Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 2

Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 2 1 -
Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 2 1 -
A guide that helps show the causes and effects of options that are chosen during game play along with showing the best choices to help be on route for the good ending.



As said before in the first guide, options used here are mainly the options that have impact on the characters/story, specific options will be underlined to express it being done with Daniel’s power where as options in Bold are the best possible choice, lastly certain options that can be chosen in game but aren’t present may be because they don’t cause much impact or can’t be fit in this guide due to the character limit with that out of the way enjoy using this guide. 


The episode does a small recap as to what happened in the events prior with the Brothers and Esteban at their home lair until hunters took him away. Then go on to explain their journey and found the gas station which is depicted as a trap to lure the two into getting captured, after escaping it depicts Brody as a friendly bear who helped guide the two and taught them how to survive with it ending with the little wolf referred to as a Super Wolf. 

Chapter 1 – Young Apprentice

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 2 - Chapter 1 - Young Apprentice 
The episode starts 2 months after what had happened back in Seattle with Sean and Daniel now in Oregon along with their pup, Mushroom, from this point of the story Sean has been training Daniel by using his power which at first tries to get him to lift a rock. Daniel struggles at first but he does succeed in lifting the rock off the ground, Sean congratulates him and decides to look around for more things for Daniel to lift. 

  • Lift Mushroom 
  • Lift Rock across river 
  • Lift Cans 
  • Lift Boulder

Sean notices a rock from across the lake and asks Daniel if he can lift it, unfortunately Daniel is unsuccessful in lifting the rock as it too far away for Daniel to reach. 
Sean then asks if Daniel can lift Mushroom which Daniel refuses as he may hurt or scare her which Sean agrees to. 
Sean will see some crushed cans and asks for Daniel to lift all at once which he is successful at doing. 
Sean will lastly ask Daniel to lift the other rock where Daniel lifted the smaller rock, which Daniel just almost gets it off the ground Sean comments that he’s learning so fast. 

After Daniel has attempted to lift all available options Sean will then makes a snowball which Daniel asks what it was for, Sean replies to see if he can stop it in mid-air before Daniel mentions about getting bruised from Sean during a snowball fight Sean will ask if he’ll let him hit him again 
Daniel replies with snark. 

  • Throw at Daniel 
  • Throw between Daniel and Mushroom 
  • Throw at Mushroom

Throwing the snowball directly at Daniel will cause him to get knocked back a little and yell at Sean for throwing it at him, if done again he’ll stop it with his powers and hurl it back at Sean. (This lowers Brotherhood.) 
Throwing it between Daniel and Mushroom will have Daniel mess up the first time, but he’ll be able to stop it the second time. (This raises Brotherhood.) 
Throwing the snowball directly at Mushroom will have Daniel stop it before it can hit her which makes him mad before she runs away in fear. (This lowers Brotherhood.) 

After the snowball fight Sean and Daniel will need to refill their Canteens before they can back inside the cabin, Sean will refill his canteen normally where as Daniel uses his power to refill his. 

  • Lazy Ranger 
  • Nice Work.

(Neutral, but Nice Work contributes to Daniel being encouraged to use his power.) 
Calling Daniel lazy will have Sean remind him not use his power whenever. 
Complimenting Daniel will have Sean believe their training sessions have paid off. 
In both outcomes Daniel will say the river is too ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ cold, before apologizing for swearing 

  • Watch it. 
  • It’s fine.

(Neutral, but contributes to Daniel swearing more or less in the future.) 
Sean will tell Daniel to watch his mouth, which Daniel will guiltily agree. 
Sean will say it’s alright outside where nobody can hear him, Daniel will be alright with it. 

Afterwards they’ll both go back to the cabin to leave the cold outside which Sean will comment that they got into with the help of Daniel’s power so they wouldn’t freeze outside. 

Chapter 2 – Ship, Captain, Crew

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 2 - Chapter 2 - Ship, Captain, Crew 
Sean and Daniel now inside the house go ahead and relax, Sean will add a mark to the board for Daniel to congratulate him before Daniel is lifting a plate with his power to say the house is haunted only for Sean to reprimand him and goes over the rules which annoys Daniel. After Daniel is reminded of the rules he pitches the idea of using it to get them out of trouble. 

  • Only as a Last Resort. 
  • No, too dangerous. 
    (Neutral Choice, but both contribute to Daniel being either repressed or encouraged to use his power.) 
    Sean will say he can use it as an absolute Last Resort, Daniel asks how he’d know when which Sean says if there any other way to help do that first. 
    Sean will tell him it’s not safe to use as it’ll already scare people, which Daniel ask as to why he has the power anyways which Sean tells him he doesn’t know. 
    Both outcomes he’ll say if he had used the power sooner, Esteban would still be alive. 

    • Out of your control. 
    • Shouldn’t have left you alone.

    Sean will say he didn’t know he had it and wouldn’t matter anyway, to where Daniel will tell him what had happened to Matthews and call the power a curse Sean will feel guilty about this and say they both don’t know what happened and it isn’t Daniel’s fault. 
    Sean will blame himself for leaving Daniel alone that day, which Daniel in turn blames himself for not helping Sean tells him he couldn’t. 

