Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 4

Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 4 1 -
Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 4 1 -
A guide that helps show the causes and effects of options that are chosen during game play along with showing the best choices to help be on route for the good ending.



As previously said, options used here are mainly the options that have impact on the characters/story, specific options in Bold are the best possible choice or correct answers to certain dialogue, though certain options that can be chosen in game but aren’t present may be because they don’t cause much impact or can’t be fit in this guide due to the character limit with that out of the way enjoy using this guide.


The recap goes on naming everything that had happened prior in Episodes 1 2 and 3, depicting the group in Episode 3 as a pack of stray dogs that the wolf brothers happily fit into and the little wolf’s power getting stronger also mentioning he got together with Cassidy or Finn until the aftermath of what had happened back at Merrill’s farm and then back to the present.

Chapter 1 – New Perspectives

The game starts with a dream, with Sean and Daniel back at Mount Rainer sitting on a bench. Daniel apologizes to Sean for doing the heist with Finn Sean says it’s all good, Daniel then goes to wishing he would’ve listen to him (or wished they didn’t go along with Finn if they both were in on the heist.) but Sean tells him it’s all right he’s his brother that’s all that matters. Daniel then stands and moves toward the edge asking for Sean to get him since he’s all alone now, Sean warns him not to get too close to the edge Daniel asks once more to get him Sean then promises he will before Daniel smiles at him closing his eyes and falls.

Now out of the dream Sean wakes up suddenly and yells but is now back in reality after 2 months from the incident. Sean now has an dressing over his lost eye and his hair now a buzz cut. Sean will have letters from Claire and Chris from hearing what had happened to him, Claire telling him she’s sorry about what happened to him and hopes he’ll find Daniel but did not tell Stephen about it. (If you chose to lift Stephen normally she’ll tell him that he had to get Surgery for his leg.) Chris mentions that Charles’s well being has improved and is doing good now (If he got hit by the car he’ll mention he had to get a cast and stay home but hopes the two will return someday.)
Next is Cassidy’s letter which also varies on your choices in Episode 3; a sad note after hearing or seeing Finn die, telling Sean she was healing from blunt trauma from the incident if she came to stop Finn (If you got close enough with Cassidy she’ll hope to see you again.), or a note telling them about the cops busting Merrill and Big Joe and where She Hannah and Penny are going now. (If you got a tattoo Sean will look down at it.)

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 4
Sean then pushes the call button next to him which obviously calls in his nurse, Joey enters his room for his check up giving him a hug and a Chocolate Pecans. Joey then gives Sean his check up on his Right Eye for his retina response (Nothing is added if you succeed or fail.) afterwards his depth perception by having him tap his pen with his own. (Same thing)
Afterwards Joey gives Sean his check-out papers at the bottom in red and capitalized ‘Patient Cleared’.

  • Get me out of here.
  • “I am a pirate.”
  • “Patient Cleared.”

Sean pleads Joey to get him out, but Joey says that isn’t his job and can’t rig the exam.

Sean imitates a pirate at Joey, who Joey says he would be more worried if he wasn’t a smart a*s.

Sean says he’s cleared and brings up Monopoly, Joey commenting how he never liked Monopoly.

Joey says it is time for Sean to be released as he no longer has any side effects, over in the back comes Agent Flores to talk with Sean. Joey then leaves the room for Flores to speak with Sean, Flores asks how Sean is doing who then immediately asks if her team found Daniel yet to which she asks to go over his story again which Sean doesn’t like but Flores says it’s only until his story makes sense and gets it right.

  • Like you care!
  • Didn’t kill anyone.
  • Innocent until proven guilty.

Sean believes she only wants a promotion, which Flores says she wants To Protect and Serve.

Sean tells her he did not kill anyone, then Flores asks who did as she thinks he knows but Sean says he can’t.

Sean says he’s innocent until proven guilty, which Flores believes and continues to ask Sean to tell her the truth.

Agent Flores asks if Daniel was involved since Sean won’t tell her but Sean immediately shuts that down then she asks if he’s sure that Esteban didn’t go after Officer Matthews which Sean says he did not as he only came outside to help them before getting shot. She then questions if Sean went after Matthews but he too shuts that down before going over what had happened in Humboldt. (If Finn died she say it was a homicide.)

Flores then goes about the place looked like a tornado wiped it out, Sean saying he doesn’t remember how the place was trashed since he passed out. Flores then says there were more people with him at the time (either up to Four people or only Merrill with him depending on whether Cassidy and Big Joe showed up along with disappearance of Daniel.) She then says the statements she got does not match anyone else’s. (Or only Sean’s statement if Cassidy didn’t come.)

