People Playground – Information Tips for Plasma Factions

People Playground – Information Tips for Plasma Factions 1 -
People Playground – Information Tips for Plasma Factions 1 -

The plasma factions are factions that currently own 27 cities. Here is the lore.

The Start of the Faction

On planet 16-7B, a modified strain of the Blorgians (Strain 35B)’s leaders decided the planet was dried. They gathered Ununtrium, and called upon the Elite Engineers to build a escape. The result of 3 months of hard work was the first ever Plasma Drop Pod.
4 and a half days later, on planet Kepler-22B…
“Get out of your seats. We have landed”
These were the first few seconds of the Plasma Faction.
Drop Pod 2 was constructed with the new planet’s mass fabricator bays, and it launched within a month.
“Destination: Conquer the land of the Brillians with *static*
“Yes, sir.”
After the attack was launched, the unknown substance somehow pacified all Brillians long enough to take the planet.
And that was how the Plasma Union started.

Plasma Apprentices

There beginning units cannot be deployed: Only trained in the Plasma Library, These units do 5 fighting type DMG These units do not attack until upgraded to a certain path, such as Soldier, Demoman, Medic, Heavy, or ☞ī¸Žâ–Ąī¸Žâ—ī¸Žâ—ī¸Žâ–Ąī¸ŽâŦĨī¸Žâ™ī¸Žâ’ī¸Ž ⚐ī¸Žâ™ī¸Ž ❄ī¸Žâ™’ī¸Žâ™ī¸Ž ☚ī¸Žâ™“ī¸Žâ™‘ī¸Žâ™’ī¸Žâ§Ģī¸Ž.

Plasma Demomen

These are the building-busters around the faction. They wield a stock Launcher, but some elites hold the BlitzR, a stock launcher modified to extreme firerates and power levels.
Can become a Plasma High Explosive Specialist, or ditch the launcher to become a Plasma Engineer.

Plasma General Support Trooper

The GST troops are meant to combine all supports in one trooper. The same guy who successfully did 363 airborne missions may as well be an infiltration extraordinaire, and also a engineer, or heal 315 patients as a medic.

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