Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 1

Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 1 1 -
Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 1 1 -
A guide that helps show the causes and effects of options that are chosen during game play along with showing the best choices to help be on route for the good ending.



This guide will be mainly focused on showing which options do matter or which options affect gameplay throughout the episode/game. Certain options that appear in the game but aren’t listed here may be because they don’t have a big impact on the story/characters or can’t fit in the guide due to the annoying character limit. Lastly a most options will have an explanation as to what and who they cause and effect along with which options are considered neutral, with all this out of the way enjoy using this guide. 


This is where the game starts with a camera view from Officer Matthews driving through Seattle along with a few streets with transmissions come from the radio before Matthews comes to a stop as he claims to have noticed something wrong where he stopped before suddenly he fires his gun and he is seen flying backwards along with his car getting toppled over which the game will come back to explain very soon. 

Chapter 1 – 1452 Lame Avenue, Seattle

Now the game starts with Sean Diaz as he gets off the bus along with his friend Lyla Park who are both getting stuff for a party they’re going to tonight, with Sean on his phone texting another friend Jenn Lyla sees this so she decides to play Matchmaker and texts her with ‘Would be awesome 2 see you there.’, which Sean comments about saying he could’ve texted that she laughs and they go to his house ignoring Sean’s rude neighbor Brett. 
After getting to Sean’s house Lyla pulls out some cigarettes where Sean talks about how he was almost busted by his dad for smoking Lyla jokes about him being alone at the time and he wouldn’t bust her since she was nice to him then she asks Sean if he wants a hit. 

  • Take one 
  • Refuse

(Neutral choice, but it does increase points with Lyla for one of the endings.) 
Taking a cigarette with Lyla will have Sean thank her for getting him to smoke again and Lyla jokes about making sure he doesn’t get weed. 
Refusing a cigarette has Sean tell Lyla track stars aren’t supposed to smoke but she tells him there’ll be more at the party. 
After having some small talk Lyla uses Sean’s hand to write a list of things they’ll need for the party that being snacks, money, booze, and a blanket before trying to add condoms Sean pulls his Hand away before making a comment about the drawing, Lyla then takes off to her house before Sean goes into his house. 

Sean enters his house where his brother, Daniel Diaz, and his father, Esteban Diaz, live. The two are having a ‘court session’ over which of the two should get the last Chock-O-Crisp bar Daniel or Esteban, which Esteban has let Sean play judge to make the decision. 
Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 1 

  • Señor Diaz wins! 
  • Daniel is Innocent! 
  • You’re Both Guilty!

(Best choice is Daniel is Innocent!) 
Giving the bar to Esteban will have Daniel will pout about it before Esteban gives it to him, Daniel will remind you again when you knock on his door. 
Giving the bar to Daniel will make him happy and thanks Sean with a hug and he’ll remind you and thanks you again when knocking on his door. 
Giving the bar to yourself will surprise Esteban and will upset Daniel who will remind you again when you knock at his door. 

After giving the Chock-o-Crisp to whoever you chose Sean will now search the house for the supplies needed for the party. The snacks can be easily found in the Cabinet next to the Fridge you can choose between Cookies, Chips, and Halloween Candy; Choosing either won’t affect your morality, though if you choose another item Sean will put the previous item back. 
For the Drinks or Booze it’ll be right next to the cabinet, there you can take either a pack of Beer or a pack of Soda; Once again choosing either won’t affect morality, though choosing either one after choosing one will have Sean swap them. 
The Blanket can be found in the garage though Sean cannot see the blanket when it is dark (Yeah I know we can see it, but the game doesn’t) flip the switch at the Garage door to turn on the lights and you’ll see a blanket on a shelf over some laundry. 
The condoms are optional to take, but if you do want to take them they can be found the drawer in Sean’s room. 
For money you’ll first need to help Esteban with finding a tool for him to fix the car he’s working on he’ll say it’s in the red drawer where Sean find nothing there then he’ll say he must of moved it (The right wrench is on the Car Hood). Once you gave him the correct tool he’ll thank you for helping and comments on you learning something from his old man (Or after many failed attempts him use the last tool you gave him.) Sean and Esteban will talk about Sean’s future after he graduates with choices chosen by the player (they won’t have much impact on Sean.) Esteban then believes Sean came in the garage for something else where he comments with ‘Are you using the money to but Alcohol? Weed?’. 

