Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 3

Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 3 1 -
Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 3 1 -
A guide that helps show the causes and effects of options that are chosen during game play along with showing the best choices to help be on route for the good ending.



As previously said, options used here are mainly the options that have impact on the characters/story, specific options will be underlined to express it being done with Daniel’s power where as options in Bold are the best possible choice, lastly certain options that can be chosen in game but aren’t present may be because they don’t cause much impact or can’t be fit in this guide due to the character limit with that out of the way enjoy using this guide. 


The episode does a small recap as to what happened in the events prior with the Brothers and Esteban at their home lair until hunters took him away. Afterwards it shows the abandoned cabin and the unfortunate demise of Mushroom, along with the two reaching Claire and Stephen both also depicted as Wolves along with Chris depicted as a Raccoon and the ending of the episode with variations with Chris helping the get away from the path or attacking the Cop car. 

Chapter 1 – Summer Breakdown

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 3 - Chapter 1 - Summer Breakdown 
The episode starts with small flashback set 3 months before the incident. Sean is laying on his bed, listening to Gorillaz but doesn’t hear Daniel sneaking into his room until eventually turning his head over to see him who runs out the room and Sean gets up to go after him. 
Eventually Sean finds Daniel in Esteban’s room who grabs him and begins to ‘shampoo’ his hair which Daniel doesn’t like. 

  • Shampoo. 
  • Hit yourself.

Sean runs his fist through Daniel’s hair again which makes him more upset, before Daniel pushes himself off and causes Esteban’s trophy to fall and shatter. 
Sean takes both of Daniel’s hands to hit himself before Daniel pushes himself off and causes Esteban’s trophy to fall and shatter. 

The two begin to fight again before Esteban comes up from their fighting and sees his award on the ground and demands Sean to tell him what had happened. Sean tells him they were just goofing around (or tell him Daniel never listens.) Daniel says he started which Sean snaps back before Esteban tells them to stop and grabs them both by their arms. Esteban tells Daniel to go to his room where as he has a talk with Sean. 
Sean aggravated storms to his room kicking a book before Esteban tells him to calm down and talks with Sean namely how he knows he’s growing up and needs freedom, but says he needs to take responsibility for Daniel and that he can’t do this alone since Daniel is only a kid and Sean’s almost an Adult. 

  • He’s Spoiled! 
  • I know…

Sean exclaims at Esteban about Daniel so spoiled which Esteban says he too was spoiled for 8 years before having to share toys with Daniel. 
Sean says he knows and swears he looks out for Daniel but he’s often a brat which Esteban tells him was a brat as well before. 
Esteban then tells Sean that they both have to be a good role model for him, as he’s a Diaz. 

  • I hear you…
  • Don’t wanna babysit him

Sean tells Esteban he hears him and will try to be ‘Super Bro’, Esteban appreciates it and tells him to just be there for him. 
Sean asks if he’ll have to babysit him all summer, which Esteban hears his annoyance and believes he isn’t ready to grow up yet. 
After they’re done talking Esteban gets to return to his work and tells Sean to go talk with Daniel to fix up their Drama before leaving. 

Sean then gets to go talk to Daniel who tells him not to come in, but Sean comes in anyway and Daniel yells at him to get out and makes himself not hear him which annoys Sean. Sean then tries to convince Daniel to talk with with the various toys he has, before Daniel puts down a rocket toy which Sean picks up but Daniel stops him before the two eventually talk it out. Daniel said that Esteban told to try do things by himself since Sean isn’t around as much anymore which Sean sounds a little annoyed and tells him it’s not like he’s ‘leaving home’ and just wants to hang with his friends and tells Daniel he’ll do the same but Daniel says growing up is boring. Daniel then pulls out a watch from his pocket and apologizes for taking it which Sean dumbfounded says that’s what he wanted which Daniel said he’d get him at the Thrift Store but forgot about it, which Sean then lets Daniel have it which Daniel smiles and thanks Sean for it and hugs him and promises to keep it forever. 

