Project Lazarus – Basic Overview

Project Lazarus – Basic Overview 1 -
Project Lazarus – Basic Overview 1 -

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Welcome. We hope that you find this Project Lazarus – Basic Overview Guide helpful.

This guide will tell you the basic gameplay and overview.


I’m going through the basics of the game for this guide. I also made a video of it. The video is uncut, and I don’t comment much on what’s happening. But it’s mostly the same thing: Many of your enemies die. Maybe someone wants to jump from one part to another to see some motion images…

Before this run was completed, I tried several times to master Hyper’s Outpost map. After I had finally succeeded yesterday, my goal was to see how I would do on the first Map in Hyper mode. I destroyed all my enemies and achieved rank 8 – which made it very happy.

The basics

Titus, I chose a Mech because of its many advantages. It is faster than others, has 5 internal slots for upgrading, and has weapons that face forward. Titus’s low armor is its most significant disadvantage. However, an additional perk increases armor four times, giving me an armor rating of 35 on the run.

I focused my efforts on weapons that could cause constant damage to many foes. I think the Pulse RifleBlasterA is very effective for that. Both hit multiple enemies. The Pulse-Rifle bullets can penetrate all enemies and beat them all in one shot. Even enemies that may not be visible yet. Blaster shots bounce off the enemies and hit multiple enemy targets. Blaster shots have a high firing rate and take little time to recharge. Pulse Rifle is slower to reload. But there is an upgrade. Two shock towers were added to Mech. They do a fair amount of damage and can fire in all directions.

My idea was simple: I created an agile Mech that can heal itself through Thors. It also tries to increase its armor hit points using perks.

I used a controller to run the course before being too lazy or inept at connecting one. It was much more enjoyable.



Project Lazarus – Basic Overview is the subject of this guide. Please let us know in the comments if anything is broken or outdated, and we will address it as soon as possible. I hope that today treats you well. Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts daily with additional material, so check back with this website frequently for more posts.

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