Ring of Pain – How to Get No Swapies Achievement 1 - steamlists.com
Ring of Pain – How to Get No Swapies Achievement 1 - steamlists.com

In this guide I will give you some useful advices about how to get the No Swapies achievement.

0. How to get No Swapsies achievement?

Basically you have to finish the game (by defeating either The Owl or The Darkness), without ever replacing items that you equipped throughout your run.

1. The starting item and difficulty

Always use the double candle, because it allows you to pick one common starting item from your card collection.
For the difficulty, play on normal mode. It’s not just because of the enemies, because overall we want the boss fight to be as easy as possible.

2. Starting item

Hermit’s Tiara is the best and probably the only resonable choice.
How does the item work? If you have 4 or less items equipped, each time you attack any enemy(except these who are immune to freeze effect), you will freeze them.
Why’s this item so important? Because once you equip an item, you cannot replace it. And it is important to keep most of our slots free, because later on we will wanna get some gold and epic items.

3. Stats

For the first few rooms upgrade your speed and defence – speed to avoid getting damage, defence in case your enemy attacks first. Remember that even if you are the second to attack, your enemy will still get freezed.
After that start upgrading your attack – It will be needed to defeat either of the bosses.
If you see an item that boosts both your clarity and health, or just health – take it (this is why we wanted to keep our slots free)

4. Patience room

Full of treasures and with 2 stone guardians that wake up after 7 turns. They are blockers, so you cannot pass them and have an extreme amount of health.
Usually in a regular run, if they wake up before you’ve reached the exit – you’re most likely dead.
With Hermit’s Tiara we WANT them to wake up. They are not immune to freeze, so what you wanna do is freeze both, and kill one or all of them.
After that you can go ahead and claim all your stat boosts and potions.

5. Key items

Keep in mind that I got the achievement even though I used “Dark for days” entrance, which automatically moves you about 4 rooms ahead.
So these items that I’ll mention gave me the win, despite not having all slots occupied.
Screamer – When you attack a creature, it chains 5 damage to 3 enemies who are behind the card you damaged. Overall one of the best items in the game.
Glacier – Freeze the enemy on parry. Self-explanatory, and this is why we wanna keep our defence high.
Freezing Aura – Your enemy will get freezed if they hit you.
Dual Wield – When you hit a front enemy, the other one will get hit too.
Hand Of Frog – Befriend frogs to gain +1 health. Honestly I’m not even sure if that item is required, but it gives a nice amount of health and clarity

Written by Heisenberg

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Ring of Pain – How to Get No Swapies Achievement; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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