Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Bonus Stats Endgame

Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Bonus Stats Endgame 1 -
Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Bonus Stats Endgame 1 -

Welcome to Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Bonus Stats Endgame Guide

Once you reach the endgame, you might discover that you have started to accumulate bonus stats for your heroes. This guide contains Critical Chance and Critical Damage. Fortitude, Power, Resilience, Strength, Willpower. The number of heroes who can be buffed for these stats is limited.
You can increase your stats by acquiring prestige friendships, accepting requests, or engaging in yard combat. You will receive 10 points for each time you (do). Typically, the hunter receives two points for each interval.

Stats Max Cap

Critical Chance12550%
Chance to draw an important card
Critical Damage15075%
Increased damage to critical cards
% of max Health that is granted at the start of a mission
Increase area and effect size
Resist a negative status effect
Strength10050%Increase knockback distance
% of max Health Recovered at the Start of Each Turn

I have yet to find a maximum cap (for Health and Offence for those who are at prestige level).


Written by Fluffy

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