Flores then shows Sean an image of Finn (In a hospital gown or his corpse.) and asks if the heist was his idea or if it Sean’s.

  • Finn
  • My Idea
  • We all did

Sean will blame Finn since it was his idea, which Flores asks if he went along which varies on whether he did or didn’t agree to the heist. (This breaks his relationship with Finn if he is alive.)

Sean will take the blame for himself, which Flores becomes more questioning about Sean with the heist being his plan which he says he takes all the blame. (Relationship with Finn stays intact.)

Sean proceeds to blame the others since Merrill had ripped him off, Flores saying that’s what happens when messing with drug traffickers. (Breaks the relationship with Finn and Cassidy)

Flores then shows Cassidy’s mugshot and asks if she was in on the heist, but Sean says she was not then Flores says his friends are learning the hard way (or Finn learned the hard way with his life.) and says she had contacted Claire and Stephen and says they can visit after Sean’s transfer (If Stephen hurt his leg she’ll mention the surgery.) and tries to go into the leads around Daniel’s founding she gets a phone call which she takes a moment to answer.

Afterwards Flores goes on with Daniel and the leads she has and has put his profile in 4 different states for others to help find him. Sean asks how long but Flores says it’ll take awhile but says many people are looking for him and says her team does want to find him as well before picking her files and exits the room.

Joey then returns with medical supplies for Sean’s wounded eye which he proceeds to use on Sean and reminds him he’ll have to do this on his own once he’s released and Sean acknowledges, once he’s done Joey’s pager goes off and Joey leaves to deal with the patient before telling Sean to check out the towel.
Sean looks at the towel and unfolds it which has his Sketchbook, he looks through it and finds a new addition to it done by Jacob who reveals that Daniel is safe and is currently in Haven Point, Nevada. Sean then proceeds to wait until after night to escape and go find Daniel.

Chapter 2 – Leap of Faith

Later that night, Sean still up now thinks of ways to escape the hospital and get to Nevada to find Daniel. There are 3 options to escape however all require the grab bar which can be pulled from the bathroom.

Convincing Joey to help you escape:Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 4
Sean uses his pager to call Joey, who comes in and greets Sean and says a former patient Diane has the flu before asking why Sean looks so stressed.

  • I know where Daniel is.
  • My head hurts.

Sean tells Joey that Daniel is in Nevada with Jacob, Joey is happy to hear it.

Sean tries to lie his way with a headache and ask to go for a walk, but Joey says that can’t with the guard.

Sean then flat out tells Joey he wants to get out of there but Joey knows he can’t let him do that but doesn’t blame him for being scared.

  • I’m innocent!
  • I’m scared.
  • Never mind.

Sean tells Joey he’s innocent and reminds him what he told him, which Joey says he did but he isn’t the police.

Sean says he’s scared of going to jail and possibly never see Daniel again, which Joey gets and can bear to see Sean in that situation.

Sean tries to convince Joey but eventually gives up.

(If Sean said ‘I know where Daniel is.’ and ‘I’m innocent.’)
Joey then gives into Sean but tells him he could lose his job and go to jail and mentions his girlfriend and a rent to pay along with a future.

  • I’m sorry.
  • No future for me.

Sean apologizes to Joey for being so selfish.

Sean tells Joey he has no girlfriend or rent not even a future.

Sean just says that he wants to help Daniel since he’s 10 and all alone out there without him.
(Convinced Joey)
Joey will help Sean, which Sean is grateful for but Joey says he needs to hit him to make it look like he forced his way out which Sean is reluctant at first but Joey says he’ll make a fake story for him.

Accept to hit Joey


Sean eventually accepts Joey’s offer to hit him, which Joey sits on the bed waiting for Sean to do it.

Sean tells Joey he can’t hurt him, which Joey wishes he could help before saying he’s sorry and leaves.

(Didn’t convince Joey)
Joey tells Sean he can’t do it, but Sean begs him to help which Joey says it isn’t fair for him to give up his job for Sean to possibly escape before turning around to leave.

Attack Joey
Give up

(Only available if you already have the Grab bar.)
Sean will hit Joey on head who gets knocked out unconscious, Sean becomes very guilty and apologizes to him before stepping around him to leave

Sean will just stand there as Joey leaves the room.

Attack the Guard:
Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 4

After getting the pull bar the Guard wakes up asking what Sean’s doing.

Sean then gets behind the cover and calls for the guard to get him some medicine, which the Guard gets up and enters the room. The Guard notices Sean is gone before getting hit by Sean with the Grab Bar then Sean takes his opportunity to escape leaving the guard on the ground.

