Medieval Dynasty – Items for Selling Guide

Medieval Dynasty – Items for Selling Guide 1 -
Medieval Dynasty – Items for Selling Guide 1 -

Whats worth making, carrying and selling. And what heavy stuff is worth putting out in the market stall.


This guide is mostly for my own gaming, but I guess everybody can have use of it. The numbers are based on MacaDeaths fantastic spreadsheet – []  (game version 0.6).
This guide was updated for game version 0.6.

My strategy in short (if you don’t want to read it all)

In the beginning, I aim to produce Flax seeds. 200 sq of farm land will give your around 6000 coins. One farmer can handle that if you don’t want to farm yourself. I also let my Hunters produce Leather. I make Small bagsout of leather as standard. Flax production will not only give you seeds thought, it will also let you create Linen Thread out of Flax Stalk. Combine Linen Thread and Leather, and you have Thick Leather Gloves that are very profitable.

What I am looking for in the numbers

Basically, the product needs to have a good profit per hour, and be profitable as well per kilo.
I am looking at 3 different numbers when deciding what to make and sell.
The first oneis the complexity of creating a product, ie – how hard is it to get resources for it? Like, iron ore i scares, and linen takes long time and lots of people to make. Is it worth it? I don’t think so. While leather is on the other hand is very easy to get.
The second number is time. You know, how many bags can I make during a real life hour? How much profit will it make me per hour?
The third numberis weight. Stuff needs to be taken to different villages. Its fast to make wooden shovels and the profit per shovel is good, but they are heavy, so its not really profitable since you cant carry thousands of them while you are traveling.

Profitable products, the lists

P = profit
h = hour
kg = kilogram



Stone knife2012,70039
Simple bag1113,40075




Stone arrow2618,400256


Wood and Clay items


Wooden bowl1322,70013
Wooden cup1322,70013
Wooden plate1322,70013

Note: them items are heavy, but they have a very good profit per hour. The resource (log) are also easy harvestable via the Woodshed. I put them wooden products in the market stall as soon as the stall is available.



Fur shoes1510,50059
Simple shoes1113,50075
Thick leather gloves1311,50084

Note: My hunters concentrate on getting leather only, but when I am hunting on my own, I get a lot of fur. You can either sell fur as it is, or turn it into fur shoes so the fur wont go to waste. Fur sells for around 4 coins and its worth around 16,8 coins per kilo



Flour (Wheat)35124,500345

Note: As seen in MacaDeaths spreadsheet, many of the foods are very profitable. Unfortnately, they are very complex to make course they needs different resources. I therefore concentrate on 3 products to make profit.



Berry Juice4072,00067
Apple Juice4655,00076
Wheat Beed10475,000208

Note: I haven’t got the drink production yet. But from MacaDeaths spreadsheet, it looks like all drinks are very profitable. I will probably aim to make one of them above and sell at the market stall.




Note: Farming for selling seeds is great. Its easy, its light, and you make tons of money. I doubt if there is anything better than farming for wheat grain and flax seeds. When you have the infrastructure later on, make flour out of the grain for even more profit. And Flax can turn into Linen Thread. Together with leather, you can create Thick leather gloves that are very profitable.

What food is worth creating

Whats the easiest food to make in the tavern for a worker, and what gives most bang for the bucks so to speak? What food to feed your workers with, and what food to keep when you are traveling far to the mines? Well, I am working on it 🙂

Thank you for reading!

I hope that you have any use of this guide. I will try and keep it updated.
If you have any strategies of your own and knowledge about how to make coin in the game, please share it in the comments. I’d love to hear about them.
Have a nice day!

Written by Michael

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Medieval Dynasty – Items for Selling Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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