Stardew Valley – How to get all of the hardest achievements

Stardew Valley – How to get all of the hardest achievements 1 -
Stardew Valley – How to get all of the hardest achievements 1 -

How to achieve the most difficult achievements in Stardew with minimal effort
As of 9/4/22

Overview (first read)

Each of the methods in this guide is a variation on two glitches. The Item spawning glitch and the “multiplayer” duplication glitch (. But don’t worry, a second controller can also work). These achievements may cause some to have a bad experience. This guide is only for those who are confident in their abilities. There is also a trick to win Fector’s Challenge. I will now show you how to do both of these glitches.

Item Spawning

It is much easier than you might think to spawn vanilla items. Stardew assigns each item an ID to keep track of them. The Prismatic Shard’s item ID is [74]. How relevant is this? By naming ourselves an item’sID in the farm creation screen we can get NPCs the ID of the item and give us that item. It’s okay if you don’t understand it right now. I will explain exactly what you should do when you need it.

Item duplication

Duplicating items is a little easier. This dupe method might be a bit easier if you play a lot of games with your friends. You and another player can break any (furniture, debris, or other items.) and another player simultaneously, the game becomes confused and both players get the items. This is often used in multiplayer speed runs. It doesn’t end there. It’s possible for both players to pick up the same item from a table if they do so at the same time. This, along with the item spawning glitch gives you theoretically unlimited amounts of any item. This can be achieved with a second controller or your friends.

Also, take note

Each achievement in this guide is arranged in a way that builds on the previous. Even if you have already achieved some of these achievements, I recommend that you still read through each section to fully understand what is happening. You can skip to the next section if you’re here for Fector’s Challenge. It’s unrelated.

These glitches will give a huge advantage to almost any achievement in the game. However, I’m only providing step-by-step instructions for those that are the most difficult. I will be making a second part with more achievements in the future, so please leave a like. You can leave a comment if you need any help.

Warning: Do not spawn in a Stardrop. It could damage your save file. Although I haven’t seen it myself, I can say that I have heard about it. Summoner000, thank you for reporting.


Stardew Valley - How to get all of the hardest achievements - Legend - A645E7D

“Earn 10m Gold”

Money will be very useful for other achievements, so it makes sense why we’re doing this first. Did you notice the item-spawning glitch in the overview? It is imperative that we use it immediately. This is the time to start a farm.

Name your character “[163][74]” from the character creation screen. Also, ensure that “skip intro” and “Starting cabins” are unchecked.

Stardew Valley - How to get all of the hardest achievements - Legend - AF70BB0

You can skip the intro by pressing Escape. You must not skip the bus cutscene!

Wait until Robin first says your name. This will prompt the game give you the Legend fish (, which coincidentally is also the name of the achievement). The intro can be skipped now. Do not sell the item yet!

You can for now just keep the prismatic shard. It will come in handy someday. We are using the legend because it has the highest sell price in the game. Now, we will duplicate the Legend by using the Multiplayer glitch.

Connect a controller with the game. Select “Start Local Co-op” from the settings menu. Although it is not recommended to use another controller, a friend can also work if you don’t have one. Now, let’s get to the glitch. Now, take a table from the house and place the Legend on it. Now, both players must pick up the Fish from the table simultaneously. You’ll find that you have one more legend than when you first started.

Stardew Valley - How to get all of the hardest achievements - Legend - F3D1B2D

You should have between 300-400 Legends after spending the entire Stardew Day doing this. You can sell them, but keep at least one spare. You should be able to sell them several times and have at least 10 mil within a short time.

This achievement is based on total farm revenue and not current purse balance. Don’t be afraid of spending some of the money along your journey.


Stardew Valley - How to get all of the hardest achievements - Polyculture - 39C0E8B

“Ship 15 of each crop”

Contrary to what the achievement description states, you don’t have to ship every crop. It makes our lives easier, although I don’t know why. These crops are the only ones that count towards this achievement.

  • Cauliflower [190]
  • Coffee Bean [433]
  • Garlic [248]
  • Green Bean [188]
  • Kale [250]
  • Parsnip [24]
  • Potato [192]
  • Rhubarb [252]
  • Strawberry [400]
  • Blueberry [258]
  • Corn [270]
  • Hops [304]
  • Hot Pepper [260]
  • Melon [254]
  • Radish [264]
  • Red Cabbage [266]
  • Starfruit [268]
  • Tomato [256]
  • Wheat [262]
  • Amaranth [300]
  • Artichoke [274]
  • Beet [284]
  • Bok Choy [278]
  • Cranberries [282]
  • Eggplant [272]
  • Grape [398]
  • Pumpkin [276]
  • Yam [280]

This achievement is important because it allows you to explore later-game options for item generation. We will be focusing on two methods for this achievement. There are two methods to achieve this achievement: the Marnie chicken method and the less well-known Wizard/Clint technique. You will need the highest backpack upgrade, regardless of which method you choose. This will ensure that you have lots of items in inventory.