  • Yeah probably… 
  • Just Halloween Stuff…

(Best choice is Yeah probably…) 
Choosing to say the truth will have Esteban thank Sean for being honest with him and gives him $40 and a thanks for doing the Lawn. 
Choosing to Lie about Halloween stuff Esteban will only give Sean $20 where Sean complains about it being too little and for Esteban to say he can get a lot of Halloween Stuff for $20 and scolds him for lying 
Before leaving the garage Esteban will then reply with ‘Hey, don’t think your papito deserves a hug?’ 
(Neutral Choice) 
Choosing to give him a hug will make him feel happy and tells him to have fun but not too much fun. 
Choosing to refuse the hug will make him feel bad but tells him he’s been there. 

Once you’ve found all the items you need call Lyla on your Laptop in your room to tell her you got everything needed for the party, Lyla then brings up Jenn posted her outfit online and Sean can view it and can comment on it (Choices don’t matter, besides being made fun of by Lyla). After some talk Sean can mess with the lights or draw Lyla on a sticky note before Daniel barges into his room about his Halloween costume where Sean scolds him for coming in without knocking before kicking him out of the room where Lyla then scolds him for being an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, they continue to talk before Daniel goes outside as seen through the window where he then hears Brett fighting with him so Sean runs out to make sure he’s alright. 
Brett starts to bully Daniel for getting fake blood on him Sean protects him stating he’s only a kid where he’ll reply with he’s a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ this starts to piss him off and begins getting into a heated argument just before Sean is ready to a swing at Brett, Daniel starts becoming scared. 

Question Daniel 
Confront Brett

(Best choice is to Confront Brett) 
Confronting Brett will have the two start to fight before Brett says to hide in the garage just before Sean starts swinging at Brett where Daniel stands there afraid. 
Questioning Daniel will have Daniel be mad at you instead of helping him with Brett, before Brett makes a comment about their mother abandoning them to which Sean immediately punches Brett which shocks Daniel. 

Regardless of which choice Brett will be too weak to get back up before a cop car pulls up with Officer Matthews coming out of the car gun in hand to have the boys on the ground and checks on Brett, Esteban comes out and sees this and runs out before the gun is pointed at him which stops him. Daniel scared about what will happen wants it to stop and Sean saying he didn’t mean to do it, Matthews wanting Esteban to get on the ground before he says they’re good kids and tells Daniel ‘It’s going to be alright.’ Just as he gets closer the Officer immediately shoots Esteban in the chest which kills him Daniel screams in horror before a shock wave causes Sean to black out and Matthews to be sent flying backwards. 

Once Sean has waken up he looks around himself, seeing the police car toppled over, Officer Matthews in the street dead, Brett still unconscious, Daniel had passed out, and lastly the worse for him Esteban on the ground really gone. With everything happening all too fast he hears cop sirens in the distance so he picks up Daniel before setting him down to grab his bag and take Daniel with him as they flee from their home. 

Chaper 2 – Into The Woods

Two days after the incident Sean and Daniel have been on the road both hungry and exhausted from the long walk (You would have around 10.30-40.30 dollars at this point), Daniel now recovered from the scene obviously complains about walking for too long which Sean tries to get him to keep going before coming to a complete stop sits on the ground and goes “Where is Dad…?” which Sean tries to avoid the question as he is not ready to tell him the truth. Sean then encourages him with No School on Monday and with how far he walked which get him back on his feet, eventually the brothers encounter a lone car which has a Chock-o-Crisp bar Daniel then goes on about how he wished he could have one so badly. 

  • I Promise 
  • Just have this one

(Best choice is I Promise) 
Promising Daniel will have the two leave the car and continue walking along the road although Daniel will complain about Starving. 
Letting Daniel have the Chock-o-Crisp will make him happy, later on he’ll ask if you want share though if you gave the Chock-o-Crisp from the beginning to yourself or Esteban he’ll have it for himself as revenge he’ll also feel bad thinking this was going to be the owner’s candy. (This contributes 2 points for Daniel to steal in the future.) 