Chapter 2 – Rise and Shine/Daggers Drawn

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 3 - Chapter 2 - Rise and Shine/Daggers Drawn 
The game then fast forwards from the events prior and two months after Sean and Daniel have left Beaver Creek on the Train and have reached California where in between times they both worked at a Ranch for awhile before getting kicked out and ended up running into Cassidy and Finn again and tagged along with them with his wallet now filled a whopping 1.4k dollars. 
Sean fast asleep in a tent (the Stolen Tent from ep. 1 or a borrowed tent from the group) who is then waked up by Finn’s dog licking his feet, afterwards he gets dressed and gets up greeted by Hannah who is topless before taking off to shower. Sean then goes over to Penny and Ingrid who are talking before making himself a cup of coffee, Penny then mentions that ‘the swarm is coming’ which Ingrid is confused about. 

  • Bugs? 
  • Cops?

Sean asks if he meant flying insects, Penny says narcs and stealth drones and Sean asks why, which Penny says they’re watching them now. 
Sean thinks he means the cops, Penny says they’ll shut down all the farms to make way for Big Pharma. 
Ingrid says it won’t be good for the farms to shutdown as it’s good money for her and her Fiancee Anders to travel around. 

  • Same Here. 
  • Where are you going?

Sean agrees with Ingrid as the gig was Steady and isn’t ready to hit the road yet neither is Daniel, Penny tells him not wuss out if the Narcs show up. 
Sean curiously asks where Ingrid wants to go, Ingrid says Austin for all the cowboys but they spent too much money Penny says they’ll have enough for this ‘kush’ gig. 
Penny then says it won’t matter much once Weed becomes legal, Ingrid then says they’ll be able to work legally but Penny says it won’t if the Government steps in and the ‘others’. 

  • Legal in Washington 
  • Can’t screw workers 
  • Thugs can ♥♥♥♥ off

Sean does say Weed is legal in Washington and worked out well but knows it’ll eventually go global, Penny then tells him who made it legal and illegal in the first place. 
Sean thinks it couldn’t screw over the workers, but Penny tells him it will and eventually will go dry. 
Sean laughs at it and knows Merrill and every other drug dealer is done for. 
After talking a little Sean asks where Daniel is which Ingrid says he’s with Finn by the lake which Sean thanks her for and gets up, before Penny tells him about the coffee machine which Sean apologizes and refills it (or ignores and takes off, either way it does affect Sean becoming more or less responsible). 

Sean then meets up with Daniel and Finn who are both knife throwing which Finn is getting amazed at Daniel’s constant bulls-eyes before Finn greets him and apologize for not waking him up as he looked cozy while Daniel looks a little annoyed to see Sean (not too dependent on Brotherhood). Finn tells Sean that Daniel did 6 bulls-eyes in a row. 

  • Too young for blades. 
  • Six bulleyes, really?

Sean will remind Daniel about playing with knives, which Daniel tells him not to stress about it. 
Sean will congratulate Daniel of his achievement and asks how he got so better, before Sean mentions about him not able to throw a baseball without getting hit in his ‘equipment’ and Daniel says it was only Practice (or that he sucks if Brotherhood is low.) 
Finn then breaks the two up and tells Sean he’s been watching Daniel before asking Sean to throw the knife thinking Daniel got the Blade skills from him. 
Sean then throws the knife, which Finn gets excited about as Sean hit a bulls-eye which Daniel says it was only luck Finn agrees and says first time is luck second time is skill. Sean throws the knife only for Daniel to quietly use his power to make him miss which Sean gets pissed over before Daniel laughs at him and Finn gets his knife a takes off. 

Sean then gets mad at Daniel over making him look stupid in front of Finn which Daniel replies with snark only for Daniel to remind him not use his power as Finn can find out before Daniel begins to use it to lift a stick which Sean tells him to stop multiple before Daniel pushes him back with his power on accident. 
Daniel looks shocked and apologizes for pushing him as he didn’t mean to (or didn’t mean to be too hard.) Sean tells him it’s fine and says he’s good but doesn’t have full control over his power yet. Daniel then says they stopped training since they got there and complains about Sean hanging with the others which Sean tells they need to fit in so they can keep the job but promises to train later, Daniel then asks how long will they stay Sean tells them until they get enough money for Puerto Lobos which Daniel says will take forever and thinks they should find Karen since they have her letter. 

  • I said no! 
  • Again?

Sean continues to deny Daniel to not find Karen, which Daniel doesn’t like. 
Sean reminds him of their conversation and says they don’t know where she really is, which Daniel is slightly upset over. 
Afterwards Daniel complains about never being able to choose for them. 

