Software Inc. – Marketing Strategies Guide

Software Inc. – Marketing Strategies Guide 1 -
Software Inc. – Marketing Strategies Guide 1 -

Welcome. This Software Inc. – Marketing Strategies Guide Guide was written to be of use to you, and we hope you will find that to be the case.
This guide will give you tips and tricks on how to market you product.

Create and construct structures that offer optimal working conditions. Employ people to create and publish software to beat your competitors in simulated competition and take control of their businesses. Your employees must be trained and supervised to ensure they are happy with their work.


This guide will provide tips and tricks to help you learn how to utilize Marketing to its fullest potential.

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Beta 1.4.11

How do you market your product?

There is no correct or incorrect answer to the question of how many marketing teams are needed. However, I think smaller teams are better. Marketing is not feasible for the newest IP releases. It takes time to establish a reputation of marketing.

Steps to Market:

1. Announce the date

2. Press release for the Design phase

3. Press release for the development phase

4. Do you design the Press?

5. Release

It appears that the marketing mechanism in the game was tweaked. There aren’t any exact figures. However, these are my suggestions on how to market effectively. Why should I do this in this way?

It is crucial not to use a press release too often, as each new release will have less impact and consequently less of a marketing impact. It was possible to send out press releases with videos and send followers to the sky before it was corrected.

Tips: Alpha and Beta press releases are treated in the same way. So, releasing one in each project stage could result in negative consequences. Once you’ve reached the beta stage, the build process is complete. This will give you the most boost to your followers, just as a demonstration or display for the media.

My method: I create both press releases and videos. However, I will issue my first press release once the Design is in the final version. Then, I receive reviews; I re-release the design to get those 10/10 marks.


You can start with the Design phase and create your first press release without announcement. When the design is at the fourth iteration, you can announce it for 15 months and release Press. This will let you create a new Press release during the development review, press build and review, and beta fixing.

You can release it if you have finished earlier (don’t forget to print or order copies). There is no penalty for the release of an item before the time you announce it.


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