Sean and Daniel then reach Mount Rainier National Park, Daniel will see a Trail Blaze explaining about them to Daniel will help educate him and raise Brotherhood with him. There’s also a donation box where you can optionally break into to possibly steal money, this doesn’t affect Brotherhood nor Morality or contribute to Daniel stealing in the future. Partway to entering the park you’ll encounter a Outhouse asking Daniel if he needs to go will have him complain that it stinks and asks if he can just go on a tree. 

  • It’s safer in here 
  • Okay.

(Best choice is It’s safer in here) 
Sean will then say it’s okay if he doesn’t mind getting Poison Ivy on himself, which Daniel eventually goes in the outhouse to go obviously complaining about the smell before coming out with disgust. 
Sean will give in to Daniel and let him go on a tree later on, which Daniel thanks him for not making him go in. 

As they go further through the park Daniel (or Sean) will spot some berries and asks if he can have some. It’s best to taste them yourself rather than letting Daniel take the risk. 
(After Daniel eats the Berries, if he replies with ‘Mmm… Delicious!’ or ‘They’re not bad..’ they were good berries, otherwise if he replies with ‘These berries taste funny..’ they were bad and contributes to him being mad.) 
Walking further down the park, Daniel will ask if you want to play Hide and Seek, saying yes will give him 10 seconds to hide and you’ll have to find him (if you walk too far away he’ll get scared and will contribute to him being mad at you.), saying no to Daniel won’t affect him. 
If you discuss the signs near the picnic site with Daniel, he’ll see ‘Do not feed or disturb the Animals’, he’ll then ask if it refers to Bears, Wolves, and Coyotes. 

  • More like Squirrels and Rabbits. 
  • Anything with Fangs and Claws!

(Best choice is More like Squirrels and Rabbits) 
Saying that the sign means Small critters like Squirrels and Rabbits will calm Daniel down then throws the idea of them getting angry, which Sean reassures him with don’t mess with them they won’t mess with us. 
Saying that the sign means Bears, Wolves, and Coyotes will scare Daniel and get upset and makes him want to go home, which Sean says it’s just a joke. (This will contribute to Daniel having a nightmare.) 

Going more down the path, you’ll find a Raccoon which you can point out to Daniel which will excite him about seeing a Raccoon before it takes off. (If you go to where it took off to and saw the Dead Raccoon on the road Daniel will mention about them being possibly related.) Eventually you’ll reach a fallen tree which Daniel will try to climb over, although you can help him over doing so will increase Brotherhood otherwise he’ll fall and get dirty (this will lower Brotherhood) then you’ll reach a ledge which you’ll need to help Daniel over as he is too scared of the height. After more walking you’ll reach the river where the two will camp out for tonight Daniel will ask about fending off Creepers and Skeletons with some traps. 
Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 1 

  • ♥♥♥♥ to make a fire 
  • Protect our Base

(Neutral choice) 
Choosing to start a fire will give Daniel the idea of having a wood race where both Sean and Daniel will need to get 3 logs first before the other to win. (Letting Daniel win will make him Happy.) 
Choosing to build a fort will Daniel collect some stones and a log to build a fort around them. 

After getting the fire set up Daniel will be down by the lake trying to catch a fish, you can either splash him or cheer him up; Splashing him will make him Angry and lower Brotherhood, although cheering him up will make him less disappointed in not catching a fish and increase Brotherhood. After fishing he’ll go to the other side trying to skip a stone where you can educate him on how to skip stones or have him come back to the fire and try again another time. (The 3rd try will have him succeed in skipping a stone increasing Brotherhood.) Daniel will then be fighting a tree with a stick imagining it as a Skeleton with fire arrows or Goblins and Orcs; helping him will increase Brotherhood, otherwise playing opponent will upset him and say it wasn’t a fair fight and lower Brotherhood. Lastly he’ll see a Spider Web explaining to him that he’s safe as the spider isn’t present will have him remind Sean of when he pushed Daniel into one before and eventually got him back, although Sean can push Daniel into the web which will scare and upset him lowering Brotherhood. When you’re about to start the fire, Daniel will be go on top of the rock formation to see the sky, joining will enter a moment of calm. (otherwise If he had a bad day, he’ll be at the fire spot instead.) 
(Splashing Daniel, playing opponent against Daniel, and scaring Daniel with the spider web all contribute to Daniel being mad at you.) 

