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Software Inc. – Optimal Marketing Guide 1 -
Software Inc. – Optimal Marketing Guide 1 -

Welcome. This Software Inc. – Optimal Marketing Guide Guide was created to assist you, and we sincerely hope that you find it so.

This guide will give you the basic post-marketing and deals.

Post-marketing and deals

Receptionist deals are often very long and would require a lot of people. I advise you to do better support deals as it is almost the same amount. One team of 10 supporters 1* can support a deal but ten marketing teams of 10 marketeers 1* will be late with their work.
You should have at least eight 2* and two 3-level marketing skills employees if you are going to market deals to complement your pre-marketing tasks.


After you have released the software, you need to assign a team to handle the post-marketing task. This will ensure that your release stays (or reach) Unavoidable and that it continues to stay that way for as long as it takes.

Budgets are something I have never used. I leave mine at infinite so they get a maximum boost each month. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you can check out your budget that will allow you to remain Unavoidable month after month.

You can also use my Subsidiary marketing strategy and assign each release’s post-marketing task to it. It will cover any number of simultaneous tasks, even 12.

Please comment below if you have a better marketing strategy or disagree with this article.


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