Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 5

Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 5 1 -
Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 5 1 -
A guide that helps show the causes and effects of options that are chosen during game play along with showing the best choices to help be on route for the good ending.



As previously said, options used here are mainly the options that have impact on the characters/story, specific options will be underlined to express it being done with Daniel’s power where as options in Bold are the best possible choice, lastly certain options that can be chosen in game but aren’t present may be because they don’t cause much impact or can’t be fit in this guide due to the character limit with that out of the way enjoy using this guide. 


The episode does a small recap as to what happened in the events prior in the previous episodes, before showing Sean locked away in the hospital along with Karen shown as a wolf who finally returned and depicted Lisbeth as a Coyote before they managed to get Daniel back and burnt down the cult. 

Chapter 1 – New Dawn/Sand People

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 5 - Chapter 1 - New Dawn/Sand People 
The game then as usual, jumps head through time of almost 2 months as Sean now with his hair back and sprouting some facial hair along with Daniel with his normal hair length have camped out at a Canyon. Daniel being the first to wake up proceeds to wake up Sean as he tells him to look at the view, afterwards Sean and Daniel hug maintaining their relationship before heading back to their sleeping bags to clean up. 
Sean asks if Daniel still has nightmares about Lisbeth saying that he does (Or doesn’t if he killed her.) which Sean responds to accordingly, Daniel asks if they’ve become criminals but Sean says no and then Daniel asks about the story of the Wolf Brothers which Sean narrates for him before Daniel buts in and adds a Fire Unicorn (or a Chupacabra depending on Daniel’s Morality) which Sean asks who’s telling the story but Daniel asks if the story is both of theirs. 
Sean says sure and asks for his take which Daniel says it and Sean likes and tells him to pack their belongings before heading back. 
After packing up everything Daniel then uses his power on a Scorpion but Daniel says it isn’t playtime so he puts it down before they both make their way back down the Canyon. 

Sean and Daniel both walk back down the path talking about the stars and about Karen finally able to see them again before they continue down the trail back to the others, Sean helping Daniel down along the way as Daniel moves aside some boulders so they can finally get back. 
Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 5 
Now back at the small town of Away, Daniel tells Sean he’ll visit Joan while Sean goes to Karen’s trailer. Sean tells Daniel over the walkie-talkie about the pancakes but says he was going to eat with Joan which Sean says is alright. Sean then goes over to Arthur and Stanley to return their telescope and decides to talk with them. Stanley gives Sean some coffee while he and Arthur talk about their time in the canyon until Arthur brings up his daughter Becky hoping maybe she’ll come visit sometime. Sean tells them they’ll be leaving soon which Stanley jokes about them already being Away from everything, and Sean asks if they ever bored which they both give their reasons to Sean. 
Sean eventually finishes his coffee and the conversation so he says his goodbye and goes off which Daniel radios him again and mentions how he saw them kiss once which he though was weird. 

  • Kinda normal. 
  • I don’t care. 
  • I kissed Finn *

(3rd option appears if Sean and Finn kissed.) 
Sean says it’s normal for people in love to kiss, which Daniel says it’s ok but hopes someday someone will care for him like that. 
Sean says he doesn’t care and it’s their life, which Daniel calls him a buzzkill. 
Sean asks if it was weird if he had kissed Finn, which Daniel sounding surprised says it isn’t and asks why he didn’t say which Sean says he doesn’t need to know everything. 
Sean then makes his way over to Joan’s to see what she and Daniel are doing. Daniel uses his power to make Joan’s sculpture and talk to Sean about Daniel’s gift and Joan says that Sean has a talent as well. Sean says it’s nothing special compared to Daniel but Joan says he’s can’t compare himself to Daniel and neither can anyone and says his gift is precious to him only. 
Joan then asks if Sean wants to help her build her sculpture. 

  • Okay! 
  • Better not Interfere.

Sean agrees to making her sculpture which Joan is happy with so Daniel listens to what Sean does as they make the sculpture. 
Sean tells Joan he won’t get in her way of art, which Joan gets and asks Daniel to help build her sculpture which he does. 
After the sculpture is built (whoever made it) Joan says bye to Sean and does he before taking off, then Daniel radios him referring to his Hero Name from Episode 2 (or just Big Brother) to do a treasure hunt. 