Escape through the Window:
Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 4
Sean will use the Grab Bar to break the window lock so he can escape which he successfully does before looking down at how very high his room is from the ground which triggers shock in Sean but mans up and goes out the window to the scaffolding and escapes.

After Sean went through the storage room (however way he got out) he’ll be back in his normal Attire before heading back to scaffolding to leave, but on his way down he noticed someone familiar there Finn (or Merrill if he died.) which surprises Sean as he didn’t know he was there.

  • Wake up
  • Escape

(If it’s Merrill Sean will just leave.)

Sean knocks on the window to wake up Finn, who does and is shocked to Sean here with him.

Sean slips away not waking Finn up as he leaves. ( Relationship end.)

After talking a little Finn asks Sean where Daniel is.

  • Can’t tell.
  • In Nevada.

Sean won’t tell Finn where he is but says he will find him, Finn doesn’t blame Sean for not trusting him anymore.

Sean says he’s in Nevada, which Finn asks why there Sean says he’ll find out why and Finn believes he’ll find him.

  • How are you?
  • In trouble too?
  • My bad. *

(3rd option only available if you were in on the heist.)

Sean asks how Finn is, Finn it kinda sucks since there’s no Coconut drinks.

Sean asks if the police are on Finn, which Finn says there are like they don’t believe him.

Sean says it’s his bad and he put himself here, Finn wishes he could go back.

Finn then asks Sean about his lost eye, which Sean says he still has one left which Finn tears up a little and apologizes for everything even if it doesn’t mean anything.

  • Too easy
  • You’re selfish
  • I don’t blame you.

Sean tells Finn it’s too late for that as they brought it on themselves and no sorry can change it (Or say what Finn meant with his ‘sorry’) Finn says it hurt but still does care for Sean which Sean simply turns and leaves. (Relationship end.)

Sean tells Finn he’s just selfish and acts like he cares, Finn says what he just wanted to do and he failed which Sean says he did fail, big time. (Relationship end.)

Sean tells Finn he doesn’t blame him as he only wanted to help them but has to make things right for now, Finn thanks him and tells him he will find Daniel before Sean says his goodbye to Finn (If you kissed Finn they’ll say their love for one another; if you Blamed Finn earlier this won’t change the relationship.)

Sean then makes his way down the scaffolding and attempts to find an unlocked vehicle in which he does and manages to hot wire it and takes off to pursue Daniel.

Chapter 3 – Highway to Haven/Trespassing

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 4 - Chapter 3 - Highway to Haven/Trespassing
Sean on the road once again in the stolen car he goes through the deserts of Nevada as he hopes to find Daniel soon, after a while of driving he stops to take a rest stop to clean his eye, in the owner’s glove compartment he finds a to-do list a photo of the driver being a Mother of 2 children which Sean feels sorry of.
After cleaning his eye Sean turns in for night and turns off the light and falls asleep.

Sean in another dream, is in a car with both eyes intact and in the passenger seat is Esteban. Esteban asks if Sean’s still with him as he was zoning out which Esteban says for not to do when driving, he then asks if Sean likes the car even if it wasn’t brand new which Sean says he does like it as Esteban congratulates him with his perfect report card and even mentions how he didn’t have to lie when he needed the cash. (or it makes up if he did lie about needing cash)

Esteban then proceeds with some ‘boy talk’ with Sean about Jenn, which Sean says there’s not much to talk about and Esteban said it was like pulling his teeth and says he has a week to find out the truth.

  • It’s over
  • I kinda miss her
  • Try out new stuff
  • I kissed a boy *

(4th option only available if you kissed Finn.)

Sean just tells him it’s over as too much was going on, which Esteban says he’s not too worried about it.

Sean says he doesn’t see her much and misses her, Esteban says he’s been hooked and that’s how it goes.

Sean explains he wants to try new stuff out and figure out what he likes, Esteban says he gets it as Sean is still young and has time.

Sean reluctantly says he kissed a boy and said it wasn’t planned, Esteban looks very surprised at first but tells Sean he’s down with it if he’s happy but does say it was unexpected.

Esteban then gets a phone call from Lyla, who is watching Daniel and making popcorn for movie night and tells Sean that Jenn wants him to call her when he has time before hanging up. Esteban then comments about Sean’s choice when asked about Jenn before asking how he’s been really doing.

  • I miss you.
  • I miss home.
  • I’ve changed.

Sean says he misses him even if it’s stupid, Esteban says he misses him as well but it’s only a part of growing up.