    Afterwards Daniel will cough some more which Sean says is only getting worse so they plan to leave the cabin in the morning, which Daniel will agree with. Once they’re done talking, Daniel will go into the other room while Sean will prepare dinner, he may also give Mushroom some water as she’s thirsty he’ll also need to get the wood stove on but forgot where had put his lighter which is sitting with his things next to Daniel’s lair. (Depending on your actions in Episode 1 it’ll be the Tent you stole rather than the tarp) Once Sean retrieves his lighter he’ll get a fire started in the stove to prepare the food and keep them warm which Daniel comes out of the room to get warm, afterwards Sean will grab a pot in the bathroom noticing a mirror that Daniel had broke as he used his powers in the hallway. 
    Sean will then grab a can of Ravioli and pour it into the pot before setting it onto the stove to cook. Sean can look at Esteban’s photo he has with and talk about it with Daniel, Sean commenting on how serious he looked and Daniel can’t believing he’s really gone. After while the Ravioli will be cooked so Sean will serve it. 

    Sean and Daniel will be eating the Ravioli, Daniel obviously complains and pouts about constantly eating Ravioli. 

    • Spaghetti and Truffles.
    • Better than Nothing.

    Sean will joke with Spaghetti a la Diaz and comment about the Truffle sauce, Daniel also wishes he had some garlic bread and ice cream. 
    Sean will say it’s real food and it was better than no food, Daniel only replying with being over Ravioli. (If Daniel ate bad berries prior he’ll mention Berries.) 
    Mushroom will then beg at the two which Daniel lets her have his Ravioli. 

    • Oh, come on… 
    • Bon appetit, Mushroom

    (Neutral choice.) 
    Sean will begin to bring up the rules, to where Daniel says he knows, Sean then says he doesn’t want to get in the habit. 
    Sean lets Mushroom enjoy the Ravioli without bring the rules up again. 
    Daniel’s cough returns which Sean gives him his cup to make it go away before going into the other room to grab the map, unable to find it he asks Daniel where it is and says it’s in the tent which Mushroom gets in the way of (Sean can ask Daniel call her or ask her himself to move.) Now that Sean has the map he’ll go back in the other room where Daniel says there’s an intruder at the door which scares Sean so he goes to check it only to see it was Daniel using his power. 
    Sean will then put the map on the table to show where they’ll be going to next because of Daniel’s bad cough, in this case Sean is thinking about going to where their grandparents are, which Daniel thinks they won’t like him 

    • They’re family. 
    • No other options.

    (Neutral choice.) 
    Sean will tell him they’re family before bringing up their mother owing them, Daniel is unsure but thinks it’ll be nice to spend Christmas with them which Sean will agree. 
    Sean will say there’s not a lot of options which makes Daniel feel they’ll think he’s a freak, which Sean says they’ll love him and will be alright. 
    Daniel will then have Mushroom agree on it who whines Daniel taking it as a yes, and for their last night they decide to play a game they made known as Ship, Captain, Crew. They bet on whoever wins, they’ll draw on loser’s backpack. 
    (This doesn’t affect each other, but the drawing and Daniel cheating does.) 
    If Sean wins the game he can draw either a Wolf or a ♥♥♥♥, although if Daniel wins the game he’ll draw Mushroom or poop Depending on Brotherhood.) 
    After the game is over, Mushroom will want to go outside which Sean goes to do which Daniel knows is only going to go smoke and says it’s bad Sean agreeing that he shouldn’t before opening the door to let Mushroom out while Daniel reads his comic book. 

    As Mushroom goes off to pee, Sean sits at the steps smoking a cigarette and notices a small rock in front of him he holds his arm out thinking he could lift it like Daniel could but unfortunately he does not possess a power like Daniel does. Sean then goes back inside with Mushroom noticing Daniel had fallen asleep before getting into the bed with him to sleep as well.


Chapter 3/4 – Rule of Might / Road to Beaver Creek

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 2 - Chapter 3/4 - Rule of Might / Road to Beaver Creek 
The next morning Mushroom is at the sliding door whining to go outside, which wakes Sean up to get ready to go. Daniel is in the other room packing up his things to get ready to leave as well, Sean can open the door for Mushroom to go outside or Daniel can do this if Sean doesn’t. Daniel will say he’s having trouble packing up before uttering out it’s ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ bull. 

  • No more swearing! 
  • It’s gonna be okay.

(Technically Neutral, but also contribute to Daniel swearing more or less in the future.) 
Sean will tell Daniel to stop swearing, which Daniel agrees to before mocking him for being so polite. 
Sean will tell him to cool down and it’ll be fine, Daniel saying he knows. 

Sean then takes a look inside Daniel’s bag to see he’s trying to take everything he had from the house with him which obviously doesn’t fit, so he tries to make some room for him so it’ll be more easier for him. 
Afterwards Daniel will ask where Mushroom is which Sean says is still outside so he goes off to find her. Sean will then go in the bathroom to refill the canteens before putting them in his bag, although Daniel and Mushroom have not come back yet so he too goes outside to find them. 
After looking around Sean finds blood in the snow which makes him become worried by the sight of it, before looking over a fallen tree to find Mushroom’s Bandanna which Sean know is not a good sign so he goes under the tree to pick it up before finding Daniel face to face with a Cougar and in front of both of them the lifeless body of Mushroom. 
Sean immediately gets over there and warns Daniel not to move, Daniel in tears tells him that the Cougar had killed Mushroom, before Sean can stop him Daniel immediately uses his power to lift the Cougar into the air. 