Later that night after Daniel finished with all his activities, he’ll be visibly exhausted from all the walking he’ll then ask to play Mustard Party 2 on your phone letting him or not won’t affect Brotherhood though it results in Sean’s phone dying afterwards. Daniel will see the moon and howl at it which Sean states it isn’t full yet, Daniel will then ask if Werewolves are real. 

  • We are the Wolves. 
  • Of course there are!

(Best choice is We are the Wolves.) 
Choosing to say you’re both wolves will have the two howl at the moon, as well as increasing brotherhood with Daniel. 
Saying Werewolves are real has Sean claim they’re no match for them and howls, though this may frighten Daniel if you scared him with the poster about feeding the animals which leads to Sean saying he was kidding (This’ll contribute to Daniel having a nightmare). 

After the two go to sleep, Daniel will be tossing and turning in his sleep to which wakes Sean up before waking him up where he’ll be confused as to where they are before saying he can’t remember anything. (depending on your choices beforehand if you scared with Bears and Coyotes he’ll be crying from Sean scaring him or if he ate bad berries he’ll feel sick before crawling away to vomit which both lead to him having a bad night.) Afterwards Sean will calm him down with a hug and say they’ll go somewhere more safe in the morning before both brothers go back to bed. 

Chapter 3 – Bear Station

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 1 - Chapter 3 - Bear Station 
After the two brothers have woken up, they’ll once again be walking depending on if you Confronted Brett or not at the beginning Daniel will thank for sticking up for him or hate you for always questioning him, after which Daniel will bring up what happened at his school with his friend Noah and Harry where they traded games but Harry didn’t like his so he said he’ll get them after school so the two hid in the gym until he left this makes Sean concerned and asks why he didn’t tell him but Daniel said for him to get out of his room. 

  • I’m sorry 
  • You should’ve insisted.

(Best choice is I’m sorry) 
Saying you’re sorry to Daniel and wished you would’ve listened to which Daniel will thank you for standing up to Brett for him for a change. 
Saying he should’ve insisted cause he doesn’t believe most of time has Daniel tell him he never believes him. 

Not too long before the two make it to Bear Station where they can buy food, water, and a map. Outside is a family discussing where they’re going next, you can beg or send Daniel to beg however if you didn’t wash the Father will cut you two off for being dirty. So before you speak to them wash up in the Restroom to make yourself look more cleaner you can refill your water bottle for a free Water, after which you may speak to the family (If you already did before you cannot speak to them anymore.) 

  • Send Daniel to beg 
  • Beg for Food yourself

(Neutral Choice, easy way is to send Daniel) 
Sending Daniel to beg for food will always give a bag of chips, however if you plan to have him distract the cashier, Doris, he’ll complain about it which does make her more suspicious of the two. 
Begging for food yourself requires you to choose specific options otherwise this’ll make the mother suspicious; choose the options in this order: Happy Halloween!, Visiting? followed by It’s not so bad., then Nice. Weather followed by We got a flat tire… (Choosing the other option for Visiting and Nice Weather gives a high risk for failure) afterwards the mother will give them a Bag of Chips. This does not affect Daniel if asked to distract Doris. 

After succeeding (or failing) to beg the family for food, you’ll have to enter the Gas Station to get the remaining items you’ll need before you can progress: Food and a Map (also Water if you didn’t refill your bottle in the bathroom.) 
Here’s a list of available options: 

Item Price Can Steal
Chock-O-Crisp Bar $1.99 Yes
Hot Dogs $6 No
Mac n Cheese $4.50 Yes
Sleeping Bag $16 No (Scene only)
Sliced Bread $5.90 Yes
Soda $3.50 Yes
Raccoon Sweater $59.99 No (Scene only)
Tent $59.99 No (Scene Only)
Washington T-Shirt $11.50 No
Water Bottle $4.50 Yes

(Stealing is completely optional, but doing so will contribute to Daniel asking why Sean steals gives 1 point for each item you stole to him.) 

