People Playground – A complete list of objects and their weight in kilograms Guide

People Playground – A complete list of objects and their weight in kilograms Guide 1 -
People Playground – A complete list of objects and their weight in kilograms Guide 1 -

A complete list of People Playground objects and their weight in kilograms. I will try to keep this updated to the current version, but I can’t guarantee that.


People Playground - A complete list of objects and their weight in kilograms Guide - Methods - 037C343
The methods I used to measure weight are almost exactly the same as in my other guide about bricks. I compared the weight of the brick (spoiler alert), 40 kg, to the weight of something a little smaller, the metal rod, which turned out to be about 2.9 kg. With these two known weights, plus the given 1000kg weight, I (hopefully) had all the tools I needed to weigh every object in the game. Unlike last time, I did have to bust out a more heavy-duty scale, this time using springs; the Heavy Scale. Its marks were calculated by stacking the 1-ton weights on top of it until it bottomed out.
The Imprecise Scale
People Playground - A complete list of objects and their weight in kilograms Guide - Methods - D0B2CC8
A balance scale that was used for most objects less than about 500 kg.
Link to the Imprecise Scale – [] 
The Heavy Scale
People Playground - A complete list of objects and their weight in kilograms Guide - Methods - 593FCB7
A much larger scale that was used to handle the biggest of objects, like the tank and the servo.
Link to the Heavy Scale – [] 
In actual use, I fitted the imprecise scale with a couple of immobility fields, used to help it stabilize faster. The heavy scale also has a slight problem where it can become tilted, but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal so I just ignored it. I also only measured one human, even though they come in different sizes because by the time I decided to weigh entities, I won’t lie to you, I was starting to get pretty bored. There are only so many times you can put a metal rod on a scale before you start going insane.

Pt. I, Entities

Weights of Every People Playground Object Part I, Entities.
I did not weigh the ceiling turret as it spawns frozen. I also only weighed one human, so be aware of that if (for some godforsaken reason) you are doing high-precision math with these numbers.
Human 63.2 kg
Android 346 kg
Gorse 17.4 kg
Laser Turret 480 kg
Sentry Gun 137.4 kg

Pt. II, Melee

Weights of Every People Playground Object Part II, Melee.
Here we begin seeing some of the limits of how I was doing this. The energy sword and stick were both lighter than the metal rod, my lightest weight, so I couldn’t weigh them. I may revisit this, but for now, you’ll just have to deal with a few “Less than 2.9 kg” messages.
Axe 2.9 kg
Bat 8.7 kg
Chainsaw 8.7 kg
Crossbow Bolt 2.9 kg
Crystal Shard 2.9 kg
Energy Sword Less than 2.9 kg
Hammer 40.6 kg
Knife 2.9 kg
Lance 7.3 kg
Plank 14.5 kg
Rod 2.9 kg
Spear 8.7 kg
Spike 49.3 kg
Stick Less than 2.9 kg
Sword 7.3 kg
Worm Staff 2.9 kg
Wrench 2.9 kg

Pt III, Firearms

Weights of Every People Playground Object Part III, Firearms.
I started this project before the weight of all the guns got changed, so that was fun to redo. (Author’s note: That fun was entirely sarcastic, it was not fun at all.)
AK-47 7.3 kg
Assault Rifle 4.4 kg
Beam Rifle 226.1 kg
Blaster 7.3 kg
Blaster Rifle 10.15 kg
Machine Blaster 15.95 kg
Crossbow 20.3 kg
Desert Eagle 2.9 kg
Detached 120mm Cannon 160 kg
Detached Beam Cannon 40 kg
Detached Laser Cannon 51.6 kg
Disassembler 29 kg
Fire Extinguisher 4.4 kg
Flamethrower 17.4 kg
Flintlock Pistol 4.4 kg
Glock 17 2.9 kg
Grenade Launcher 8.7 kg
Ion Cannon 8.7 kg
Light Machine Gun 7.3 kg
M1 Garand 4.4 kg
Machine Gun 830 kg
Minigun 80 kg
Pistol Less than 2.9 kg
PPSH 2.9 kg
Pulse Drum 26.1 kg
Revolver 2.9 kg
Missile Launcher 29 kg
Rocket Launcher 40 kg
Scherbenwerfer 11.6 kg
Shotgun 8.7 kg
Sniper Rifle 8.7 kg
Spike Rifle 5.8 kg
Stormbaan 40 kg
Stunner 2.9 kg
SMG 2.9 kg
Heatray 8.7 kg
Freezeray 8.7 kg
Vector 4.4 kg
Reconstructor 5.8 kg
Rigidifier 5.8 kg
Normal-sized Gun 4900 kg

Pt. IV, Explosives

Weights of Every People Playground Object Part IV, Explosives.
Atom Bomb 320 kg
Fusion Bomb 240 kg
Dynamite 4.4 kg
EMP Generator 54.5 kg
Energy Vessel Explosive 360 kg
Fireworks Less than 2.9 kg
General Purpose Bomb 80 kg
Handgrenade Less than 2.9 kg
Sticky Grenade Less than 2.9 kg
Landmine 7.3 kg
Pink Explosive 40 kg
Red Barrel 40 kg
Signal Flare Less than 2.9 kg
Spike Grenade 5.8 kg
Stielhandgranate Less than 2.9 kg

