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Medieval Dynasty – Get started 1 -
Medieval Dynasty – Get started 1 -

MD is a game where you decide how to play and what your goals will be. If you need to have an “endgame” you have to decide what it should be yourself. For this reason it is not meaningful to try to create a “how to play” guide. This little collection of hints and tips is primarily intended for myself the next time I start playing – which may be a long time in to the future. “So many games- so little time.”
Perhaps others also can find something useful here?

Customizing before starting the game

I chose “fast crafting” as I see no point in watching a “spinning wheel” a very long time, again and again and again…… Gathering the resources takes enough time to make sure crafting sellable items is not too quick and easy.
I also remove Bandits as I found them more annoying than threatening in the first test runs. I do not feel the need for combat in a game like this and I hope the developer do not listen to the tiny minority that screams for fighting, war and all types of combat in every game under the sun.
Increasing the building limitcan be a good idea if your hardware can cope with extra stress. 65 buildings are actually more than enough for a single settlement. I can however see scenarios where you in a “mature game” would like to establish several settlements, or perhaps move the initial settlement and it will be much more practical with a higher building limit. The important factor here is that you cannot change limit on a game you have already started.
If you increase number of days per season I am certain you will regret it later, let’s say after the first 2-3 years. Then it’s too late as you cannot change days per season in an ongoing game.

Getting started

I had not played any other “Dynasty game” prior to this one and did not know what to expect. As usual I started my new game without reading or thinking too much. 1st test was as expected not very successful. Among other things I had not had the idea that warm clothes would be good to have when winter set in.
Next time out I was a bit more prepared and did what is generally recommended: Start up getting enough money to buy a large backpack and large pouch to increase carrying capacity (from 35 to 65 kg). This is best done collecting sticks and stones, crafting and selling stone knives. But do not do more stone knife crafting during spring, summer and autumn than you must to get basic tools/weapons and warm clothes for the winter. When winter comes you will see why.
It is more important to follow up the chapter quests and start building you first structures. But most of all it is important to make enough money to buy hunting equipment and warm clothes before the winter sets in.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Getting started - F7EBE17


The system with Quests will probably annoy some players but they are there for good reasons. One of them is to teach new players how the game works. Another is to unlock new possibilities, give reward and so on.
The only thing I really dislike is that you have to do it all over again when starting a new game.
Chapter Questsare most important as they both teach you how to play and open new possibilities, especially important is the change in building limits. Chapter quests do not time out but you should do them as soon as possible anyway.
Story Quests are also important for learning the game, and they give rewards. You do not have to rush the storylines until you feel ready. Story quests do not time out for many years so there is plenty of time.
Unigost Story Quest
It involves a lot of travels from one end of the map to another. Among other things it forces you to traverse terrain filled with dangerous animals so that you learn how to deal with them. It is also intended to give you a feel for the whole map of your valley. When you have done the quest once the novelty wears off and you would like to minimize the travels when starting a new game.
– Include 20 each of Onion, cabbage, beetroot and carrot when you visit Sambor to ask about Kestrel.
– Include an extra wooden crossbow, waterskin, 1x potion of sobriety and 20 dried meat in your backpack before travelling to Hornica to meet Kestrel

Dobroniega Story quest
This is quite short and easy. No need to prepare for anything special
Alwin Story Quest
This is a bit longer as it involves some pauses like “wait for next summer”. It may be difficult the first time you do it as Alwin obviously cheats. Here are a few reminders:
– You can use a crossbow in the two “competitions”
– When you are to beat Alwin’s alleged 64 point score you will have to move further back than 20m. If you hit bulls eye from 20 m you only get 21 points.
– The bear hunting competition will be relatively easy if you know where to find them. If you have done the “Big Game chapter quest” there should be no problem to beat Alwin’s time.