Sean says he misses home and feels like he’s going in reverse, Esteban says he’s been there as it’s hard to leave home or family.

Sean says he feels different and can’t recognize himself, Esteban says he has changed even if it hurts.

Esteban says he has faith in Sean as he was born to roam and will find his way home, Sean now crying says he loves him and wished he told him more, Esteban says he always did and asks one more thing before Sean wakes up from knocking on his window.

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 4

A stranger knocks on the car window wondering why he’s on his land before another stranger comes up wondering who Sean is before the vulgar stranger, Chad, orders him to get out of the car.
Sean complies with him hoping he won’t call the cops before Chad asks again why he’s on his property.

  • I got lost.
  • I needed rest.

Sean tries to say he was lost so he pulled over and swears he did not know this was their land.

Sean says he was exhausted so he stopped to rest and did not know this was their land.

The other stranger, Mike, said there’s a sign to show this is their land and asks if he saw it to which Sean says he was too exhausted and may have missed it. Mike tells Chad he’s just a kid and is hurt but Chad asks what happened to his eye.

  • An accident…
  • A fight…

Sean says he got into an accident, but Chad doesn’t believe it.

Sean says he go into a fight, Chad bets he deserved it.

Chad then moves Sean to dig into the car grabbing his medicine and accuses him of having stolen drugs along with the stolen car.

  • I lost the keys.
  • Not what you think…

Sean tells him he lost his keys and friend helped, but Chad knows it’s not true as it’s been hot wired.

Sean tries to say it’s not what he thinks, but Chad won’t buy it as Sean wasn’t the first one he’s caught.

Chad then tells Mike to get Sean’s backpack who doesn’t want to but eventually does take it, rummaging through it only pull out the Power Bear toy (or an Etch-a-Sketch if you didn’t win it in ep. 1) and Sean tells Chad to give it back as it belongs to Daniel.

Take it back.
Do nothing


Sean lunges at Chad to get the toy back, but Chad holds him back before headbutting him giving Sean a bloody nose. (The toy gets broken.)

Sean won’t do anything and Chad asks where’s his brother, Sean says he’ll meet him which Chad thinks is more lies.

Mike tells Chad that Sean has had enough now but Chad pushes him back and asks if Sean speaks Spanish, and then asks Sean how to say ‘I’m a dirty thief’ in Spanish.

  • Soy un sucio ladrón. (I’m a dirty thief.)
  • Don’t do this.

(No response will add to incorrectly answer value)

Sean says it in Spanish, which Chad says sounds better when he says it.

Sean begs him not to do this, which Chad thinks he doesn’t want to share his language before asking another question.

Chad asks I’m a dirty thief — with one eye.

  • Soy un ladrón… (I’m a thief…)
  • Chinga tu madre. (Go ♥♥♥♥ your mother.)
  • Stop, please…

Sean says the words in Spanish starting to tear up a little, Chad says it sounds good.

Sean says he’s a thief before insulting his mother, Chad knows what he meant by madre and asks what he tried to say. (adds to insulted value.)

Sean continues to beg him to stop, Chad says he came to steal but not give back.

Chad’s last question being ‘This is not my country’

  • Este no es mi país… (This is not my country…)
  • ♥♥♥♥ off.
  • I don’t know.

Sean says the words, which Chad says for him to mean it.

Sean says this is his country, which Chad snarks at him

Sean says he doesn’t know, which Chad says it’s the one he should know.

(Satisfied Chad)
Mike tells Chad it’s about to rain which Chad tells Sean to get his things and never come back. Sean gathers his things and puts them in the car before Chad flips him off and drives feeling utterly humiliated.

(Didn’t Satisfy/Insulted Chad)
Mike tells Chad it’s about to rain which Chad doesn’t let Sean go yet before asking him to sing for them and say they’ll be upset if he refuses.



Sean goes onto to sing Estrellita which Mike tells him to stop but Chad won’t let him, Sean continues to sing and begins to cry. Once he is finished Chad lets him go before flipping him off.

Sean tells Chad no who then picks him up and begins to brutalize Sean while Mike begs Chad to stop before helping Sean up and helps him into his car and tells him to drive straight and hopes he can try to forget this happened before Sean drives off.

Chapter 4 – The Long Haul

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 4 - Chapter 4 - The Long Haul
Sometime the next morning, Sean is now on the road without the car as it had ran out of gas and is visibly weary and sunburnt but is still not giving up on finding Daniel. He finds a billboard and decides to get a bit of shade before taking on the harsh heat again, suddenly a truck appears and honks at Sean before stopping. (The same truck from episode 1.)
Sean then opens the truck door thinking the trucker can’t be a cop which the trucker asks if Sean wants a ride from the scorching sun and sand.