The map can be found at the counter which Doris gives to you for free, after or before buying what you need and/or want you can speak to Doris to make her somewhat more nicer to the two though she can still think they’re suspicious from begging to the family or possibly stole while Daniel talked to her. You’ll also meet Brody at a table with his laptop doing his work for people who wish to live life Nak*d where you can agree or disagree on it being ok to live this way from other people where Brody can approve or disapprove of your Choice. 
Next to Doris behind the counter Sean or Daniel can see a puppy which Doris will either say (depending on her mood with the two.) Someone left her by the road which made her very upset or simply call it Just another stray Mutt. Daniel then gets the idea of possibly bringing it along with them, which Doris either nicely tells him they need adults to take care of her or rudely replies the same dialogue but ending with ‘Not Kids!’ 

  • Let me think… 
  • Not now

(Best Choice is Let me think…) 
Sean will think about for moment of taking the puppy, before eventually agreeing with Doris that adults need to take care of her. This upsets Daniel knowing it be really nice having a dog and have a big responsibility taking care of one which Doris sadly reminds of that an Adult needs to take care of her. (This raises brotherhood for at least agreeing with Daniel to have it) 
Telling Daniel they can’t take care of a dog right now will upset him before Daniel eventually decides to leave the puppy (This lowers brotherhood.) 

Optionally you can go to the claw machine that has Power Bear inside the capsules, 1 play is $1 you can win the toy if you let Daniel go 3 times without switching to Sean to win the toy. (This does increase Brotherhood with Daniel.) 

Leaving the gas station will show the family drive off where the two can now use the table to eat and discuss where they’ll be going to next (If you bought or stole a Chock-o-Crisp he’ll thank you for remembering the promise, otherwise he’ll hate you for breaking the promise.) 
Once the brothers decide where they want to go next, Doris’ husband Hank shows up to the two and asks where they’re off to, which Sean replies that they’re only camping before Hank notices the things they have and hopes they paid for it which Sean does agree that they did before Hank tells him to go inside to show what they bought (Regardless of you stole or not this will always happen), Sean tells him no and says they need to get going which Hank will not have. 


(Best choice is to Discuss) 
Choosing to flee will cause Sean to tell Daniel to run before getting knocked unconscious from Hank punching him in the stomach. 
Choosing to discuss with Hank will have Sean mention his dad being with him, which Hank says they can call him from their phone which Sean can’t do, Daniel becomes more scared and tries to help Sean before being back-handed by Hank which causes Sean to lash out before getting punched in the stomach and get knocked out and Daniel stumbles away. 
Choosing to attack Hank will have Sean try to punch him before getting knocked out by Hank, which Daniel runs off before Hank can catch him. 

Chapter 3.5 – Bear Station Office

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 1 - Chapter 3.5 - Bear Station Office 
After Sean has recovered from becoming unconscious, he finds himself in an office where his tied up with Flex Cuffs, he’ll hear Hank speaking to Doris in the other room before the door to the station is heard opening and close and Hank then enters the office. Hank will then see Sean has waken up and asks about his stomach. 

  • It hurts… 
  • You kidnapped me!

(Best choice is It hurts…) 
Sean will tell him it hurt, which Hank says he didn’t pop too hard 
Telling Hank that he kidnapped Sean will have him kick him giving him a Bloody nose. 

He’ll then throw his bag to the side and mentions about what had happened in Seattle as he knows who they are before Sean asks where his brother is but he doesn’t know as he had ran off, Hank will then leave the room and makes a racist comment about building the wall. 
Sean will try to free himself from the cuffs which is unsuccessful at doing, before pushing over a sign to get the computer to give him some light so he can what he is doing. After awhile he will hear Daniel through the vent as he calls out for him, Sean will respond to him and ask for help so he can get out, first he’ll tell him to go to the window to produce more light which will allow him to see the keys across the room and out of his reach attempting to move further down will have Sean be stopped by the Pipe Anchor to where he’ll ask Daniel to look for a tool to break it. 
Daniel will then return to Sean with a file which Sean takes and using it to break off the anchor so he can continue across to push the sofa and get the keys off the hangar and gives them to Daniel to unlock the back door and free Sean with a pair of Scissors before going into the store where Hank is waiting at and tries to get Daniel before Sean hears a loud noise he runs out and finds Hank on the ground and many items scatter across the floor where Daniel replies with not knowing what had happened. 