  • Okay. 
  • Too beat./Say nothing

Sean agrees to do the hunt, which Daniel gets excited and gives him the clues for the treasure hunt. 
Sean says he’s too beat, which Daniel says is his loss and the treasure is his. 
(Accepted the Treasure Hunt) 
The first clue will be in the area with Many wings but can’t fly. (The windmill) 
The second clue will be to find something that eats the sun. (The solar panels) 
Finally the treasure is under the broken cars. 
Afterwards Daniel spots Karen’s car returning and heads down to see her and as does Sean. Karen gets out of her car along with a very familiar man, David Madsen, they greet Sean while Karen gives Joan a shopping bag and David throws a baseball to Daniel who catches it with his power. 
Sean and David talk to each other, David mainly surprised with Daniel’s power but is still able to speak with Sean as they comment about Daniel’s well being and power (both having varied dialogue from Brotherhood and Morality scores.) before David says how much of hassle raising a kid is and said that combat was easier. 

  • How many kids? 
  • You’re married?

Sean asks how many kids David had, which David said none as he was a step-dad and reveals the fate of Chloe or Joyce (depending on who and what was sacrificed in the first game) 
Sean tells David he didn’t know he was married, David said he used to be until getting divorced or lost in the storm (same reason) 
David then goes on how he and Chloe were opposites and wished he could’ve known what to do with her before she was gone and tells Sean he can’t go back before getting the bags to make deliveries and says his bye to Sean. 
Sean and Karen then talk about how he and Daniel enjoy Arizona which he can like or hate, afterwards she asks Sean to get Daniel which he does and they talk about a little trek in canyon which both are very excited for before entering Karen’s trailer. 
Optional Stuff: 
Sean can use Karen’s laptop to look at his social media to see what Lyla is up to. Her page stating that she is passionate for Civil Rights (Or Mental Health and has gotten over Sean and Daniel if you didn’t call her in Episode 1 and 2 or pretended to be Adam for the 2nd call) and can check Brody’s blog page who reveals that his life hasn’t been doing very well recently. Sean can also see what’s on his USB which has videos and a photo of him with Daniel and Esteban and a photo of him with Lyla. 

Chapter 2 – Fire Flies/Away

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 5 - Chapter 2 - Fire Flies/Away 
Later that day the sky is now at dusk, while Sean Karen and Daniel hike up the canyon to the spot Daniel and Sean slept for the night prior. The three sit down and Karen thanks the two for sticking around with her for so long. 

  • Got to know you better. 
  • You helped us a lot. 
  • Regret leaving us?

Sean says it was nice to get to know her better, Daniel says he had fun learning a lot in Arizona and Karen said she was lucky to have this chance. 
Sean tells her she helped them lay low and recharge, Daniel agreeing with Sean and Karen also agreeing. 
Sean asks if she regrets leaving them now, Karen says her decision had no regret but him and Daniel are the best reason. 
Karen tells the two she loves them very much and Sean says she could come with them to Mexico as does Daniel which Karen says is very nice, but then Karen brings up what had happened in Haven Point and says the Fed are tracking them, which Sean knows they’ll have to leave very soon and disappoints Daniel. Karen asks Sean for his backpack and pulls out some paper lanterns she made for 4th of July before setting all of them alight and release them while Daniel uses his power to make them spiral around them before letting them fly off into the night sky. 

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 5 
The next morning Sean Daniel and Karen are eating some breakfast and talk about their upcoming departure which Daniel says is scared but Karen reassures him and tells Sean to do what he can as they make it to border which is a 5 – 6 hour drive but knows they’ll make it and says to meet up with David as he has something for him. 
Sean goes to see David who tells him he’s changing some car plates and for Sean to get the police scanner who’ll join him after he is finished. Sean manages to find the right frequency and comes out where David is sitting and tells him he got the signal. They then talk about what Sean should do once they reach the border in the fastest way possible and then David brings up what happened in the events of Arcadia Bay with corresponding dialogue until getting to what Sean could do either turn himself in or start a new life. David then gets a call from Joyce (Or Chloe) and heads inside to talk to them. 
Sean then goes off to say his goodbyes to Arthur and Stanley along with Joan before getting with Karen to take off Daniel also joining in, they all have a heart to heart moment as Daniel hugs Karen goodbye and Karen tells Sean that this is it. 

Don’t Hug Karen 
Hug Karen


Sean pats Karen on her shoulder thanking her for everything, Karen wishing she could do more. 
Sean thanks Karen for being there for him and Daniel before hugging her, Karen thanks him for letting her. 
Sean and Daniel get in the car saying one last goodbye to everyone as Sean starts up the car and takes off, Karen watches and tears up as they leave Daniel waves to everyone before getting back in the car as Sean drives on. 