Step Forward
Don’t Intervene

Choosing to step forward will have Sean make Daniel stop using his power before grabbing a stick to scare off the Cougar, who then grabs Mushroom which Daniel tries to stop it from doing so but Sean holds him back allowing the Cougar to take her away. 
Choosing not to intervene will have Daniel use his power in fit of rage to snap the Cougar’s neck which shocks Sean before picking up Mushroom as Daniel cries and holds onto her. (This contributes to Daniel using his power for harm in the future.) 

The two will go back to the cabin to build a burial spot for Mushroom (Unless the Cougar took Mushroom, Daniel will complain about not being able to bury the real Mushroom) which Daniel and Sean will memorialize her. Once they say their goodbyes to Mushroom, Daniel will ask if she’s with Esteban in Heaven. 

  • Yes.
  • Nah.

Sean will tell Daniel she is there with their dad and that he’ll look after her, Daniel then brings up allergies which Sean says there’s no allergies in Heaven. (This contributes to Daniel believing Heaven is real.) 
Sean will said that it isn’t real and said it’s just the two, which Daniel thinks is unfair. (This contributes to Daniel believing Heaven is fabricated.) 
Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 2 

Afterwards the two will leave the cabin, letting their Snow-ogre look after Mushroom’s grave as they take off. After a few days and nights along with the help of strangers and having get through blocked paths along the way they finally managed to reach their grandparents, Sean rings the doorbell and smiling at Daniel before ringing the doorbell a second time and hearing a voice before the door opens. Claire Reynolds is shocked to see the two after so long before calling out for Stephen to come and see who looks just as shocked before Daniel’s cough returns which Claire takes the two in. 

Chapter 5 – Sanctuary

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 2 - Chapter 5 - Sanctuary 
After Sean and Daniel are taken inside, Claire sends Daniel to get some medicine and gives Sean a hot drink as he sits with Stephen. Claire comes down scolding Sean for not taking better care of Daniel and then asks for Stephen to come into the other room to talk, where Sean can faintly hear them talking about what had happened in Seattle before they both return to the table to talk to Sean if he’s okay and if he wants to talk about what had happened as the police had called them before and are questioning the two as suspects. (If you stole from the Gas Station, she’ll also mention that.) 

  • I don’t know.
  • Seriously? 
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Bull.

Sean will tell them he doesn’t know what happened as too much happened all so fast around him. 
Sean will get frustrated since he thinks they believe he hurt the cop, which Stephen tells him not to get mad since they only heard what was said on the news beforehand. 
Sean will get upset and exclaim that he didn’t touch the cop, Stephen tells him to calm down as they only say that from what they had heard from the news. 

Sean will then tell them that the cop had shot and killed Esteban which Claire deeply feels sorry and asks why they would run if they were innocent. 

  • I freaked out. 
  • Had no choice. 
  • To protect Daniel.

Sean will tell them (or repeat) that everything happened so quick with the Cop and Esteban on the ground, which Claire can agree to and feels sorry for Sean. 
Sean will exclaim he had to run as the police would’ve blamed him for everything, which Claire tells him that they now do blame him. 
Sean will say he ran away because he didn’t want Daniel to see their dad like that as he felt like he needed to protect him, Claire says she understands but is unsure. 
Sean will then tell them that the will separate the two believing Daniel will end up in foster care, Stephen tells him he shouldn’t be sure of that and Claire tells him he needs to think of long-term solutions to which Sean says he has tried, Claire then asks what are his plans. 

  • Down to Mexico. 
  • Figure it out.

Sean will tell them they’ll go to Mexico as Esteban has a family house there, which Claire doesn’t like as she feels like they’re running like fugitives from the law. 
Sean will say he’ll figure it out until Daniel gets better before taking the road again. 
Claire will then ask as to how he can look after Daniel while avoiding the police, before Stephen tells Sean they’ll stay with them Claire tries to say something but Stephen reassures her. Stephen then talks about how their mother had left and Esteban did not want the two into their life which Stephen can’t blame him for but he still thinks of Sean and Daniel as family and wants to prove it to them. 

  • Thank you. 
  • Not scared?

Sean will thank them for letting them stay with them as it was very nice for Stephen. 
Sean will be okay with it, but is concerned for them as the police had called them in turn Claire is scared for them. 
Afterwards Claire will put out the house rules while Stephen tells to stay low as Beaver Creek is a small yet nosy town, until Daniel comes down wearing pyjamas excited to hear they’re allowed to stay before bringing up Stephen’s model train to Sean which Stephen jokes about him needing to rest and Claire joins in before agreeing to letting them stay and then gets up to fix them up some food. 