Sambors Story Quest
This will only be triggered if you have the carved figures in inventory when you address him. You find them beside the clay pits behind his hut.
The individual Side quests you can get from others generally time out within the season. Some may have several stages with pauses (wait for next day), so it is safest to start them the first day of a season.
Challenges from the King are not something I give priority early on. Remember to quicksave before you ask what his representative wants. It is random so you can get almost impossible tasks like getting lots of metals, including iron long before you can mine anything yourself and your only income comes from stone knives.
Population limit that is linked to Dynasty reputation can seem to be a bit annoying but it is not necessary or advisable to chase side quests and challenges just to get one more worker recruited. Remember that in about 18 years the first batch of children will be grown up and in need of houses and jobs. Then you probably will have so many that you must kick some of them out. 10- 13 years in to a game I typically have a total population close to 100, but only about 40-45 workers. In a few years the working age population will more than double.

Start making money and what to spend your first coins on

When starting a game you have limited carrying capacity (35kg) and the best product to sell early on are stone knives. As soon as possible you should buy a simple large backpack and a large pouch to increase your capacity so that you can carry more (up to 65 kg). A waterskin is also useful if you are to be free to roam without fearing to die of thirst.
Your hunting capability and the weapons you can craft, or have money to buy, early on is not impressive. The rabbits you catch in your trap will not get you far. During the first year you will probably buy food from time to time so that you can focus on gathering and crafting to raise money for the essentials, and to do the first constructions.
Warm clothesare essential when the temperature drops. For the winter I found that Long Fur Hood + Quilted Vest + Trousers with Cuffs + Boots allowed me to be out all winter. As an extra insurance Thick Leather Gloves could be a good item to have.
You never need to sleep, so make more torches and work through the nights
Winter time is perfect for making money in the early game. Stones are very visible, so the first moneymaking enterprise should be reserved for winter. During the first spring, summer and autumn you should only do enough to get the equipment, tools and food you need to get by.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Start making money and what to spend your first coins on - F9BE3B0
Note that it is useful to establish a “base” close to Gostovia and close to resources like stone, stick/trees, clay and reeds even if you later want to establish your very own main settlement somewhere else. When you are on your own a position central on the map, along the lake/river, is a good place to be. When you are ready for it you can move and start building your new town exactly where you want it.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Start making money and what to spend your first coins on - 4728A29
This is the closest you can build
After the first 2 – 3 years you probably only will craft and sell stone knives if you have far too much sticks and stones in the storages.

First Aid

You should have Broadleaf Plantain and St.Johns Wort in your inventory to deal with damage to your health, including poisoning. Later in the game you probably have potions instead. Do note that the St.Johns Wort is actually better than the potion for dealing with poisoning. (Lightweight and effective)
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - First Aid - 2029777
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - First Aid - 1B4CC5B


If you are like me – rubbish using the bow – don’t bother too much with the hunting part until you have enough money to at buy a crossbow. You will get a quest to hunt a rabbit early on but this can be solved by running hitting it with a stone axe. You may of course try to get it with a wooden spear, but generally the axe is easier.
An iron crossbow is in my opinion the best value for money hunting weapon for all game. Many animals will attack when wounded and you might not have time to fire again, or to run away. Until you can afford a better close combat option (Iron Spiked Cudgel) the stone axe is quite good self defence weapon.
Note that the bows have one big advantage, reload speed. It may well be worthwhile to set up a training ground and your own target to improve your skills.
Important note about hunting – It is only a headshot or blows to the head that kills fast. I learnt this the hard way when a cute little fox attacked me, almost killing me, while having a huge spear through the heart. After the attack on me it ran several hundred meters before finally dying. (Very strong and dangerous little animal that fox)
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Hunting - 213C066
What the..?

Killing and/or avoiding dangerous animals

For me it soon got old to fight bear and wolves every time I wanted to travel somewhere. I found simple short detours that made it possible to avoid meeting them again and again ….. unless I actually intended to hunt them.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Killing and/or avoiding dangerous animals - CAD66D1
In the dark (without night vision potion) it is more or less impossible to hunt/fight so running combined with detours works fine. Later on with the horse it is no longer a particular problem as you move fast and do not provoke so many attacks.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Killing and/or avoiding dangerous animals - 67F1F0C

Initial Buildings and the building cap

The finished Chapter Quests will decide how many buildings you can have. The max numbers can also be customised before you start a new game. Normally the max is 65 buildings. If you want to build more you must remember to customize the game before you start.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Initial Buildings and the building cap - D470275
Do not build more than you actually need. It is also a good idea to keep a few “free slots”. The reason is that you can access all stocks in all resource storage buildings. The same is true for food in food storage buildings.
When you start mining copper and tin s resource storage as close to the cave entrance as possible is very useful. Also when trading with far off settlements it can be a good idea to build Resource Storage and Food Storage close to them so you do not have to carry everything very long distances.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Initial Buildings and the building cap - E0BCA16
Storage at the Branica-Barnica Cave
If you plan to found your main settlement on a different spot than where you initially started building a new Resource Storage on the new spot is an efficient way to transfer products and materials.