Pt. V, Vehicles

Weights of Every People Playground Object Part V, Vehicles
Some of these are really heavy. Not the bike though.
Bus 3100 kg
Car 600 kg
Container Wagon 1900 kg
Hovercar 600 kg
Tank 5500 kg
Truck 2000 kg
Bicycle 42.9 kg

Pt. VI, Machinery

Weights of Every People Playground Object Part VI, Machinery.
I did individually weigh the LED bulbs, detectors, and signal converters, but not the cathode lights. I think it’s safe to say that the cathode lights all weigh the same.
Activation Toggle 2.9 kg
Activation Transformer 11.6 kg
Electricity Transformer 11.6 kg
Aerial Faith Plate 280 kg
Accumulator 20.3 kg
Blood Tank (Empty) 29 kg
Liquidentifier (Empty) 120 kg
Button 42.9 kg
Small Button Less than 2.9 kg
Conveyor Belt 240 kg
Dampening Box 200 kg
Decimator 16 kg
Immobility Field 7.3 kg
Defibrillator 8.7 kg
Detector 7.3 kg
Fire Detector 7.3 kg
Life Detector 7.3 kg
Metal Detector 7.3 kg
Motion Detector 7.3 kg
Electromagnet 500 kg
Fan 160 kg
Propeller 80 kg
Flashlight Less than 2.9 kg
Floodlight 58.9 kg
Cathode Light 16 kg
Generator 20.3 kg
Industrial Generator 500 kg
Gyroscope Stabiliser 60.3 kg
Industrial Gyrostabiliser 100 kg
Heart Monitor 29 kg
Heating Element 2.9 kg
Cooling Element 2.9 kg
Activation Fuse Less than 2.9 kg
Lagbox 7.3 kg
Timed Gate 4.4 kg
Gate 7.3 kg
Key Trigger 4.4 kg
Laser Pointer 4.4 kg
Laser Receiver 2.9 kg
White LED Bulb 7.3 kg
Red LED Bulb 7.3 kg
Green LED Bulb 7.3 kg
Blue LED Bulb 7.3 kg
Lightbulb 4.4 kg
Liquid Valve 7.3 kg
Liquid Pressuriser 10.2 kg
Pressure Valve 7.3 kg
Metronome 8.7 kg
Toggleable Mirror 5.8 kg
Servo 2250 kg
Motorised Wheel 120 kg
Physics Gun 8.7 kg
Piston 448.7 kg
Industrial Piston 1750 kg
Power Gauge 4.4 kg
Radio 5.8 kg
Resistor 56 kg
Rotor 2300 kg
Shock Detector Less than 2.9 kg
Siren 45.8 kg
Slider 160 kg
Tesla Coil 200 kg
Text Display 34.8 kg
Holographic Display 2.9 kg
Thermometer 34.8 kg
Ion Thruster 40 kg
Mini Thruster 13 kg
Hover Thruster 13 kg
Thruster 200 kg
Thrusterbed 1000 kg
Winch 280 kg
BG Signal Converter 17.4 kg
BR Signal Converter 17.4 kg
RG Signal Converter 17.4 kg

Pt. VII, Biohazard

Weights of Every People Playground Object Part VII, Biohazard.
Short one here. I weighed a couple of the syringes but stopped since it was pretty clear they all weigh the same. I did weigh all the flasks though, but they also all weigh the same.
Syringe Less than 2.9 kg
Flask 4.4 kg

Pt. VIII, Misc.

Weights of Every People Playground Object Part VIII, Misc.
Yes, I did weigh all of the bells individually.
1000kg Weight 31 kg. I’m kidding, it’s 1000 kg. You didn’t believe me, did you?
Anchor 1000 kg
Balloon -1.5 kg
Bell 7.3 kg
Bowling Ball 36.3 kg
Bowling Pin 4.4 kg
Brick 40 kg
Brick Wall 1500 kg
Brick Cube 1840 kg
Concrete Slab 337.4 kg
Insulator 7.3 kg
Bulletproof Sheet 40 kg
Bus Chair 40 kg
Clamp 40 kg
Crate 40 kg
De Staf van Sinterklaas 24.7 kg
Giant Wooden Bowl 33.4 kg
Tempered Glass Pane 5.8 kg
I-Beam 1300 kg
Jukebox 500 kg
Metal Pole 31.9 kg
Mirror Less than 2.9 kg
Glass Pane 4.4 kg
Plastic Barrel 29 kg
Plate Less than 2.9 kg
Pumpkin 13 kg
Ramp 500 kg
Small I-Beam 200 kg
Soap Less than 2.9 kg
Structural Pillar 80 kg
Television 300 kg
Torch Less than 2.9 kg
Wheel 51.6 kg
Metal Wheel 120 kg
Metal Cube 200 kg
Metal Pyramid 160 kg
Wing 120 kg
Wooden Chair 16 kg
Wooden Pillar 280 kg
Wooden Pole 280 kg
Wooden Table 40 kg

Conclusion and Merch Links

After all this what can I say?
Brick still heavy.

Written by Enceladus 32

This is all about People Playground – A complete list of objects and their weight in kilograms Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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