  • I’m the Adult 
  • I gotta take care of you

Sean tells him he’s the adult now as that’s how it is, which Daniel says it sucks. 
Sean hears him but says he has to take care of him as he’s his brother and responsibility, Daniel gets it but tells him he won’t be a kid forever 
Daniel tells Sean that Finn treats him like an adult as he understands, which Sean looks at Daniel’s arm which has a small cut before they both hear Big Joe’s truck honking. 

Ask about the Watch 
Say nothing.


Sean notices that Daniel no longer wears his watch, which Daniel tells him that Finn gave him the band which says looks less lame now. (This somewhat upsets Sean.) 
Sean won’t talk about the watch before getting to get to Big Joe’s truck as does Daniel. 
They both get in the truck as did everyone else with the last one to catch on being Cassidy before they all take to go to work. 

Chapter 3 – Redwood Curtain

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 3 - Chapter 3 - Redwood Curtain 
While on the road, Cassidy tries to talk to Sean about some guy she met who ‘just wanted some booze’ where Sean tries to acknowledge before Cassidy points out to him not even listening, which Sean says he is while also looking at Daniel which Cassidy thinks he’s being jealous. 

  • He’s a big boy. 
  • Keeping an eye

Sean says he isn’t as Daniel’s a big boy now, which Cassidy is smart as to not get too clingy. 
Sean just tells Cassidy he’s only keeping an eye on Daniel, which Cassidy agrees to him being a good brother. 
Cassidy then asks how Sean feels after not being so much of a ‘snowflake’ now with the misfits. 

  • Like an outsider. 
  • Turning into a Dirty Hippie! 
  • I feel free. 
    Sean says he still feels like an outsider, which Cassidy says he’s doing great and better than her before. 
    Sean says he has a feeling of becoming a Dirty hippie, which Cassidy jokes about not coming to close to her as she the most ‘contagious’. 
    Sean tells her he feels a lot more free since a long thanks to her and Finn, Cassidy hopes they are and mention a bet with Finn which she lost. 

    Big Joe up front bangs on the glass for them to shut up so he can hear his music, which Finn mentions him on his sat phone speaking to someone in Romanian Cassidy looks annoyed as she knows where it’s going. Daniel asks what that is then Penny says Big Joe is a clone from the factory Cassidy joins in calling him a factory reject. 

    • Just a goon. 
    • Bigfoot. 
    • Don’t be mean

    Sean then bad mouths Big Joe saying he worked for some gang and messed up badly, which Finn and Daniel agree to and call him boring. 
    Sean throws the idea of Bigfoot being related to him, which Finn thinks he’s onto to something. 
    Sean tells them not to be so mean to Big Joe, which both Finn and Daniel make fun of him. 
    They all talk some more before Big Joe tells them to quiet down again as they continue drive through the woods.


Chapter 4 – Cash Crop/The Trimmigrants

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 3 - Chapter 4 - Cash Crop/The Trimmigrants 
They all reached Merrill’s place and get out Big Joe’s truck, everyone mainly complaining about working Cassidy then says she’s so tired which Big Joe hits the back of her head telling her to shut up or leave which Sean sees. 

Do Nothing. 


Sean will just look down, while Cassidy listens to Big Joe nods and pats Sean’s cheek before walking away. 
Sean will tell Big Joe not to do that as it isn’t cool, which Big Joe shoves him and Cassidy tells him to forget it before Joe walks away. (This does increase some intimacy with Cassidy.) 
Sean Daniel and Cassidy enter the greenhouse with the rest of the group to get their orders from Merrill. (If Sean intervened Merrill will mention them being late which Cassidy glares at Sean for.) Merrill then splits them up into two groups, Finn Penny Anders and Jacob to work outside while the rest work inside to trim some buds. Penny jokes about picking up trash which Daniel asks if he wants to trade who ends up accepting which excites Daniel and also angers Merrill as it’s work not a summer camp before telling Daniel his father should teach him to be quiet who then looks down. 
Merrill then tells Finn for him to watch his group who agrees then Merrill tells everyone to go and do their work. Before Sean can leave Merrill stops him to have a talk, he tells him he and Daniel are only working there because of Finn’s good word about them but reminds him they’re both working at a pot farm and Daniel’s just a kid although Sean thanks him which Merrill tells him not to kiss a*s. 