Small Simple House is the cheapest, and more than good enough early in the game. It is also a very good birth control as there is only space for one child. Additionally, why not use them as old people homes, reserving the bigger houses for the breeding population.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Houses - 552E8BE
I start building these small simple houses with timber walls + Doub. As these are better insulated than the wattle version you need less firewood and the people are happier. All materials are readily available for free.
As soon as the excavation shed is available I let them collect limestone. At this time you probably have more stone than you need and it is then time to start upgrading to Lime plastered stone walls for all old and new houses. Fairly early in a game I start building the stone version of simple house.
The biggest House I initially only build for myself. All are created equal in my town; but some are more equal than others.

Work Buildings v.I, II.III and the settlement layout

When you reach higher version numbers it follows that new products/options gets available. You do not necessarily need to build the highest versions buildings. As an example I can mention that you can craft iron weapons and tools in both Smitty II & III, but the option to make them will not open until you are allowed to build version III. (Watch the tech points)
Storage buildings should always be updated.
Note that most building types have the same footprint for all versions so that you generally do not have to tear down the old building to build the upgraded version. Put the new building ghost over the old building and you are good to go.
It is important to remember that you will have to do a lot of the work yourself. Buildings you use routinly should be clustered to avoid unnecessary long walks with very heavy loads. Food and Resource Storage, Woodshed, Blacksmith, Workshop, Hunting Lodge II (salting and drying meat), Sewing Hut, Well and Kitchen are important to have in mind.


Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Farming - 2E771EB
Max field size 16×16, Max orchard field size 8 x 8
It is possible to establish a small field and get something in the ground the first year. The food side of it is not all that important when you are on your own, but everything you do gives skill/experience that opens new possibilities. Carrots, Cabbage, Onions and Beet Roots are a good start as you do not need much equipment.
I just make an initial small field to get a little food, and multiply the seeds stock. Each square in the field need 1 fertiliser and 1 seed.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Farming - 86745AB
Free fertilizercan be made from unripe berries or berries when you have built your first barn. Leave them on the floor until the next season and they will rot. Rot can be made in to fertilizer (10rot=1Fertilizer). Later on this is not worthwhile but when you are on your own and low on cash this is “free”.
While roaming the valley you will probably pick up seedling for Orchards. These do not need fertiliser so just create orchard field and plant. To buy seedlings before you are sure you are on the spot where your new town will be is a bit of waste. However the spring blooming can make your settlement look pretty.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Farming - 703A61A
Vegetables take a lot of space in storage, and you do not need much to feed the population. Cabbage can be sowed and harvested twice each year. It generally takes a long time until I go beyond 30 squares of any vegetable. Typical for me in a medium sized settlement: 16 – 32 Cabbage, 32-48 Carrot, 32-48 Beetroot, 48-80 Onion. As max field size is 16×16 = 256 squares, you see that everything can be put in to one single field. Poppy can be used to fill up the field.
Rye and Oat (+straw) is important to make feed for your farm animals. If you have a large surplus you can of course also serve it to your people in various dishes, mill it or brew beer and ale.
Wheat is for people only. (Food, drink and raw materials)
Flax is by far the most reliable and easy cash crop. Surplus flax seeds can be sold directly and from flax stalk you make linen thread, cloth, clothing and many products for use and/or for sale.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Farming - A70490E
Orchards are pretty, but not very useful, or profitable, until you have unlocked the Tavern with its juice press, winemaking and brewing stations.