Chapter 3 – Last Miles/The Wall/Cages

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 5 - Chapter 3 - Last Miles/The Wall/Cages 
Sean and Daniel now on the road for the last time far from away now, Daniel asks what will they do once they get to Puerto Lobos Sean responding accordingly before Daniel asks how will he communicate as everyone will speak Spanish and he can’t, Sean tells him he’ll teach him which Daniel likes. They continue to drive until eventually they reach the wall which Daniel is shocked to see so tall while the radio confirms they have arrested Karen but the whereabouts of Sean and Daniel are unknown this alerts Daniel. 
They both approach the wall and Sean asks Daniel to use his power to open the border which he does at first is unsuccessful but Sean motivates him to keep going until the wall begins to bend before eventually creating a big gap the two celebrate and make way back to the car. 
Before they reach the car out of a nowhere a bullet hits Daniel in the shoulder which causes him to fall and get knocked out and Sean in horror runs over to him to get him up until a truck with Vigilantes approach the two and a woman jumps out and hits Sean with the butt of her rifle and holds him down. The man tells Madison, the woman, that the one they just shot was a kid but Madison asks if he really is but the man says he’s been winded while Madison keeps Sean grounded and asks him about his plan. Sean responds accordingly but Madison says it was funny when he said they were trying to break into Mexico before cuffing him and puts a cloth over his head. 
Suddenly a cop comes up to them and is alerted to see Daniel knocked out and arrests the two but takes the cloth off of Sean asking if he’s alright before recognizing who he is and arrests him as well. 

Sean then awakes in a cell next to a couple the other cell holding Madison and her father, the couple ask if he’s okay he says he is, they introduce themselves as Diego and Carla. Sean speaks to the couple in Spanish who reveal their child who don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet, Sean asks how long will they keep them here which they say they don’t know and Diego asks if this is his first time crossing the border. 

  • Trying to reach Mexico… 
  • When was that? 
  • We aren’t illegal

Sean tells them his goal was to reach Mexico, but Diego asks why since he was American though Sean says they had to run now and Carla says they all run from something. 
Sean asks when did they cross, Carla says it was a year and a half ago. 
Sean says he’s not illegal and was just trying to enter Mexico, but Carla says he’ll still be illegal in Mexico. 
Diego says it was the third time he and Carla tried to cross the border. 

  • Why? 
  • You’re brave. 
  • Not tired?

Sean asks why they want to leave so badly, which Carla says that Mexico is filled with violence everywhere and Diego stating that poverty and insecurity affected their daily lives and mention his brother had been abducted and killed. 
Sean tells Carla is brave even with a child on the way, Diego says she’s a strong woman and Carla saying she wants her child to be born as an American. 
Sean asks if they’re tired of trying continuously crossing, but Carla says it’s the only choice they got until they make it over. 
Diego says he wants to give a better life for his child. 

  • What my father did. 
  • Not an Eldorado. 
  • Isn’t it the easy way?

Sean tells them that’s what Esteban did after he lost his parents but knew he missed Mexico, Carla agrees with Sean but understands his reasons. 
Sean says that America isn’t a paradise they think of after what he’s been through, but Carla says they need to try for a shot at hope. 
Sean asks if it’s the easy way to just run away from their problems, which Carla asks Sean if he’s doing the same. 
Madison then stands and bangs on the bars telling Sean and the couple to speak English, an argument starts and Sean tries to get Madison to stop but she goes on, until she mentions her family which Carla tries to agree with her about family but Madison calls her child a parasite which then angers Diego as he stands up. 

  • Calm Diego 
  • Don’t Intervene

Sean calms down Diego in Spanish, as does Carla then Diego sits back down Madison bad mouths again but Sean tells her she’s in jail as well. 
Sean doesn’t stop Diego who continues to get angry at Madison, but her Father tells Madison to calm down. 
The officer from before enters and takes Sean into another room before asked about Daniel which the officer, Campbell, says is doing fine and is currently in the infirmary getting treated before getting back up to get Coffee for Sean. 
Campbell returns a cup of coffee and a file before sitting back down in front of Sean to go over the file. Starting with the death of Officer Matthews in Seattle, the Vandalizing of a Motel Room (Or Assaulting Hank Stamper.), the explosion at the pot farm in California, and the Church in Haven Point burnt down (or Lisbeth’s death.). Campbell says he’s not halfway through but says he can get away with one but not all of it. 

