Stardew Valley – Perfect farming +Skills +Achievements

Stardew Valley – Perfect farming +Skills +Achievements 1 -
Stardew Valley – Perfect farming +Skills +Achievements 1 -

How to make your farm perfect while still playing (mainly) casually.

The Player

You can use the ability to switch skill perks in your favor.
If you don't have dual iridium bands, make sure to check with the Adventurers Guild for ring options.
If you are looking for luck rings, you can track the foraging perk and find the panning locations.
You can find Iridium by doing shallow digging in skull caverns. You can trade jades for ladders and rubies to get spicy eels.

The Farm

Once you have all your characters maxed out. Complete building your farm.
You should aim to have no less than 1 barn and 2 coops.
The second coop is only for rabbits. Their feet are a beloved gift for everyone, except Penny.
(Skip this if you already have maximum friendship with everyone.)
All house improvements should be done. Even if you don’t intend to have children, the extra space is great and Robin can take the crib out.
A shed is ideal for storage and 2-3 for kegs/jars.
A large shed can store 137 kegs or jars or crystalariums.
At most, you will need 2 fish ponds. 1 for Sturgeon and 1 for other types of fish. (I like Lava Eel)
Optional: The slime hutch and the mill
Both the train station and the desert can be used to plant trees, wood, and/or oak resin.

Ginger Island

You won't be able unlock the Community Centre or Joja if you haven't completed it.
The island farm functions as a large greenhouse once you unlock it.
This can be used as an extension to your farm.
A secret door is located to the North West of the farm. Perfection requires access.
There are plenty of golden walnuts for every upgrade.


These can all be done in any order. However, the more expensive ones may take longer.
All 4 Warp Obelisks (purchased from the wizard; $3,000,000 total for)
Buy the wizard a Golden Clock (; $10,000,000 total)
The Museum collection. If necessary, Omni geodes can be traded to acquire artefact troves.
Every fish must be caught. The wiki will help you determine the best season, weather, and location to catch the missing fish. To help with difficult fish, use buffing food and a trapbobber.
Every golden walnut. If you are stuck, there is a guide on Wikipedia. Every day, the Parrot in Leo’s Place will give you one clue.
All eight special scarecrows. Only one of the eight special scarecrows can be accessed to the casino. The rest are seasonal or from the traveling cart.
Make sure to cook every dish. Many recipes require friendship before they send the recipe. For Sunday recipes, the Queen of Sauce is on a 2-year cycle.
Every item can be made. You can choose to show advanced crafting in the settings menu. This will display the number of items you have created. To get some items, you will need to complete a special orders board quest.
Every Stardrop. There are 7 total
All items must be shipped. This includes all crops, ores and bars, animal products, building materials and artisan items. Only one type of jelly and wine can be shipped.
Hero of the Valley. Kill all mobs. For more information, see the Adventure's Guild.
Only one Qi quest is required, and it is for dangerous mines. This quest is required to access radioactive ore. It can only be mined when it is active. You can swap between the hard and normal mines at the shrine on floor 120 if you need more. Floors 40-80 contain mobs that can cause a nasty debuf. This can only be removed by eating ginger or drinking ginger ale. It is possible to skip them by using ladders.


You should keep a stockpile for rabbit's feet if you have had a lot of rabbits.
To avoid friendship decay, save iridium quality as birthday gifts. Instead, work with 2-3 villagers at a given time.
Penny doesn’t like rabbit’s feet so use gold melons or better quality poppies. If it's not in season, these can be grown on Ginger Island.


Written by Killer_Whale

This is all about Stardew Valley – Perfect farming +Skills +Achievements; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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