Afterwards Sean and Daniel will be in the guest room already comfortable on it as Claire comes in the room asking if Daniel feels better who tells her yes and notices how already relaxed the two are before putting her hand on Daniel’s head whose fever is down Sean telling him to take it easy and Claire asks the two to join in prayer. (Daniel will ask if it’s like a bedtime story which Claire says it sorta is before pointing up, or Daniel will say Sean told him Heaven isn’t real which Claire says is not very polite.) 
(Heaven is Real) 

  • Sure…
  • Not for me, Sorry

Sean will agree to join in the prayer, which Daniel will ask to pray for his Friends, Esteban, and Mushroom which Claire finds very nice of him before beginning the prayer. (This locks in the value for Heaven is Real for Daniel.) 
Sean will say no to Claire before apologizing to her, but Daniel will pray with her. 
(Heaven is Fake) 

  • We never do. 
  • Sorry…

Sean will tell her they never prayed before bed and say Esteban never took them to church, which upsets Claire even more before saying she won’t make them pray before leaving the room. (This locks in the value for Heaven is Fake for Daniel.) 
Sean will apologize to Claire for what he said about Heaven, which Claire accepts before praying while Sean and Daniel watch respectfully. (This’ll slightly change the value for Daniel) 

After Claire leaves either calmly or abruptly Sean and Daniel will talk to each other, Daniel happy to have a bathroom and a bed again which Sean agrees to before teasing him about not smelling anymore. Daniel will say Claire’s caring and nice to them (Or will say the Prayer was weird) also thinking Stephen is nice and asks Sean if they’ll be alright here which Sean believes they will. Daniel will then ask if they’re in their mom’s old room but Sean doesn’t think it is from what he can remember, Daniel then asks Sean if they can look in her room to find some of her old things. 

  • No way. 
  • Why?

Sean will say he shouldn’t dig into the past, which Daniel says he was only curious until Sean reminds him that she left them and was nothing now and it was just the two of them. 
Sean questions why he wants to do that, to which Daniel says he doesn’t know anything about her which Sean understands but tells him to focus on where they are now instead also reminding him that mom left them that she made her choice now they have to make theirs. 
Sean then tells Daniel he’s been improving with his power and asks how he can do it, Daniel says he just concentrates and it just happens. 

  • Does it hurt? 
  • Feeling strong?

Sean will think that the power may be hurting him so he’ll ask him, Daniel will say it doesn’t but makes him feel a little itchy and exhausted which Sean apologizes for. 
Sean asks if it makes him feel strong and mighty, Daniel says he doesn’t think that or know what it makes him feel and asks why he asked which Sean says never mind and was just curious. 
Sean will bring up the rules again as he doesn’t want Claire or Stephen to ask questions Daniel saying he knows, Sean just says for him to keep it in mind and everything will be fine before both brothers go to sleep. 

Chapter 6 – The Gingerbread House

The game then jumps forward 1 week after Sean and Daniel had got to Claire and Stephen’s house, with Sean sound asleep before waking up from Daniel playing with Stephen’s train model. Sean then proceeds to get out of bed getting dressed and walks out, Daniel greets him while Claire calls for him to come down for breakfast. Before going down you can talk to Stephen and Daniel about the train, joking about Sean missing the 9:15 express which Daniel will say the next one will come after breakfast. 

Sean will go over to where Claire is sitting, Claire tells him good morning then Sean says the bed feels like a cloud Claire agreeing with him. Sean then sits down and asks if Claire needs help or what is on the menu (both are neutral anyways.) which Claire says it’s alright she can make the breakfast, Buttermilk Waffles, she then calls down Daniel for breakfast, Daniel then comes down as Stephen’s engine had broke down but Claire tells him no trains in the kitchen. 
After breakfast is made Claire ends up pulling off her drawer handle commenting about Stephen able to fix his trains but not her kitchen. Claire gives the two their waffles and proceeds to talk about country life in Oregon as it’s different from city life in Seattle, Sean agrees with her but still does miss Seattle as does Daniel. Claire then mentions her neighbor Charles who lost his wife which has taken a toll on him and his son, Daniel asks how old is his son Claire believing he’s Daniel’s age. After Claire takes the Orange Juice and Milk to put it up, Daniel proceeds to use his power to lift the plates silverware and glasses. 

  • Say Nothing 
  • Stop!

(Both contribute to Daniel’s power being Encouraged or Repressed.) 
Sean will simply say nothing as Daniel carefully places their dishes back down before Claire can see what was going on, commenting they eat as fast as Stephen before taking their plates. 
Sean will tell him to stop which causes Daniel to lose focus and accidentally drop a glass which Claire turns around asking what’s going on, before making the same comment and takes their plates. 
Daniel then asks Claire about the locked room upstairs, Sean looks at him with anger Claire reminds him there is nothing to see in it to which Daniel will ask as to why she was in there Claire will say it’s only old junk in there and they could get lost, Daniel will say they’ll be alright or mutter out ‘this is bull sh!t’ which Claire hears and tells him to watch his language. 
Claire suggests they go outside for fresh air Daniel says he’ll wait for Sean before taking off. Sean tells Claire he could’ve said it was Karen’s old room Claire then tells Sean for him to tell Daniel to watch his mouth (If he swore) and tell him it’s only a room now nothing to see. 

  • Why lock it then? 
  • Daniel needs to know

Sean asks why she needs to lock it as it feels like she’s hiding something, Claire says there isn’t a secret and just wants to move on with her life. 
Sean says Daniel needs that as he knows nothing about her, Claire agrees but Karen is in there anymore. 
Claire then says nobody goes into the room ever. 

  • Mom contacted you? 
  • Don’t care anyway.