Steal Camping Gear

(Best choice is to Run.) 
Running from the gas station will have the two run out the back without Hank following them and into the woods. 
Choosing to take the Camping Gear will have Hank wake up and grab Sean by the leg. 

Knock out and Steal

(No longer matters as you already choose to steal.) 
Choosing to run will have Sean shake him off before taking Daniel out the back to run away. 
Sean will kick Hank until he lets go and then knocks him out before stealing the Tent, sleeping bags, and a Raccoon Sweater before running out the back with Daniel. (This guarantees Daniel will steal in the future.) 

As the two run they find Brody in his car, Sean tells him what had happened before letting them both in after the first two sentences about Hank locking up Sean in his back room before taking off from the station. 

Chapter 4-5 – US-101/#RoomWithAView

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 1 - Chapter 4-5 - US-101/#RoomWithAView 
During Sean’s conversation with Brody he will hear something in the back and Daniel laughing before turning back to Brody. Brody asks why Hank did that back there to where Sean explains what happened (If you chose to steal the gear, Sean will have a new option to brag about kicking Hank’s a*s but Brody will disapprove of his actions and affect Daniel’s Morality.) Sean will then look behind again to hear Daniel laughing and asks what’s under the blanket which Daniel reveals to be the Puppy from the station to which Brody laughs. Daniel says that they saved her from those people which Sean can agree that they did save or remind him that he cannot have a dog with them which makes Daniel slightly upset, Daniel will then ask what to name the puppy which Sean says he can name it since it was his dog. Daniel will decide on the name Mushroom agreeing with Daniel will make him happy, though he’ll think it’s not really a name which Daniel says doesn’t matter as the Puppy likes it with Brody laughing in the front hearing the excitement of Daniel. As Brody continues to drive Daniel eventually falls asleep which Brody points out then Sean tells him he usually does this on long road trips, Brody says he can sleep too if he wants as he doesn’t mind if he can’t stay up. 

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 1 
After driving for awhile, they’ll eventually stop near a viewpoint of a familiar town, Arcadia Bay (Appearance varies on whether you sacrificed it or Chloe in the first game.) With the awkward silence finally broken with Brody speaking to Sean as he too knows what had happened in Seattle and asks if he wishes to talk about it, Sean will tell him what happened before in tears tells him that Esteban was killed in front of him, (If you refused to hug Esteban he’ll lament to this wishing he could’ve before he died.) which Brody reassures him with a pat on the shoulder and says for him to cool down before looking down at the town either saying he wishes can go back as he had friends, family, and a home or he feels destroyed, empty, and hollow depending on its state. 
Brody will then ask if Daniel knows what happened which Sean tells him that he does not, although Brody says that Sean will need to tell he at some point which he’ll respond with i know until he finds the right time or I can’t as it’ll hurt Daniel a lot but knows it’ll hurt even more if he finds out on his own. 
Afterwards Brody will then tell Sean that what they and Daniel have is the most important thing they, he’ll ask as to where they’re going which Sean tells him that they’ll be going to Mexico before asking if they should go back but Brody says if that’s the right thing to do, then he should do it. 
After Sean and Brody talk they get back into the car and drive off. 

They’ll then reach a Motel near a Beach side with Daniel playing with Mushroom which makes Sean happy to see him act like a kid again. Sean can play fetch with Mushroom with a stick for a while until Brody comes back with a room key to the Motel and tells Sean whenever he can to get rid of his phone which he’ll agree to doing before Daniel walks over and asks if Brody is leaving which he sadly replies that he is before giving Sean a Traveler Backpack along with an extra $30 and gives Daniel his Bandanna which Daniel gives Mushroom to wear which Brody doesn’t mind him doing before he wishes the two well on their trip before driving to say goodbye to them. 

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 1 
Sean and Daniel along with Mushroom walk to the motel to rest for tonight reaching Room 10 where Daniel decide on the bed he wants before asking Sean to RPS for it. 
(Choice is completely Neutral.) 
Once the bed is chosen Daniel will turn on the TV to watch Hawt Dawg Man as he waits for his bath to be ready. Bringing a towel from the other bed into the bathroom for Daniel and adding bubbles to the bath will raise Brotherhood with him. You can see Daniel’s Power Bear toy on the dresser (If you stole the Camping Gear or 3+ points from Stealing, he’ll have a Hula Girl toy that belongs to Brody which Sean will ask why he stole it.) you may also watch TV with Daniel to have a moment of calm with him, when the camera pans to Sean looking at Daniel you have the option to Tickle him. 

