Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Best Cards To Upgrade Early Access

Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Best Cards To Upgrade Early Access 1 -
Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Best Cards To Upgrade Early Access 1 -

Welcome to Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Best Cards To Upgrade Early Access Guide.

This guide will give you tips and ideas on what card should be upgraded first!

Cards to Upgrade as Soon As Possible “Early Games”

*Epic and Legendary cards cannot be obtained ‘early’ so no Epic or Legendary cards were used.


Reasoning about Card Name Rarity

Stake Common It is very simple and does a lot of damage. It can be upgraded to become Blade’s most reliable sustain weapon in combat.

Savage Rare This card is a Block-melter and upgrades it make it even more efficient.

The Hunger Rare The Hunger uses Bleed stacks to their full potential. It can also be upgraded to become a powerful healing tool that is free to use.

*Captain America*

Reasoning about Card Name Rarity

Shield Bounce Common This move is common and Taunts all enemies within an area by default. However, when upgraded, it can also inflict Weak on them.

Dig In Rare is A great card, but it becomes even better when it is upgraded. It also grants him Counter. It is recommended to use it with The Best Defense.

Tactician Rare in Midnight Suns It’s not very common to find cards giving allies Block. This card is very useful.

*Captain Marvel*

Reasoning about Card Name Rarity

Knee Strike Common This is one of her most basic moves but it is a critical tool for building immediate Blocks.

Photon Beam Common This upgrade makes the already powerful Photon Beam even more powerful.

Rare: Counter and Resist can be activated simultaneously, making it one of the most powerful combinations.

*Dr. Strange*

Reasoning about Card Name Rarity

Common Agamotto’s Gaze This card is where many people get confused with Dr. Strange’s playstyle and can cause Strange to lose his ability to switch off, which is a shame. It’s a great card to prepare for the next turn.

Crimson Bands from Cyttorak Rare This rare card has the Bind effect. It can also be upgraded to Vulnerable, which can make boss encounters more trivial.

The bolt of Balthakk Rare This Bolt is a bit more basic than his other cards but it inflicts a lot of pain using either 4 Heroism or 8 Heroism.

*Ghost Rider*

Reasoning about Card Name Rarity

Common Drain Soul Since Ghost Rider’s entire loop revolves around creating these cards, it makes sense to upgrade them.

Common Drops from Hellmouth include anything an enemy can be ‘pushed into’, such as a roof or hell portal. Their remaining HP determines how likely they are to be knocked in. It is therefore a good idea to upgrade Hellmouth with more damage or the Strengthened keyword.

Straight To Hell Rare Ghost Rider’s Health is constantly balanced by players. A healing card is a big help overall and even replaces Ghost Rider with a Drop.


Card Name Rarity Reasoning

Challenging Roar Common A ridiculously useful Taunt tool that allows Hulk to decimate his enemies with Rage-amplified Counter.

Thunderclap Common Knockback, Stun, and other debuffs are some of the best in the game. Being able to apply them in a specific area can make fighting a breeze.

Crush Rare is A powerful damage-building tool that works well in conjunction with Thunderclap.


Card Name Rarity Reasoning

Fortify Common is One of our best Counter cards, and even better when upgraded.

Inspire Common is available for free when it is upgraded. This means that Inspire can suddenly go from being rarely used to always used.

Heal Common is A fantastic healing card, and one of the main reasons early players choose the light path.

Guarding Strike Rare This card is probably the best example of a card that is better kept in your hand than it is played.

Last Sight Rare Last Sight is a rare option for dealing damage and guaranteeing Hunter’s safety.

Dark Blessing Rare Dark Blessing embodies a high-risk, high-reward playstyle.

*Iron Man*

Card Name Rarity Reasoning

This upgrade shines best when Iron Man is with other Heroes who are great at pushing enemies into one big clump (, aka Spider-Man).

Surgical Strike Common If the player is okay with his cards taking up all of the space in the hand, Surgical Strike is Iron Man’s best card.

Heads Up Rare This card can give Block to Allies and when upgraded, it also increases the player’s Redraw counter.


Reasoning about Card Name Rarity

Common Limbo Portal By default Magik’s Limbo Portals can be played for free. If a player draws a card or looks at their hand, and a Limbo Portal is missing, an upgrade will give you additional benefits on redraw.

Gather Common Ghost Rider can place Drops on the map, or replace himself with one, while Magik can do this with allies and enemies using upgraded Banish.

Banish Rare Gather may at first glance seem like the perfect card for gathering enemies together for one big AoE move, (. It is actually). Most players use this AoE wide early-game to eliminate all the basic one-hit mobs with one card.

*Nico Minoru*

Reasoning about Card Name Rarity

Anyone who plays Nico will gravitate to Empower Common Empower, and with good reason.

Curse Common Although there is the Roulette element to this card, it only has four possible debuffs that it can roll between. Players can apply Stun, 2 Marked, or 2 Vulnerable debuffs.

Restore Rare Players can only use it when characters are below 50% HP to keep it from being discarded.

*Scarlet Witch*

Card Name Rarity Reasoning

Hex Bolt Common Wanda seems to have this card as her go-to card. Every time she uses it, the card and any other Hex Bolts from her deck get 1 Chain. This can lead to some quite absurd Chained attacks.

Hex Field Common This can deal some serious damage to many enemies when combined with Unleashed.

Unleashed common When she is upgraded, her AoE range increases from 25 to 40% for 2 turns. This makes a significant difference.


Card Name Rarity Reasoning

The absurdly useful status effect Thwip Common Bind, especially against bosses and the extra damage to the environment, is just one of many.

Spidey Sense Common Fast decreases the cost of all Spidey’s Heroic Cards by one for each turn. This is huge. He also gets 2 Resist when he is upgraded.

Opportunist Rare gives Spider-Man the ability to use whatever environmental attacks he chooses for the next two attacks. It can also be upgraded to increase the damage they do.


Reasoning about Card Name Rarity

Chain Swipes are common When upgraded, this becomes a great debuff tool with the Full Combo added advantage.

This is a similar card to Blade’s Savage, the Piercing Slash Rare. It is worth upgrading so Wolverine can quickly get rid of enemy Blocks.

The stink of Fear Rare This AoE Taunt & Counter can be upgraded to apply Weak to all AoE enemies.


Written by Geralt Of Rivia

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Best Cards To Upgrade Early Access; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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