Sean asks if Karen ever contacted them as she had contacted Esteban a few times before just vanishing Claire says she was. 
Sean says it’s cool and doesn’t care as Karen left them anyway, Claire sadly agrees and said she left all of us. 
Afterwards Claire doesn’t want to continue talking about Karen and tells Sean he needs to respect her rules under her roof. 

  • Of Course.
  • Chill out.

Sean says he will always, which Claire appreciates. 
Sean tells her to chill as they’re not criminals, Claire tells him that wasn’t what she meant. 

Claire will tell Sean to go find Daniel so they can go outside before saying the old shed has a lot of toys and Stephen may have the key. Sean can tidy up around the house a little for Claire (around 2-5 items will contribute to Claire thanking Sean later on), he can find Daniel sitting at the table doing homework pouting as to why he needs to do it when he’s not in school, which Sean can explain to him why he needs to or he doesn’t. (Both options don’t really have an affect on him about Schoolwork.) Afterwards Sean will go see Stephen in his workshop, Stephen sees him and asks Sean for the glue in his cupboard which Sean will get but the cupboard nearly falls on him before Stephen stops it and says the cupboard isn’t very sturdy. 
Stephen then asks for Sean to close the door for a moment so he can talk with him, then Stephen mentions some changes within Daniel and asks Sean if he knows what he means. 

Hide the Secret 
Tell the Truth

Sean will pretend to not know what’s Stephen is talking about to which Stephen will try to explain the invisible force Daniel can somehow use before Sean says Daniel thinks he has superpowers. 
Stephen thinks there’s still more but takes what he’s given and tells Sean to be careful as Daniel is still too young. (This contributes to Sean becoming more Dishonest.) 
Sean says he does to which Stephen asks how it’s even possible for Daniel to do that and says Sean knows more than him, but Sean says he doesn’t since it started after everything in Seattle. 
Stephen would suggest they see a doctor for Daniel to which Sean says he’ll never see him again after Stephen says he gets it and says Daniel needs Sean more than anything else. (This contributes to Sean gaining more Honesty.) 
Stephen says Claire shouldn’t know about it yet as she has many strong beliefs and possibly wouldn’t understand but knows she adores Daniel and just wants the two of them to be happy and safe. Stephen then says it could be best if they did stay with them but does know they plan to run to Mexico. 

  • Why not…
  • Puerto Lobos.

Sean thanks Stephen saying they could before eventually agreeing, Stephen thinks Sean doesn’t like be in the sticks with us ‘old farts’ but it is home, Sean tells him it’s cool but doesn’t want to get Claire and him into trouble because of them. 
Sean says he has a home in Puerto Lobos as Esteban had a home there and the secret of ‘Two Mexican boys on the run’ wouldn’t be a secret very long Stephen says America is his home and that he needs to think about Daniel’s future and goals and such which Sean says it’s dangerous for them to stay with them. 
Stephen then says it’s dangerous to be on the road and asked if Esteban wanted this for them. 

  • Different now.
  • You don’t know him!

Sean knows he would not but everything is different now, Stephen agreeing but tells Sean to just think about and not torture himself. 
Sean angrily tells Stephen he never knew nor tried to know him and shouldn’t speak for him, Stephen apologizes as it was complicated after what had happened with Karen. 

Chapter 6.5 – Gingerbread House cont.

After Sean’s finished talking with Stephen he asks him for the Shed key which he gives him and says the shed might be a mess so he tells him to be careful. Sean will then exit with the key, and Claire finds him and is about to go out and run errands and asks Sean if he can throw in his and Daniel’s clothes in after the next load has finished. 
Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 2 
Sean will then call for Daniel to come down for to get some work to do, only for him to says he’s ‘busy’ upstairs which Sean says he isn’t and Daniel says he’ll need to find him. Sean goes upstairs to find him, (he’ll be behind the bathroom door, nothing happens to any value if you find him or if he scares you.) afterwards Daniel will ask Sean what he needs to do, Sean will ask him to clean up the room while he takes care of the laundry which Daniel either agree to or complain about (Based on brotherhood value.) Sean will then grab the clothes from the basket in the bathroom to bring down to the washing machine afterwards he’ll then call for Daniel so they go outside. 

The two will now be outside, Daniel will let out a howl Sean can join in or shush him then Sean with the shed key will go to try and unlock the Shed but it’s frozen shut. Daniel will notice someone running before climbing up a tree and suddenly their ladder breaks and falls but Daniel is able to save him with his power Sean running over to see what was going on, the boy then stands up and notices the two Daniel waves at him as does the boy and Sean. 
The boy, Chris Eriksen, will ask if they saw what just happened Sean will say he did or didn’t as will Daniel. Daniel will comment on Chris’ t-shirt and ask about his favorite super hero that being Power Bear Chris will say he has the Mega Power Bear. (If you got the Power Bear toy in ep. 1 Daniel will mention it.) Afterwards Chris’ father Charles will run out worried for him (play Captain Spirit to find out why.) and then notices Sean and Daniel and asks if Chris knows them which he’ll say they’re cool. Charles then introduces himself to Sean and asks if they’re with the Reynolds. 

  • They’re our Grandparents 
  • Just passing by.

Sean will tell him they’re their Grandparents, Charles will remember this. 
Sean will say they are but not mention they’re their Grandparents, Charles will remember this. 
Charles will calmly scold Chris for not wearing shoes outside, and tells Sean if Claire asks just tell her everything is fine. 