  • I can explain… 
  • Whatever…

Sean says he can explain it, but Campbell says to explain it to Agent Flores who is arriving soon. 
Sean grunts at him, which Campbell says to save his crisis for Flores 
Campbell then says that Karen took responsibility for the fire in Haven Point 

  • That’s not true! 
  • She says a lot.

Sean tells him it isn’t true and not to drag her into it, which Campbell says is not up to him 
Sean tells him she says a lot and doesn’t have proof, Campbell responds accordingly 
Afterwards the lights begin to flicker and rumbling occurs which Campbell wonders what it before the door flies open and he gets knocked out before Daniel comes in and frees Sean (Or he’ll attack Campbell before freeing Sean if his morality is low.) 
Sean asks Daniel to free Diego and Carla which Daniel does and shocks both Madison and her Father wondering how they did that, then Sean asks if Daniel wants to free the Vigilantes but Daniel hesitates but Sean tells him otherwise so he frees them. (Or doesn’t and hurts them instead if his morality is low.) 
They go in the other room before getting stopped by two more cops and Sean holds his hands up while Daniel hides, the guards get closer and Sean tells Daniel to throw them into the locker which he does (or Kills them both if Morality is low.) they find all of their stuff in a room and Daniel opens the gate and grab their things before running out of the station, Carla and Diego running out with them now that the dust has settled. Sean and Daniel re enter Karen’s car and return back to the border. 

Chapter 4 – Independence Day

The two now back in the car Daniel mentions that this is their first 4th of July without Esteban and Sean agrees and can’t believe it. They continue down the road before being stopped by a barricade of cop cars with Agent Flores present.Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 5 
Daniel asks what are they gonna do, Flores on the megaphone telling Sean to exit the car and not make things worse than it already is while Sean brings up the day Esteban had died and says he thinks about it everyday wishing he could go back but can’t and promises he’ll make it better for Daniel, more cop cars arrive from behind them blocking their escape. 
Sean tells Daniel he’s proud of him and bet Esteban would be too and says he can make his own rules now and says if they surrender now they’ll get separated and tells Daniel to always do the right thing and not waste his power like he is now. 
Daniel says he doesn’t want to be separated while Flores continues to call for Sean to come out, Sean tells Daniel to always be him no matter what happens as Flores’ continues on Daniel promises Sean. Flores tells Sean this isn’t a trap and can trust her and says this is his last warning, Daniel then asks Sean about the ending of the Wolf Brothers, Flores orders one more time for Sean to get out of the car, Sean looks at Daniel but doesn’t say anything yet. 



(The Final choice, both options are dependent on the final morality score thus far.) 

Ending 1 – Redemption (High Morality/Surrender)

Sean tells Daniel their story ends here, Daniel hesitates and says he can get it over with real quick but Sean shakes his head and Daniel get its. Sean says they’re not criminals and just kids and still have time to choose while they have their lives before they both exit the car with their hands up. 
Cops walk to the two ordering them to get on their knees before they cuff up Sean and take him away, Daniel cries and tries to go after him but Flores holds him back and Sean tells him he’s not a little wolf anymore and never to forget who he is. 

The game then does a photo montage showing that Daniel did go back to Claire and Stephen who are happy to see him again but Daniel looks sad, Sean spending his 17th birthday with a jail visit from Daniel, Daniel and Chris hanging out again. Daniel graduating from high school with Claire and Stephen present, Chris and Daniel drinking at a fire pit, until finally Daniel getting a job as a Barista and his own car and moving into a new place. 
1. years have gone by and Sean is finally released (This scene has one alternate based on the choices in ep. 1 & 2) 
Sean is greeted by Daniel Karen and Lyla (If you called her back) who hug Sean while Lyla is mostly shocked to Sean again after so long and see him with one eye gone. 
Sean and Daniel then go on a camping trip to Mount Rainier National Park, Sean with his hair back and now with a white prosthetic eye over his lost eye. They both go to the spot where they camped out as Daniel tells him stories about what he’s done while Sean was away, Sean is happy for him but breaks down and cries which then Daniel comforts him until they both rest for the night. The next morning they both say their goodbyes and hug each other before Sean gets in his own car and drives off Daniel then gives off one last howl as Sean drove before getting into his car and drives off in the opposite direction. 

End of Episode 5, and the Game.


(It’s at this moment after everything, the brothers no longer need to run and hide, Sean still needs Daniel but Daniel no longer needs Sean.) 

