Software Inc. – Advanced Marketing and Subsidiary

Software Inc. – Advanced Marketing and Subsidiary 2 -
Software Inc. – Advanced Marketing and Subsidiary 2 -

Hello and welcome to this Software Inc. – Advanced Marketing and Subsidiary guide.

This guide will show you the best-advanced marketing and subsidiary in the game.


Advanced Marketing and Subsidiary

In my last run, the no-marketing team was tested. I would then outsource marketing until building my OS, which is my first marketing endeavor.
I hired two teams of ten marketeers earlier – four 3*, five 5*, one leader/marketing SOc+HR

I won’t hire a marketing team because of this new strategy.

Subsidiary advertising

I acquire the cheapest subsidiary. It is close to bankruptcy and has low creativity. It will take over all marketing tasks for each new product.

Two things to be aware of:

Because they still receive revenue from it’s releases, the subsidiaries will continue to make money. This strategy is not for advanced players, as it will soon become money sink.

Second – If you run 2 shifts as I do, the Subsidiary does not work as much as your company. It can manage tasks during the day, but they won’t be as productive.

So my new Subsidiary gets Hyping and Press-releases for each new release. I was testing it to see how many tasks it could handle. It seems like it can handle around 30. If you assign it more than 20 jobs, it will stop becoming money sinking and can be float-able with a maximum of -1m USD per year.

This advice is for you: you don’t have to market software forever. You want the sequel to be as popular as the original. So, stop marketing after the sequel comes out.


The only problem with having no-marketing staff is that you will have to develop every project manually. Furthermore, Project management cannot be used to develop projects, as Subsidiary Assignments can not be done in the PM window.

Software Inc. - Advanced Marketing and Subsidiary - Advanced Marketing and Subsidiary - EB598A4

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