Get in


Sean will accept the offer and gets in putting his backpack down before the trucker asks what happened to his eye (Or him if Chad beat him up) which Sean responds to accordingly before Anton continues driving.

Sean tells the driver he’ll just walk, which the trucker says if he’s okay with getting roasted before driving off. (quicker end to the segment.)

(Sean got in the truck.)

Sean able to get a ride from the trucker, Anton, his receiver asking why he had stopped suddenly which Anton saying he made a quick stop before the receiver gives a 10-4 and Anton puts his receiver down. Anton says his name to Sean before noticing Sean looks hungry and asks if he wants a sandwich.

  • Thank you.
  • No thanks.

Sean accepts Anton’s offer and enjoys the sandwich, Anton commenting about his wife making good sandwiches.

Sean declines Anton’s offer for the sandwich, which Anton says it’s his loss before putting it back.

Anton asks where Sean is headed, he tells him Haven Point which Anton says is an hour away. Sean rests his arm on the window and Anton says he can rest and doesn’t have to stay up to be nice and says he ain’t a weirdo as they continue down the road.

Chapter 5 – Miracles

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 4 - Chapter 5 - Miracles
Anton reaches Sean’s destination who then gets out of the truck thanking him for the ride and waves goodbye to him as he drives off. (Or he’ll show up heavily sunburnt and sweating wishing he would’ve got in the truck.)

Sean walks up to the church before a father and daughter walk out, the daughter appears sick as her father tells her to get it all out before they both notice Sean. The father tells her daughter to go back inside while he greets Sean asking about if he needs help (or his appearance if Chad beat him up) and asks if he’s here for the service.
Sean says yeah as it’s his first time (or say he’s looking for someone) which the father says everyone is welcomed and mentions about the Reverend and the miracle and asks if Sean knows about the miracle. (Choices don’t matter.)
The father then goes back inside the church, Sean comments about the daughter looking sick and her dad before heading inside himself.

Sean enters the church hearing the the speech of a woman, he heads upstairs to view what is going on. The Reverend, Lisbeth, goes on about her speech about faith and prayers of others. Eventually she goes on and asks the crowd for their new miracle which they all do before Lisbeth welcomes onto the stage, Daniel now with an embarrassing bowl-cut as Lisbeth tells him to show them his power which does as he lifts a giant cross and hovers it among the crowd.
Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 4
Lisbeth then wraps up her speech and sends Daniel off as another man, Nicholas takes her place on the podium. Sean on the balcony hangs his head before getting interrupted by the girl from earlier, Sarah Lee who talks to him before her cough returns which Sean asks if she’s okay which she says so. Sarah Lee asks about Sean’s lost eye which he says is a long story which she says is alright and says her name to Sean who then asks if he got Jacob’s letter saying she did and then asks him about Daniel being his brother which he says yes and they talk a little more before Sean asks to go see him which she lets him.

Lisbeth and Daniel are now present in the room again, Lisbeth tells Daniel he’s there faith before Daniel sees Sean and rushes over to him and notices the bandage over Sean’s eye who feels guilty that he had caused that but Sean reassures him and that it’s over. Lisbeth then tells Daniel and Sarah Lee to get medicine for Sean while he talks to him.

Lisbeth tries to get Sean into letting Daniel stay with her and Sarah Lee, but Sean tells her otherwise as they’re both still on their way to Mexico and that Daniel is his family which Lisbeth disapproves of both. Lisbeth then grabs Sean’s arm who pushes her away but dramatically falls which gives her a nose bleed.

Daniel and Sarah Lee return and Daniel accused Sean of hurting her but Sean tells him he did not, Lisbeth tells him off but tells Daniel he can be saved which agrees with her varying on his relationship with Sean. Sean tries to take Daniel but he refuses and Sean tries again only for Nicholas to get his bag and take him out as he calls out for Daniel.

Nicholas throws Sean out of the church and behind the Gate.

Get up.
Do nothing.


Sean gets up only for Nicholas to stop him and punch him back to the ground, Sean tries once more but Nicholas closes the gate and locks it.

Sean remains on the ground while Nicholas closes the gate and locks it.

Sean bangs on the gate begging to see Daniel but Nicholas won’t let him and flashes his gun and warns him to not come back. Sean keeps banging on the gate but eventually gives up, and then someone behind him taps him he turns around and it’s his mother, Karen.
Karen tells him he won’t get him back like this Sean looks shocked to actually see her again as the two head to her car, Karen asks about Sean’s eye but he remains silent and asks how she found them which she says Jacob wrote to her before driving off from the church.