Both methods can be viewed and you can choose which one to use.

Wizard Method

This method requires 3 things to be done first.

  • Talk to Clint
  • Get a telephone
  • With the Wizard, you can get up to 4 hearts

Talking to Clint and the Telephone is easy, provided you have enough money from the previous achievement. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money, it’s okay because Robin will give you 2k. This is the easiest part. Remember the prismatic shard that you received at the beginning? Here is where it comes in to play. Use the multiplayer dupe glitch to duplicate the prismatic fragment a few times. You can also get NPC’s to call your name.

You must now give the wizard prismatic pieces of glass every time. His birthday is in Winter 17.

All done? Cool. Bring your phone and a box to the unlocked wizard basement. For 500g, you can change your name at the shrine. This is a small fee considering you have 10m. Change your name to the ID’s of as many crops as you can. For example, your first name should read “[190][433][248]”.

After you have completed that, you can call Clint on your telephone during his working hours. Clint is our choice because he always calls back saying the name of the player.

Stardew Valley - How to get all of the hardest achievements - Polyculture - B532EC4

Continue this process until all the crops are used. Repeat the process until you have 15. The Chest is for additional storage.

Chicken Method

You have probably seen this done before. If you haven’t, I’ll explain it to you.

What you should do:

  • Construct a coop
  • Have money
  • That’s all.

Purchase the resources from robins and build a chicken coop. Continue to Marnie’s to purchase a chicken. This method differs from the Wizard method in that instead of Clint reading you name, it will be Marnie reading the name of the new Chicken.

Stardew Valley - How to get all of the hardest achievements - Polyculture - EBA7B63

That’s it! Each duplication can be used to collect 15 copies.

Shipment in Full

Stardew Valley - How to get all of the hardest achievements - Full Shipment - 923FC4F

“Ship every item”

This is best done on a save file with a good chunk of the items shipped. The program can still work with the new file, but it will take some time because there are many items to ship.

I don’t hate me, so I won’t give all the item IDs for the previous achievement. But fret not! But don’t worry!
His guide. – []

here – []

This is the wiki page you should refer to in order to find the remaining items that you need.

To get the items, use one of the spawning tricks I mentioned in the Polyculture achievement. You should have all of them shipped and you will be fine!

Good luck!

Complete Collection

Stardew Valley - How to get all of the hardest achievements - A Complete Collection - 6DDE8C9

“Complete the museum collection.”

There are two ways to do this. If you have an older save file that only needs a few donations, I would just spawn them one at a time.

If you’re doing this on a new save file that doesn’t have donations, you might want to dupe some Omni Geodes or Treasure Troves and then take them to the blacksmith. You can then spawn the rest of your needs in one by one.

Here it is again
Samtaro’s Guide – []

Here are the wiki pages with all the artifacts and minerals.

Minerals – []

Artifacts – []

Stardew Valley - How to get all of the hardest achievements - A Complete Collection - 8A79E98

Gourmet Chef

Stardew Valley - How to get all of the hardest achievements - Gourmet Chef - D449CC1

“Cook every recipe”

You might not have realized it, but the hardest part of this achievement isn’t the items, but rather the recipes. There are four main ways to get a cooking recipe.

  • The Queen of Sauce
  • Upskilling
  • Befriending Villagers
  • NPCs can be purchased

It is best to use a save file with high skills and unlocked recipes. Even with the glitches, you won’t likely be able get this on a new save file.

Once you have all the recipes, it’s the same as the other. I recommend getting a cookout set [926] to make it easy to cook the recipes from home.

Fector’s Challenge! (and Prairie King)

Stardew Valley - How to get all of the hardest achievements - Fector's Challenge! (and Prairie King) - 6392929

“Beat ‘Journey Of The Prairie King” without dying

We are here! This is the achievement most of you have been waiting for. This tiny trick will allow you to beat JOTP without dying.

You will save every time you start a new stage (e.g. Your progress will be saved every time you start a new stage, e.g. You can exit the game by hitting Escape. After interacting with the game again you will be able to choose to “continue your journey”. This will allow you to resume your progress at 1-2.

Let’s say you beat 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3. Then you hit 1-3. You died. Instead of continuing the stage, press escape. After interacting with the game again you can “continue your journey”. You are now back at the beginning of 1-3.

This little trick will allow you to skip the need to reset the entire run every time you die. You only need to reset the level that you are currently on. This should be enough to get the achievement within a matter of minutes!


Closing remarks

We are grateful for your time. It was a lot, I’m sure.

I plan to make a second part with more achievements. You can leave a comment if you’d like to see a particular one.

You can also leave a comment if you have any questions or difficulties. I’d be glad to help you! If you enjoyed the article, please like it and consider giving an award if you feel so inclined.

Happy Achievement Hunting


Written by Richs

This is all about Stardew Valley – How to get all of the hardest achievements; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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