Stardew Valley – How to unlock the Ginger Island Quest

Stardew Valley – How to unlock the Ginger Island Quest 1 -
Stardew Valley – How to unlock the Ginger Island Quest 1 -

Hi! In this guide I’ll show you how you can unlock Ginger Island, an Island in Stardew Valley where you can catch new fish, grow new crops, befriend new NPCs, and upgrade your weapons to unleash their max potential.

How to unlock the Ginger Island quest

In order to unlock the Ginger Island quest, I believe you need to have completed either the Community Center restoration or the Joja Mart development quests before this one.
Firstly, you need to help Willy (the Fisherman) repair his boat in order to access Ginger Island. When Willy writes you a letter requesting you to come to the back door of his fishing shop, that’s when the quest to unlock Ginger Island becomes available!
Willy will ask you to collect the following items in order to fix his boat:

  • 200 HardwoodObtained by cutting logs, big tree stumps, or mahogany trees.
  • 5 Battery PacksAre produced by lightning rods (during thunderstorms) as well as solar panels (after seven days of sunshine). Can be bought at the traveling cart too.
  • 5 Iridium BarsIn the lowest levels of the Mines and on any level of the Skull Cavern, you can get iridium ore by breaking rocks. Smelting five pieces of iridium ore and one piece of coal in a furnace will give you one iridium bar.

The earlier you collect these items, the better! It can be a hassle to chop some hardwood everyday.
Once you’ve given Willy the materials, the boat will be fixed overnight and it’ll be accessible the following day. The boat is available starting at 8am everyday, apart from festival days. A ticket to Ginger Island costs 1,000 gold, so make sure you have that ready!
You’ve officially unlocked Ginger Island, congratulations!

Golden Walnuts

Golden Walnuts are the parrots’ favorite snack. Some parrots will ask you to donate walnuts in order to unlock a new area to progress in your exploration. You’ll need to collect a large amount of walnuts if you want to explore everything the island has to show. Some Golden Walnuts are easy to find, while others are somewhat difficult.
There are multiple videos and guides online that show all the locations of the walnuts, don’t be afraid to look them up!

Mobs & Mining

A volcano on Ginger Island’s northernmost point is home to a ten-level dungeon filled with mobs to kill and goodies to find. You can repeatedly accomplish floors 1-4 and 6–9 because they are randomized. A Dwarf-run shop is located on Floor 5.
In case anyone wants to experience what’s on floor 10 without me ruining the surprise:The Forge allows you to further improve your weapons and armor, basically allowing it to be super strong.
The Volcano Dungeon is special because it has lava rivers and lakes that must be traversed. Bring your watering pot in order to safely create walking surfaces by pouring water over the lava. The single water replenishment station in the dungeon is on Floor 5, so make sure you use your water wisely!
Here’s a list of mobs you’ll encounter:

  • Magma Sprite
  • Magma Sparker
  • Tiger Slime
  • Lava Lurk
  • Magma Duggy
  • Hot Head
  • Dwarvish Sentry
  • False Magma Cap


Professor Snail & Artifacts

You’ll locate a cave with an entrance blocked by a large rock after paying the parrots to fix Ginger Island’s collapsed bridge. Clear the entryway with a Bomb or Mega Bomb to release the imprisoned Professor Snail.
He’ll live in the green tent after you’ve rescued him. You’ll be given a variety of jobs to accomplish, such as gathering bones and responding to trivia questions about the island. In return, he’ll give you rewards.
Similar to the library back in the Stardew town, you’ll need to collect artifacts/fossils left by dead animals. They can be found by fishing, mining rocks with bones in them, digging out the worms around the island, and more. You will end up getting golden walnuts if you complete them! (yay)


There’s a lot more to say about Ginger Island, but I hope I’ve been able to at least give you some insight on what there is to do! There’s a lot of people to meet as well as things to do around the island, I only scraped the tip of the iceberg.
Thank you for reading! Please give me feedback as this is my first guide, be sure to like and favorite if it helped! 😀

Written by Claws

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Stardew Valley – How to unlock the Ginger Island Quest, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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