When you’re ready to send Daniel to wash up you can either Talk to him or Call him from the bathroom to send him, if you added Bubbles he’ll get excited over that before getting the bathroom and closing the door. Sean will then take the opportunity to Ditch his phone while Daniel is in the bathroom, which upon opening his phone Lyla immediately texts him asking if he is alright and for him to call her. Sean thinks that it isn’t a good idea to call her as it get the police involved with her. 

Don’t Call Back 
Call Lyla Back

(Neutral Choice, but does affect Lyla for one of the endings.) 
Choosing to call Lyla will have the two talk and ask about where he is and what had happened to where Sean tells her about what had happened which she feels very sorry for Esteban’s death and asks if her Dad should get him to come back, but he wishes he could be he can’t before Lyla can ask where he is going he hangs up on her and watches a Christmas video, before throwing the phone. 
Choosing not to call Lyla will have Sean make sure she stays out of their trouble watch a Christmas video before throwing his phone. 
(Sean throws his phone no matter what, and does write down Lyla’s number in his sketchbook.) 

After throwing the phone Sean hears loud music coming from inside and sees Daniel dancing on the bed after taking a bath (If you bought the Washington Shirt he’ll wear that instead of his Rocket Shirt) Daniel will ask him about remembering a song that played in Guitar Fighters and asks him to dance with him. 

  • Talk Directly 
  • Join In

(Best Choice is Join in.) 
Choosing to talk directly will have Sean turn the TV off and say his legs are exhausted which Daniel says he’s no fun, before Sean can talk to him he asks for something to drink which Sean goes out to get for him. 
Choosing to join in will have the two dance on the bed together for awhile until Sean gets tired out and turns off the TV so they can talk Daniel will ask for something to drink before they talk. 

When Sean goes to the vending machine to give Daniel a soda he notices the lights flickering before he could get a second soda he hears Daniel in the room yell out Dad which alerts Sean as he runs back in to see everything in the room floating the beds separated and Mushroom barking as not knowing what was happening. Daniel sees Sean and accused him of lying when the TV shows the news that revealed Esteban’s fate to him. 

  • It was an accident! 
  • Calm Down… 
  • I can’t remember

(Neutral choice) 

  • I was scared… 
  • I wanted to protect you.

(Neutral choice) 

  • Don’t say that. 
  • Chill out.

(Neutral choice.) 
Once Sean gets close enough to Daniel, Daniel will try to push Sean away before being pulled into a hug and telling him it’s okay will have Daniel calm down enough to where everything stops floating and Mushroom calms down as well. Daniel wishes he had Dad, Sean in tears agreeing and apologizes to Daniel for lying about going to see their dad Daniel will then tells Sean to not lie to him ever again. 

  • I promise. 
  • I’ll try..

(Best choice is I promise.) 
Promising Daniel to not lie again will increase Brotherhood. (If you broke the promise about the Chock-o-Crisp he’ll doubt you’ll keep this promise.) 
Saying you’ll try will lower Brotherhood. 
Afterwards Daniel won’t know what to do without him, which Sean tells him it’s going to be okay. 

Chapter 6/Epilogue Long Road Ahead

The next morning, Sean and Daniel have got on a bus to continue on leaving Seattle. Daniel will ask Sean if he’s a monster after knowing what he can do which Sean tells him now that he is only different from others Daniel will be reassured by this. Daniel will then ask what they’re going to do, then Sean will say could possibly go to Puerto Lobos which Daniel thinks is okay but Sean says it’ll be okay since they have each other. 
Daniel will ask Sean to tell him a story which Sean does only saying that he isn’t as good as dad but continues on, as he describes the events that had happened through the usage of Animals depicting themselves and Esteban as Wolves. As Sean continues on the story the episode ends with the two eventually falling asleep on the bus. 

End of Episode 1.



Written by Aigis

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 1, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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