Animal Husbandry

Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Animal Husbandry - 7D2B874
Pigs are the first animals I go for because they are the source of manure (2x manure = 1x Fertilizer). You cannot expand your farming until you have a ready source of fertilizer. I build 2 x pigsty quite early to better balance young and old animals and to have a manure production that is highly scalable.
I usually go for all types of animals/birds mostly as a “principle”, but you don’t really need everything and it will be more efficient to chose only some, and have more of these. (Pigs-manure, Horses-fast movement, Chicken or Goose – eggs and feather, Sheep – wool and goats or cows for milk)
I never slaughter the farm animals. Compared to what you get from the Hunting Lodge the amounts of meat are ridiculous. It is better to sell surplus animals. This gives Diplomacy skill points in addition to the cold cash.

Food, cooking, baking and the kitchen

There is a natural progression. In the beginning when you start to get vegetables from the field and meat from your own hunt or the Hunting Lodge you can do all your cooking in the house – no need for a kitchen. Buy the schemes that fit the resources you have and cook for yourself and the initial population.
When you start to get other raw materials like grain/flour, eggs and milk you will need a kitchen. However you probably should not employ anyone. The kitchen staff is extremely inefficient so it is better that you do the work yourself. This will also give skill and technical points needed to progress. In late game you probably have a large surplus of workers so then it is of course Ok to let some roam around in the kitchen.
I try to offer a variety of foods even though I have never seen any particular effect of this in mood or health. How the villagers choose what to eat is a mystery. The only products that always seem to be in high demand are Wheat rolls.
You will probably get a very large food surplus from time to time. Selling to the closest settlements and through market stalls is a good way to utilize this surplus.


Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Forestry - E6D935E
All trees you cut down will regenerate if you do not use a shovel to remove the stump.
Birch – Logs 2 Average sticks 8.3
Spruce – Logs 3 Average sticks 6.5
Maple – Logs 4 Average sticks 8
In the game at this point in time you cannot plant new trees so do not remove stumps unless you are very sure that it is necessary. Maybe in the future?

Caves & Mining

As far as I know the only cave that both have space for a storage building close by, and have no roaming bears around, is the one between Branica and Barnica.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Caves & Mining - E0BCA16
Build a Resource Storage close by the Cave and start to collect copper and tin. Salt is not very useful for me but other that have other goals might want to start getting that to early on.
Each ore spot in the cave will yield: Copper x4-6 + Stone x5-7, Tin x2-4 + Stone x5-7 or Salt x5-6 + Stone x5-7
Empty the cave between Branica and Barnica and you will get approx: 111 Copper, 32 Salt, 34 Tin + a lot of stone. Next season you can do it all over again.
Until you can build a mine you will have to do all the mining yourself. Your villagers man the Excavation Shed but they cannot help you with Copper, Tin and Salt. Iron does not get available until the Mine is built.
Mines have signpost and lighting while the starting caves have not. The layout of the caves changes when you build a mine at the entrance. You will still need to use torches to easily spot all points with ore.
When you have built a mine you can assign villagers to work, but you can of course still do some mining yourself if needed. The workers do not actually take out the visible ore so in addition to what they deliver you can get approx this yield of ore per season from the same cave as mentioned above: 91 Iron, 128 Copper, 85 Tin, 112 Salt and 573 Stone
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Caves & Mining - 8796E80
Small campfire made of 16sticks is very helpful as beacons in a cave in the first season or so that you start mining, but as soon as possible you should go for Stone Campfires as these does not disappear each season. When you can afford it you can also place standing torches. They are also permanent but only burns during the night regardless if they are in a cave or outside. Remember that campfires burn out so even if you work fast you probably will have to build and/or relight the fire in the first spots.
Note that stone campfires and standing torches will stay in place after you upgrade to Mine.
You will have to use the handheld torches to spot all ore points. Campfires and standing torches are mainly for navigation so that you can walk, or rather run, in straight lines. The alternative is to “hug the walls” while you are moving.
Also note that strangely the torch has shorter range in the cave during the night than it has in daytime.

Skill and technology points.