  • Sure
  • Is it?

Sean says he will, Charles will thank him 
Sean will ask if it really is, Charles will say never mind (This’ll make Charles believe Sean is suspicious of him.) 

Afterwards Charles will carry Chris back to his house while Sean and Daniel wave goodbye to Chris, once they leave Sean will get angry at Daniel for using his power when he wasn’t suppose to and asks about the rules once more to which Daniel asks if he wanted him to let Chris fall. 

Remind the Rules 

Sean knows he only wanted to help Chris but does remind the rules to Daniel yet again, to which will annoy Daniel and say rules are boring which Sean say it would worse than boring if they get busted and mention that Stephen saw Daniel using his power. (Adds value to the Power being Repressed.) 
Sean will give into Daniel using his power to save Chris but says they need to keep a low profile which Daniel says he was his age and bets Sean he would’ve done the same thing. (Adds value to the Power being Encouraged.) 
Sean will then tell Daniel they’re still hiding out for the time being he should stay with him at all times then playfully pushes Daniel before Daniel does the same to Sean. 

Chapter 7 – Bending Laws

The next morning Sean wakes up and Daniel left a message for Sean saying he’s at the Eriksen’s which annoys him as he didn’t listen, so Sean gets up and gets dressed and decides to go get him. After getting up he calls for Claire and Stephen but they’re there as they went to church, Sean wonders about checking on Stephen’s laptop for anything online and then delete his search history after he’s finished. Getting on Stephen’s laptop he notices Stephen had be going through the news for anything related to him and Daniel, he visits Brody’s blog page about his current post about people living a life as n*de, then he checks his Facebook page which is filled with many people attacking his page (If you called Lyla in ep. 1 she’ll be defending you) he then checks Lyla’s page to see what was going on with her (Once again varies to the choice in ep. 1 to it either posting regularly and concerned for Sean and Daniel or it can have people wishing her well as she got severe Depression and Anxiety from Sean not calling her.) afterwards he thinks about calling Lyla as it couldn’t hurt. 

Called Lyla back: Lyla will answer Sean tells her it’s him they both talk to each other Lyla mainly upset that she cut off and didn’t talk very long to Sean, which Sean apologizes for and does tell her he ditched his phone. Sean asks how’s everyone else Lyla says the track team is doing well and got a new leader since they had lost Sean, Jenn ended up dating some other guy and that Lyla doesn’t hang out with her anymore and knows her relationship won’t last long, and Lyla herself isn’t seeing anyone as she’s still worried for the two and reveals she’s on medication from not being able to sleep anymore which Sean is guilty about and tells her she’ll be okay as will he and Daniel and promises she’ll try to call her again when he can before the two hang up with Lyla asking for him to give Daniel a hug for him. 

Didn’t call Lyla back: Lyla’s mom will answer instead which Sean doesn’t expect to hear and asks if he can talk to Lyla, but her mother will ask who it is. Sean will pretend to be Adam to which her mother will have a slightly better conversation with Sean and tell him that Lyla has returned from the clinic but does know she’ll possibly be back next month eventually mentioning Sean and Daniel and says they’ll won’t and shouldn’t come back before saying goodbye to Sean. 
(Deciding to be yourself will have a angry conversation with Mrs. Park but still does tell him she’s at the clinic and does blame him for it and says she’ll call the cops on him and tells not to call anymore.) 

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 2 
After looking online and checking on Lyla, Sean will now go outside to get Daniel looking through the window to see Chris causing some toys to float this alerts Sean and enters the house which surprises the two and causes the toys to fall down. Daniel tries to explain but Chris decides to tell it to Sean instead saying he has a superpower. 

  • Pretty Cool
  • Irresponsible

Sean says it’s pretty cool and says he’s like a Super hero, to which Chris says he’s the one and only Captain Spirit. (Contributes to the Power being Encouraged.) 
Sean will scold the two for showing off their power where anyone can see from the windows and can get into trouble, the two say they get it and apologize. (Contributes to the Power being Repressed.) 
Chris then lets Sean join his club with Daniel and asks for his team signal, Daniel’s being Super Wolf and asks what will Sean be called. 

  • Silver Runner 
  • Professor Diaz 
  • El Diazblo Loco 
  • Don’t need one

Sean chooses the Silver Runner, which Daniel likes and says he is a great runner. 
Sean thinks of a mentor name like Professor D, which doesn’t seem to like and thinks of a better name later. 
Sean thinks about a cool name like El Diazblo Loco, which Chris thinks of as a Villain name. 
Sean thinks he’s already awesome without one, which Daniel doesn’t like and calls him Super Lame. 

Charles then exits the restroom and surprised to see Sean and asks who he is which Sean tells and apologizes for forgetting but knows he’s here for Daniel and says they make a great team. Charles tells him they’re going to the Christmas market for a tree and invites Sean to come along. 

  • Sure… 
  • They’ll worry.

