Project Zomboid – How to Patch Server to Prevent Hackers Guide

Project Zomboid – How to Patch Server to Prevent Hackers Guide 1 -
Project Zomboid – How to Patch Server to Prevent Hackers Guide 1 -

How to patch your server to fight against hackers getting admin, teleporting, and killing players.


This is an unofficial patch made by me. I have no affiliation, relationship or are employed by TheIndieStone in any way.

I cannot be held responsible for any issues with servers that have issues following using this patch. This patch only serves to patch network code that is currently exploitable. This patch does not touch any other area of the code in the game.

Use this patch at your own risk. 

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The issue

People are currently using exploits by hacking clients. This is an issue, and well known to have come since the developers warned that this isn’t a priority fix. Public servers are targeted by these exploits and have sustained significant damages to their community and players.

Known Exploits

Hackers can:

  • Give themselves admin privileges.
  • Kill other players instantly on the map. (Even if they’re God Mode)
  • Teleport people anywhere on the map.


A Solution

I produced this patch to help servers mitigate these attacks while we wait for an official patch.

How it Works

When players attempt to use the listed exploits in hacked clients, they are kicked from the server, appearing in the server’s logs:



Jab was kicked from the server. (Reason: Hack detected!, HackType: Teleport)


Installing & Uninstalling the Patch



  • This modifies your Steam installation, NOT THE “/Zomboid/” FOLDER IN YOUR USER FOLDER!
  • Game directory:“..\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\zombie”
  • Dedicated Server directory:“..\Steam\steamapps\common\Project Zomboid Dedicated Server\zombie”
  • This patch only applies to the build version 41.65. If the game is quietly updated, you’ll need to reapply this patch. If the version updates and the exploits aren’t patched officially, another patch will need to be produced & provided to install.


Install Instructions:


  1. Make sure your server is offline.
  2. Back up your zombie folder.
  3. Go to the directory that contains the zombie folder.
  4. Paste the zombie folder provided in the patch, Overwriting existing files.
  5. Start your server.


Uninstall Instructions:


  1. Make sure your server is offline.
  2. Go to the directory that contains the zombie folder.
  3. If you backed up your zombie folder, delete it and clone your backup folder, renaming it to zombie. If you did not back up your zombie folder, delete it and verify your files through Steam. The zombie folder will be restored through verification to its original state.
  4. Start your server.


Links and Info

The patch v1.04_02 download: – [] 
All versions: – [] 






  • Removed safehouse check for days survived. (Seems like safe-houses in Build 41 needs reworking)






  • Fixed security check for claiming safehouses.






  • Re-deployed the original code for executing queries for the SQLite database.




  • Initial public release.


Reported Issues

A list of possible issues from the patch will be listed here. These are reports, possibly not tested by myself.

  • 1/1/2022 – A possible issue where players get kicked for the Teleport hack if they remove someone from their safehouse. I suspect that players’ clients are using the same methods hackers use to teleport other players for this function. (Fixed in v1.02)
  • 1/2/2022I’ve had one report about a possible issue with players being teleported back outside their base when entering sometimes, however I cannot reproduce this and only have one source. (Possibly fixed in v1.03)

If you see a player say they got kicked for hacking, it is most likely a false positive. Let them know and gracefully carry on. Most hackers or malicious actors like these won’t invest time into these sorts of attacks so you’ll most likely be talking to an affected player. It’s still good to keep a watch over those players if this recurs.

Written by Jab

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Project Zomboid – How to Patch Server to Prevent Hackers Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!


    • Hi, id recommend getting rid of the specific download link for version 1.04 and leave the all link. People are using the older version instead of version 1.05 because of your article.

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