Ending 2 – Parting Ways (High Morality/Cross the Border)

Sean tells Daniel they make it to the other side, Daniel asks if he’s sure but Sean starts the car which alerts the cops and Daniel says he doesn’t want to hurt them but Sean says it’s too late as the cops open fire. Daniel then uses his power to push away any cars in their path not trying to hurt any of them, just before they get past Daniel tells Sean he isn’t coming with him which shocks Sean before Daniel blasts the border open and blast his car door and jumps out as Sean calls out for him but doesn’t stop. Daniel tells Sean to be happy in Mexico before Flores approaches him with her gun out Daniel is then arrested while Flores is in bewilderment of the destruction. 

The game kicks off a photo montage showing that Daniel went back to Claire and Stephen, Daniel getting a puppy for Christmas, Daniel and Chris hanging out again. Until showing Daniel and Karen showing off vegetables in away and Daniel posing with his car. 
6 years after the border, Daniel is at the Reynolds’ household watching Stephen cut the grass with an ankle tracker as he talks to Karen on the phone Claire then gives Daniel a letter from Sean as Daniel gives Claire the phone to speak to Karen. Daniel opens Sean’s letter and pulls photos of a beach and Sean posing (The photo of Sean alternating on choices made in Episode 3; being Sean alone, Sean with Cassidy, or Sean with Finn.) Daniel then uses his power to give the photos to Claire who looks at them while Daniel pours the envelope into his hand which contained sand as the camera pans out to a tree that is engraved with the Wolf Brothers. 

End of Episode 5, and the Game.


(Sean may not of wanted Daniel to stay behind, but hey Daniel has Chris and new friends while he has Cassidy or Finn with him… or alone) 

Ending 3 – Lone Wolf (Low Morality/Surrender)

Sean tells Daniel their story ends here, but Daniel is in disbelief hoping that isn’t the real end, but Sean tells him it is but Daniel won’t take that for an answer before Sean throws out the Keys. Daniel then locks his door and use his power to drive to the border as cops open fire at them. Daniel blasts open the border and tells Sean they made it but when he looks at him, he’s horrified to see Sean with a bullet in his neck Daniel begs him not to go but unfortunately Sean closes his eye and dies as Daniel sobs over Sean’s body. 

A Billboard is shown about the news in Mexico, the first being the onslaught at the border and the death of Sean, along with many crimes committed with one of the images showing Daniel posing. 
6 years after the incident, Daniel is down at the beach with many tattoos a scar on his right cheek and his hair dyed blonde. Daniel then goes to Sean’s altar drinking his beer and adds a drawing of a wolf to the altar before a gang of thugs approach him. Daniel gets up and faces them, using his power to send away both of the lackey until the leader pulls out a gun but Daniel stops him from pulling the trigger and puts it under his head. The leader begs with tears until Daniel eventually stops and walks away the leader on his knees breathing heavily as he and the lackey don’t try to attack Daniel any further. 

End of Episode 5, and the Game.


(Should’ve listened to Sean there Daniel, he only wanted you to be safe.) 

Ending 4 – Blood Brothers (Low Morality/Cross the Border)

Sean tells Daniel they make it to the other side before telling Daniel to be careful, Daniel gets what he means and leaves the car. Flores tells Sean to exit the car like Daniel did before the cops advance toward them as Sean gives one last nod to Daniel as he then powers up throwing back the closet soon followed by the officer. The cops look confused before opening fire which Daniel then creates a barrier to block all bullets Flores tries to tell them to stop before Daniel blasts away all of the cops in front them including Flores before doing the same to the cops behind them before getting back into the car with Sean blasting open the border as they both enter Mexico. 

a Bulletin Board shows various sketches done by Sean along with a post card of Puerto Lobos and a photo of a rundown building that was then restored to Diaz Repair Shop. 
6 years after the events of the border, Daniel is reading Sean’s old sketchbook in the office before seeing Sean backing away in the garage and placing his hands up, a thug then pulls his gun out and Daniel walks out and with a look he throws the lackeys away the leader looking confused. Sean then puts his hands down which the Leader then threatens Daniel but instead he twists his arm dropping the gun, they both move together Daniel lifting the leader up and throwing him back as his lackey drag him away while Sean picks up his gun and puts it in a metal briefcase and then their safe which is loaded with cash. Daniel joins Sean out back passing him a beer, while Sean lights his cigarette and looks at Daniel smiling that they both finally made it to Puerto Lobos. 

End of Episode 5, and the Game.


(They both have finally reached their goal, but at what cost…?) 

Written by Aigis

This is all about Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 5; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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