Skill points gives different benefits and you should use them (wisely) as soon as they arrive. These you get from your own activities in the different areas. You can constantly level up your own abilities, and importantly your heir will inherit a mix of yours and your wife’s skills.
Technology points give access to new buildings and some of them take a very long time to get. To reach these within reasonable time you will have to do as much as possible of all types of work/tasks yourself. You cannot only put your villagers to do it for you.
Some players complain in forums that it takes too long to get the tech points to unlock Mine and Tavern. I do not think so. If you are systematic in what tasks you perform yourself you will still be a relatively young man when all is unlocked.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Skill and technology points. - B3458D8
To unlock the Fishing hut II (Survival) seem to be what takes the longest time as the points you get from trapping, fishing and gathering is not very impressive.
In the game played while writing this I have unlocked everything except the Fishing Hut II at approx year 12. At age 33 the 5000points needed for Fishing Hut II was achieved.
It is also worth remembering that this is a game with no “endgame”. It is intended to be played through several generations – “Family Dynasty”. What is the point then of finishing everything within just a handful of game-years?
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Skill and technology points. - 8FAED70
You get nothing tonight you unskilled brute
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Skill and technology points. - 1C27EB1
Life here sucks

Trade, in person and from Market stalls

Early in the game you probably will have no problem carrying and unloading trade goods at the closest locations.
When you get serious about farming and animal husbandry you will suddenly drown in food and other products. Often it’s quite heavy so except for the nearest settlements the “travelling salesman” approach is not very good. Donkeys or horses do not carry all that much either so it best to use markets stalls for most products.
Markets stalls are very good when they get available, but be careful. There is no way to set a minimum stock level so selling key tools and equipment from the stall may have unfortunate side effect. Your villagers cannot do their work if they have not got the right tools. Fertilizer, seeds, key food and tools should not be sold from market stalls unless you check stocks very often.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Trade, in person and from Market stalls - B84F7B8
The amazing levitating trader

Workplace buildings, efficient and inefficient workers

I tend to look at many of the buildings/professions just as a way to keep surplus workers occupied. What they produce is often ridiculously small amounts.
The exploitation buildings generally are the most efficient/useful. Hunting Lodge, Fishing Hut, Woodshed, Excavation shed, Mine & Well. Actually the Hunting Lodge and Fishing hut are overpowered in the current version of the game ( Even with only 2 hunters in a population of approx 100 I am drowning in meat.
Buildings for animal husbandry should always have a worker
Barn building – Unless you want to do all farming yourself you will need farmers. All “Barn workers” seem to be extremely inefficient so it is mainly a symbolic task designed to keep workers occupied during the winter. The Farmers (field work) are more useful, but make sure to keep distances home-barn-fields as short as possible. Currently farmers have no max limit for how far they will trek so farming on several locations far from each other can create serious problems.
Production buildings are generally underpowered in the current game. Workshop, Smithy, Kitchen, Sewing Hut and Tavern. Workers here produce very little compared to what you can do in just a few minutes. Often they are more in your way than anything else. But eventually you will probably try to balance the settlement
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Workplace buildings, efficient and inefficient workers - 8787BE4
Builders Hut is very useful, especially when you have buildings all over the map. But do remember that it is not really automated. You have to put in an order for every needed repair. However this is very quick and easy so it is no real burden on the player.

Probably the game will be rebalanced in the future so this section of the guide may well be outdated quite soon.


Some closing remarks

Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Some closing remarks - A2B2665
“Normal progress in my game”
For my games it is typical that all chapter and story quests are finished during the first 3-4 game-years. Married and with an heir before the end of year 4. Others may choose very different paths.
To make money from stone knives is generally only relevant for the first couple of years. At year 3-4 my main income comes from farming and “refining” flax. Mining of Tin and copper is ongoing and tools are better so that more time can be spent on the settlement itself.
The first one or two “real” game-plays I expanded way too fast and suddenly I had an annual tax of > 16 000 + a baby-boom. Too much time had to be spent on administration and the population explosion would create future problems. In the latest ongoing game, when the major part of this document was written, I aimed at a much more controlled, slower growth.
Medieval Dynasty - Get started - Some closing remarks - 20075C8
When did you say the pest controller is going to look at our bed bug problem?
PLEASE NOTE – I do not revisit my “old guides” very often so if you have questions it is not a good idea to ask here. Use the Steam general discussion forum for the game and someone will probably help out very soon.

Written by jag_publ

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Medieval Dynasty – Get started; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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