Sean will agree to going with them, which makes the two Happy. 
Sean will tell them Claire and Stephen will worry if they leave the house, but the two beg to go which Sean eventually gives in. 
Charles then says he’ll get the car started while Daniel uses the restroom and Chris asks for Sean to see his toys, then asks if he can guess which are the Good Guys and which are the Bad Guys. 
(T-Rex, Pirate, Warrior, and Power Bear are the heroes, the Car and Insectoids are the villains.) 
Once Sean guessed each character Chris will congratulate him on guessing correctly or guessing some correctly. 
Afterwards Sean will ask if Charles knows about this to which Chris says that he does not and possibly won’t tell him as he’s worried about other stuff as always, even after he fell his power didn’t seem to work but his tree house does need to be fixed which Sean agrees to before Charles honks his horn to tell them it’s time to go. So they three go outside and get into Charles’s truck to take off the market. 

Chapter 8 – Christmas Spirit

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 2 - Chapter 8 - Christmas Spirit 
The group reaches the Christmas market, but Sean decides to have a brothers meeting with Daniel and tells Chris and Charles they’ll catch up. Sean scolds Daniel once more about using his power and brings the rules up yet again Daniel says he knows but tells him Chris can do cool stuff and reminds him of Noah as he misses having friends. 

Stop Lying to Chris
Protect the Secret

Sean gets that Daniel misses having friends but he tells Daniel he can’t lie to Chris about something like this as he can get into trouble thinking he can make things fly or worse end up doing something very dangerous, Daniel does give into Sean and swears he’ll tell the truth to Chris (Or continue lying to him if brotherhood value is low.) (This also contributes to the Power being repressed.) 
Sean says he understands but tells Daniel he needs to be extra careful, Daniel says he knows the rules and nobody sees him or Chris using his power except Sean, Sean then warns him about Charles Claire or even a Cop seeing which Daniel will agree to being extra careful. (Contributes to the Power being encouraged.) 
Afterwards Daniel will meet back up with Chris while Sean decides to look around the Market in hopes of finding a Christmas gift for Daniel (You would have roughly around 3.30-10.30 depending what you did in ep. 1) Sean can talk a vendor with handmade toys (telling the vendor you’re Claire’s grandson gives you a $1 dollar discount on everything he has) or he can talk the vendor with Christmas Wreaths for exactly $10. 
Sean will then see a Guitarist who notices Sean listening and plays her song (or you don’t have to, but this does add 1 value of Sean’s Intimacy with the Guitarist), afterwards when she’s finished her song and Sean was still listening she’ll ask if he has a crush on me which Sean gets a little embarrassed but she says she was joking. She says her name to him, Cassidy and the two talk for a while before Daniel comes over and asks who she is and they introduce each other until another guy shows up to Cassidy her friend, Finn says he had trouble with the guys and introduces himself to Sean and Daniel. Daniel sees his dog and pets him before Finn says he stinks which Sean pulls Daniel back, Cassidy then jokes to Finn about him stinking who says her hair just twitched and tells Sean to keep his distance. 

  • She looks cool. 
  • Never too careful!

(Neutral, but She looks cool adds more intimacy with Cassidy.) 
Sean says she looks cool, which Cassidy jokes with Finn saying he’s the nasty one. 
Sean agrees with Finn saying who knows what comes out of there, Cassidy then jokes with Finn who apologizes as ‘suburban’ boys are her thing. 

Before the two leave, a resident of Oregon approaches them as tells them their dog needs to be on a leash which the two say they don’t do leashes before the resident says they aren’t from Beaver Creek and tells them they’ll be fined before the two joke about it with him until taking off. Daniel wonders why they got so mad at them, then asks Sean if they should do something about it. 

Prank him. 
Drop it.

Sean will tell Daniel use his power to cause the snow above the man to fall on him, which Daniel will do and cause the man to get doused in snow and leave. (Contributes to the Power being Encouraged.) 
Sean suggests they just let it go as the man does look scary to them, Daniel will agree to this and the man will remain there. (Contributes to the Power being Repressed.) 
Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 2 
Afterwards Sean and Daniel will get back to Charles and Chris after getting what they wanted before taking off back to their home. Once back at the house, Chris and Daniel will be having a snowball fight while Sean and Charles remain in the truck watching them as the two talk to each other. Charles mentions that Sean saw someone at the market and asks if he liked her which he can say he did or they just wanted money, then Charles brings up what’s been going on with him and Chris namely what had happened to his wife as it’s been a struggle to try and be a good dad for Chris. 

  • Doing your best 
  • Having problems? *

(Neutral, if you got Chris to talk about Charles’ drinking there’ll be more dialogue) 
Sean will tell Charles he’s doing his best and that Chris is really cool and creative, which Charles thanks him for. 
Sean asks if Charles has had any problems, which Charles tells him he isn’t the man he was before telling Sean to forget about it. (If Chris told you about him drinking Sean will mention this, leading to Charles suggesting that Chris goes to his Wife’s parents for the time being.) 
After they’re done talking Sean will get Daniel to go back to their home and wave goodbye to Chris and Charles, as they both walk back. 

Chapter 9 – Confessions

Now back in their home, Sean will ask if Daniel told the truth to Chris (Or not if you chose to hide the truth.) to which he said he did and that was disappointed (Or he’ll dodge the question if brotherhood is low.) afterwards Daniel will ask to go into Karen’s old room as he knows it is hers and begs Sean to let him in. 

  • Okay… You won’t give up
  • They will freak out.