Chapter 6 – Open Hearts

After driving to a motel Karen checked in on, Sean is currently there taking a shower, the bruises on his body visible and worsen if Chad had beat him up. Once he has finished and dries off, Karen left him a change of clothes which he puts on before exiting the bathroom.

Sean picks up the phone and dials Jacob’s number who is surprised to hear Sean again from months but can’t talk much to him but tells him to meet him at a billboard at 4 before hanging up which Sean then rests for awhile on the bed until Karen returns.

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 4
Karen returns with several bags, Karen asks if Sean is okay after what had happened at the church which he says is and Karen hands him a burger with double cheese and no onions, Sean doesn’t take it at first which Karen turns away but he takes it.
Karen then says she got medicine for his eye, but tells him to slow down as he eats his burger which Sean continues to eat as if Karen didn’t care which Karen says she does care. Sean tells her not to act so hurt before bringing up the past of when he broke his leg at 13 and Daniel catching the flu which Karen abides with and says they need to get Daniel out of the church and asks how did Sean and Daniel survive for so long. Sean says they got help from strangers which Karen says is good and asks how they got to Beaver Creek but Sean tells he doesn’t have to answer her questions which she gets and tells Sean ask her anything he wants from her.

  • Why did you leave.
  • What are you doing here?
  • That’s enough

Sean asks why did Karen left them, which she says she wasn’t meant to be a mother nor wife she pretended to be but her urge to leave became unbearable.

Sean asks what she’s been doing here and asked if she lives here, Karen says she does not and says she lives in Arizona and said that Jacob wrote to her about Daniel.

Sean simply doesn’t ask her anything believing he knows the person Karen really is. (adds to negative relationship with Karen.)

Afterwards Karen says she didn’t have a choice and only had one life but didn’t want to spend it with regrets but apologizes for hurting him along with Daniel and Esteban and never did stop caring about them ever before they both go outside to sit.

Karen tells Sean to ask her anything to get it all out and the open.


  • Did you miss us?
  • What did you do?
  • Why ghost us?
  • I don’t care


Sean asks if Karen really did miss them including Esteban, She tells him she did as Esteban had a big heart that could lift her.

Sean asks what she did after she left, Karen says she went to pursue some dreams yet failing them all miserably.

Sean gets that she left but asks why she ghosted them and not even give a card, which Karen says if she was gone they would just move on but did say she almost contacted them.

Sean tells her he doesn’t care and doesn’t go any further to ask anymore questions. (Negative relationship with Karen.)

Karen then lights a cigarette to smoke after they finish talking, Sean asks to smoke which she does before the talk more about Esteban and their life before Karen left. Afterwards they head back inside to clean Sean’s eye.

Karen asks if Sean wants help to clean his eye.

  • Yes.
  • No.

(Won’t appear if Sean wasn’t open with Karen.)

Sean will let Karen clean his eye, who asks about how he got it but says he’ll say later before continuing to clean his eye tears slightly visible as she does.

Sean tells her no as he can do it, Karen won’t ask again before tearing up watching him clean his eye.

Afterwards Karen gives Sean a new eye patch which Sean puts on before they both rest for the night ready to get Daniel back tomorrow.

Chapter 7 – Brothers in Arms

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 4 - Chapter 7 - Brothers in Arms
The next morning Sean and Daniel are near a billboard as Jacob told Sean where to meet him at. Karen asks if Jacob will show up Sean saying that he promised and Karen saying if he doesn’t then they’ll just find him. Karen then goes on about wanting punch everyone that got in their way and then asks what Daniel is like now.
Sean says he’s a good kid and Karen acknowledges that, then Jacob’s car shows up and that cues Sean to exit and talk with him. Jacob looks shocked to see Sean with one eye gone to which Sean asks him to explain everything that happened back at Merrill’s which Jacob does and mentions that he kept their cash they made in his car.
Sean says he did the right thing (Or get angry with him) and then Jacob goes on with how Daniel looked that night varying on whether or not he got shot.
Sean then asks about the others which Jacob says that only Hannah and Penny went to look for Cassidy and Finn and was the last time he saw them before he took off with Daniel who told him more about what had happened. (Whether how scared he was or Finn’s murder.)

Jacob says the blast is what made Daniel feel like he needed to redeem himself which Sean says he needs to get to him and wished he protected him better. (or blame himself for accepting the heist)
Jacob tells him to be careful of Lisbeth as she knows how to manipulate people which is why Daniel wants to stay with her.