Sean decides to give into Daniel to let him go inside, Daniel says he just wants to know what’s inside as Chris has many things from his mom. 
Sean reminds Daniel what Claire had told him, which Daniel tells him it’ll be quick and easy like he wasn’t in there. 
Regardless, Sean goes upstairs with Daniel to open the door, which is evidently still locked Daniel suggests he uses his power but Sean suggests they find the key first. (Contributes to power being repressed and encouraged respectively) Sean finds the key in Claire’s cardigan and opens Karen’s door to finally let Daniel see what’s inside. 

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 2 
Now inside Daniel looks at all of the things Karen had when she was a child as does Sean, and then Sean notices the bear Karen had known as Ulysses which Daniel picks up and plays with for a moment. Sean then notices a letter was underneath the bear and picks it up and reads, Daniel gets curious of it and reads it with him. The letter reveals that Karen has heard everything that happened in Seattle and tells her parents to use her P.O. Box and begs to make sure her boys are safe. Daniel gets frustrated and wonders why Claire hid this from them as Sean believes she cares now that Esteban is gone, but Daniel doesn’t think so as he thinks he changed her mind but Sean snaps back at him saying he didn’t know her. 
Claire and Stephen now back home are shocked to see the two in Karen’s room after told not to go into many times and thus Claire and Sean get into an argument over this Sean tries to to apologize, but Claire tells him anything with a ‘but’ makes have no value. Stephen tries to calm her down but she tells no as things get heated Daniel tells her he just wanted to see his mother things but Claire tells him there is nothing to see, until Sean brings up the letter they had found which Claire tells them it doesn’t change anything to her she isn’t her daughter anymore after what she had done to her. (If you bought the Christmas Wreath, Daniel will mention this which will upset Claire even more as they broke another rule.) Sean tells her it’s been eight years and she just move on which Claire snaps back at him to not lecture her since he doesn’t know what she feels, Stephen now having enough leaves the room Claire apologizes to them but after they went through their things that shows they don’t respect her. Sean says he gets why Karen left as she couldn’t put up with Claire’s rules any longer which Claire snaps back at him but before she can they all hear Stephen yell as the cupboard ended up falling on and they all run down to help him. 
Stephen now pinned down by the cupboard sends shock through Claire who helplessly watches as Sean tries to pull him out but immediately Stephen tells him stop, Daniel tries to suggest using his power to help save Stephen. 

Use Power 
Lift Together


Sean tells Daniel to do it, which confuses Claire before seeing Daniel with his hand out as the cupboard is lifted off Stephen and Sean pulls him out safely. (Contributes to the Power being Encouraged.) 
Sean gets Daniel and Claire pull out Stephen while Sean lifts the cupboard as Claire and Daniel pull him out, however this does injure Stephen’s leg in the process. (Contributes to the Power being Repressed.) 

Now that Stephen has been pulled out from the cupboard Claire hears sirens she looks outside and it’s the Sheriff, she tells Sean they didn’t call them, and then tells the two to get their things and go out the backdoor while she distracts him. (The cop comes from Sean checking his social media, the cops tracing the call from when Sean called Lyla, Lyla’s Mom calling them on Sean if he told her it was him not Adam, or someone at the market saw the two together.) Claire tearfully apologizes to them for everything that had happened and wishes they could’ve help them out more. 
After Sean and Daniel get their things and go out the back the last scene has 3 variations: 
Daniel told the truth to Chris: Chris will be on his swing set and sees the two with their things asking what’s going, Daniel says they need to leave which upsets Chris. Sean asks Chris if there’s a way to run without the cops seeing them which Chris tells them and thanks him for it, but before they go Chris gives Daniel his cape as he’s the real super hero after going through the path Chris and Daniel do their team signal before taking off. 
Daniel didn’t tell the truth to Chris (Power Encouraged): Sean and Daniel will run through the street only for another cop car to see them and follow them, Chris runs out to try and stop the car only for Daniel to use his power to stop the car from hitting him. Chris looks happy that he stopped the cop, but turns around to see it was Daniel who did it which makes him feel betrayed. 
Daniel didn’t tell the truth to Chris (Power Repressed):Sean and Daniel will run through the street only for another cop car to see them and follow them, Chris runs out to try and stop the car Daniel calls out to him to not do it, but the Cop ends up hitting Chris which shocks the two before taking off as the Cop deals with Chris. (Daniel will blame himself if he didn’t tell the truth to Chris, otherwise he’ll blame Sean if he chose to hide it from Chris.) 

Epilogue – Breaking Free

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 2 - Epilogue - Breaking Free 
After being able to escape from the Sheriff, Daniel will look upset (or distraught if Chris got hit) as he’s just unsure as to whether not he should or shouldn’t use his power as it scares even himself. Sean will tell it’ll be alright as long as he doesn’t use it for anything bad and listens to him then everything will be alright, and says they stick to the original plan and go to Puerto Lobos even suggests they make their own rules before giving Daniel an early Christmas gift (The gift or gifts you bought/stole from the market.) which Daniel will thank him or be upset to enjoy them before giving Sean a gift as well a Drawing of himself. Before long they hear the train, and the two pack up their gifts and run down to hop on together to reach California where they’ll hope to meet back up with Cassidy and Finn. 

End of Episode 2.



Written by Aigis

This is all about Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 2; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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