They go on about their plan, Karen eventually comes out and joins them and says she’ll be on lookout for anything that could happen. They finish what they have to do and go off to get Daniel and Sarah Lee from Lisbeth.

Now back at the church Jacob says nobody is supposed to be around once Service is over while Karen warns them there are people outside, a Father and son along with a single woman. (Go around the building where the woman is to avoid suspicion from the two otherwise they’ll get suspicious of the two.)
They make it to Lisbeth’s home and try to search for anything about her and a way to get Daniel and Sarah Lee out of there.
Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 4
(There are around 4 items to will add more dialogue options)

  1. Karen’s Letter
  2. Church Letters
  3. Sarah Lee’s doctor note
  4. Adoption papers

The door to Lisbeth’s office is locked but the key to it is in the drawer in Daniel’s ‘room’ or you can use the fire extinguisher (This will add suspicion)

Once inside they find Lisbeth’s files about her flock including Sarah Lee’s and Jacob’s. Sarah Lee was diagnosed with pneumonia which enrages Jacob knowing that Lisbeth did nothing to help her, Sean then pulls out Jacob’s file with many papers and wonders if he was sick but Jacob shakes his head until finding a paper for conversion therapy realizing that they did this because Jacob was g*y.
Sean asks if this was why he ran away which Jacob says he did as he was scared and confused and thought he had to atone for his sin. Sean asks how it went but Jacob says it didn’t go well he just prayed stopped hanging around anyone and became depressed and paranoid.
Sean feels bad for him and Jacob realized he was in a bad place and ended up hurting himself which Lisbeth did not like before he left and apologized to Sean once again about bringing Daniel to Lisbeth but Sean tells him he didn’t know it would happen and says they can make it right and Jacob says he’ll get Sarah Lee to the hospital hoping they’ll treat her.

  • Better care than here.
  • Keep my money.

Sean says it’ll be better than here which Jacob agrees and hopes they can make it right.

Sean tells Jacob to keep the money for the Medical bills, which Jacob says he can’t but Sean convinces him too.

Karen over the radio alerts them of Nicholas’ arrival (Either with or without suspicion from the Father or Woman.) Jacob knows how dangerous Nicholas before Karen brings up her plan to distract him.

  • Okay
  • No. Might be dangerous.

(If Nicholas is suspicious you’ll have to use her plan to avoid him.)

Sean lets Karen use her plan which Karen tells him she’s on it.

Sean tells her not to as it’s dangerous, Karen tells them to be careful.

Jacob panics and tells Sean to hide who closes the cabinet locks the door and hides in the closet while he hides behind the door.

Nicholas enters the room holding some papers (or aggressively if he got suspicious or you used the Fire extinguisher to open the door.) after putting up the papers he leaves the room. (If he was suspicious and Sean didn’t use Karen’s plan he’ll drag out Sean to Lisbeth before punching Jacob to the ground.) (If you used Karen’s plan regardless if Nicholas was or wasn’t suspicious he’ll run out to see the commotion)

After Nicholas is gone they both come out and head out of the house. Jacob runs off to get Sarah Lee while Sean runs with Karen to get Daniel for the final act.

Chapter 8 – Hidden Scriptures

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 4 - Chapter 8 - Hidden Scriptures
Sean and Karen enter the church (Or Nicholas drags Sean in if he caught him.) and opens the doors which Karen is shocked to see Daniel’s power. Sean calls to Daniel who puts down the candles he lifted, Sean tells him they’re leaving but Daniel once again refuses to leave.
Sean tries to tell Daniel that Lisbeth isn’t what he thinks but Lisbeth tells him off, but Karen steps in with them which Daniel asks Sean who she is as he reveals that Karen is their mother which Lisbeth plays off as another Miracle and asks Daniel to see her but he tells her he doesn’t know her who reassures him and calls him ‘son’ which grosses out Karen.
After the arguing continues to have Lisbeth give up Daniel, Sean tries to get Daniel but he is pushed back by Daniel’s power which causes some of the candles to fall and then Nicholas joins in (if he isn’t already there.) which Lisbeth tells him they’re heretics. Sean then tells Daniel about Sarah Lee’s condition which he can’t believe but Lisbeth tries to tell Sean that Daniel knows who to trust.

  • Not a real christian!
  • Have faith in yourself.
  • She went to the Doctor! *
  • A minister warned her… *

(3rd and 4th option only available if you found Sarah Lee’s doctor note.)

Sean tells Daniel that Lisbeth isn’t a christian and brings up Claire and Stephen who knows they wouldn’t put Sarah Lee’s life at risk, Daniel tries to tell himself otherwise and Lisbeth tries to cover it up.

Sean tells Daniel not to give into Lisbeth’s religion and have faith in himself, which Daniel asks why he is lying (depending on whether he was told Heaven is or isn’t real) and Lisbeth joins in.

Sean tells Daniel that Sarah Lee went to the hospital because of her illness, which Daniel asks Lisbeth if it’s true which she tries to dodge

Sean tells Daniel about the letter from a minister about Sarah Lee’s condition was at risk, Daniel saying he didn’t want her to be hurt Lisbeth tries to reassure him.

  • This is no place for you!
  • Toxic community…
  • Kicked out of church! *
  • She’s adopting you! *

(3rd option available if you found the Church letter, 4th option available if you read the Adoption papers.)

Sean tells Daniel this isn’t the place for Daniel, which Daniel says is fine (depending on his relationship with Sean.) and Lisbeth tells Daniel not to let Sean trick him.

Sean tells Daniel the community is terrible as Lisbeth has been hiding things and kept secrets, which Daniel thinks is better like that and Lisbeth tells Daniel not to be tricked.

Sean tells Daniel another church had kicked Lisbeth because of her manipulations, which Daniel wonders why they did that to which Lisbeth tries to cover up as a lie.

Sean tells Daniel that Lisbeth is trying to adopt him and change his last name, which Daniel asks Lisbeth if that was why his card had Fischer which Lisbeth says is a lie.

  • You’re smarter than this!
  • What would dad say?
  • The letter from Karen *

(3rd option only available if you found Karen’s letter)

Sean tells Daniel he’s smarter than this and hopes he’s not buying into Lisbeth, which Daniel says she’s really nice and is.

Sean asks Daniel about what would Esteban say if he saw this, Daniel says he doesn’t know and wants Sean to stay but knows he isn’t ready

Sean tells Daniel he found Karen’s letter that Lisbeth hid from him so he wouldn’t know she was looking for him, which Daniel gets mad at Lisbeth who said she didn’t want to see him.

The candles have started a fire which Lisbeth gets angered over, Sean tries to get Daniel but Nicholas stops him but doesn’t give up and gets beat by him. Daniel now starting to cry begs Nicholas to stop Sean gets back up and brings up his relationship with Daniel but Nicholas beats him down again as Daniel begs even more for Nicholas to stop.

Sean then talks about how Esteban would always choose Daniel’s movie every time they fought over it until Nicholas beats him down again Daniel now crying out more for him stop. Sean gets up and tells Daniel they’re brothers and won’t stop fighting for him and Nicholas yet again beats him down one last time. Sean now back up tells Daniel he’ll come back again and again and tells him he loves him.

Nicholas then puts his Gun to Sean’s head almost about to pull the trigger but Daniel stops him by throwing him with his power and runs over to Sean apologizing for not listening to him before Sean picks up Nicholas’ gun and the three go to exit but Lisbeth blocks their path.
(Daniel’s Morality is High)

Ask Daniel to get her out of the way
Threaten Lisbeth


Sean asks Daniel to move Lisbeth which Daniel goes up to her, Lisbeth tries to get Daniel to return to her but he pushes her aside and blasts the door open.

Sean pulls out the Gun which Karen tells him not to, but Lisbeth says she isn’t afraid of Death.
(Shooting her will decrease Morality for both Sean and Daniel by a lot.)

(Daniel’s Morality is Low)
Daniel blames Lisbeth for everything that happened to Sean and begins to choke her with her power.

Don’t Intervene
Spare Lisbeth


Sean lets Daniel use his power on Lisbeth, who snaps her neck which horrifies Karen before he blasts the door open.

Sean tells Daniel not to do it, but Daniel hesitates but Sean convinces him not to so he puts her down before blasting the door open. (Or proceed to kill her anyway if he doesn’t trust Sean.)

Epilouge – Dust to Dust

Sean Karen and Daniel escape from the burning church who turn around to see Nicholas pulling Lisbeth out who struggles to get back in but Nicholas won’t let her as cries out watching her church burn while the three watch and leave. (If Lisbeth was killed only Nicholas will come out.)
The three then get back with Jacob who now has Sarah Lee and say their goodbyes to Sean and Daniel who get in Karen’s car and drive, Daniel guilty of what had happened wraps his arms around Sean who then taps his hand to hold as they both look out at the sky while Karen continues to drive off to Arizona.

End of Episode 4.



Written by Aigis

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 4; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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