  • Thanks again. 
  • Got it.

Sean thanks Merrill again who then just repeats himself. 
Sean acknowledges Merrill without being repeating himself. 
Sean then tells Merrill he’ll keep Daniel out of the way which Merrill tells him that he better as he as enough trouble already. 

  • What kind of Sh!t? 
  • Going to check on him. *

( * – opens more dialogue.) 
Sean tries to ask what kind of trouble he has, which Merrill feels like he’s being interrogated which Sean apologizes before Merrill tells him to go with the others. 
Sean says he’ll go check on him which Merrill asks how old is he, Sean tells him only 9 and Merrill knows how tough an age 9 can be. 

  • Got kids? 
  • Yeah. Not Easy.

Sean asks if Merrill has any kids even if it isn’t his business, which he reveals to have a 12-year old Daughter who he doesn’t see too often but the money he gets helps her. 
Sean agrees it isn’t easy with Daniel out here which Merrill agrees as his daughter is in New York, Sean asks if it’s too hard Merrill says it is but won’t be forever. 
Afterwards Merrill tells Sean get on out to do his work with his team. 

Sean now enters the cabin with the others sitting next to Daniel and Cassidy, Merrill tells them what they need to do and have it done by tonight then Big Joe enters and tells Merrill about Finn’s group before Merrill goes into the other room to make calls as Big Joe sits down and tells the group to get to work. 
Daniel then sighs which Sean asks him what’s wrong who says he feels like he’s in prison and it really sucks. 

  • I know… 
  • Ssssh!

Sean gets it but tells him to follow Merrill’s rules for now especially him, Daniel asks why him which Sean says he isn’t into having kids working here and tells him to give him any reason to get mad. Cassidy then joins in saying Merrill can be a Cool guy but can also be scary when he loses it. 
Sean shushes Daniel and says that Merrill almost kicked them both out, Daniel then says the Sean wishes he wasn’t here Sean tells to stop and that wasn’t what he meant. Cassidy joins also saying she crazy here too. 
Big Joe tells them to shut up and give him some quiet while they work, before taking out his phone to play on it. Cassidy then asks why he’d stay then which Big Joe says it’s none of her business but says he’d be long gone if he had the chance. Sean then takes out a bud and starts trimming as does everyone else before having some side conversations with each other. 
After a bit of trimming Daniel ends up cutting himself on accident. 

  • Slow Down.
  • Focus!

Sean tells Daniel he’s doing fine but just needs to slow down if he must, Daniel then thanks him for it. 
Sean tells him to Focus on cutting the plant not his hand, which Daniel apologizes for. 
Some more trimming goes on as does the drama between Hannah and Cassidy with Sean taking mainly Cassidy’s side throughout. Cassidy then mentions Sean’s hair, Sean asks what’s wrong with it and Cassidy says it’s hiding his ‘pretty face’ and says they have all they need to cut it back at camp. In the other room Merrill is having a call with Teddy about the next load which everyone can faintly hear as does everyone in the room hearing more of Cassidy and Hannah. 
After some time has passed and Big Joe have returned from the other room from talking with Merrill he tells to just keep it down in here before everyone continues their work. 

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 3 
Sean Daniel and the others have returned from Merrill’s after working, Finn tells Sean to cheer up as Merrill’s farm isn’t as bad as other farms who would exploit him. Finn then makes a comment about Sean’s hands (either scarred or ‘baby-soft’) before they both exit Big Joe’s truck who takes off while Finn flips him off and asks Sean about his day at work. 

  • Family Clash 
  • Daniel Whined 
  • The girls are cool.

Sean says he loved the Jerry Springer moment when Hannah and Cassidy picked on each other. 
Sean says he didn’t like it when Daniel whine a lot, but Hannah and Cassidy where there to provide entertainment. 
Sean says he had fun even when Cassidy and Hannah crack him up and thinks of them as sisters. 
Finn agrees about Hannah and Cassidy, knowing they love to start up ♥♥♥♥ then make up with weed. Sean continues talking with Finn about the two and his day, Finn saying he gets him and says he’s a good fit for the family Sean thanking him for the job, cash, friends, and safety. Finn tells him they’re all cool with him and Daniel is his secret weapon, but Sean says he too young for all the bull sh!t which Finn tells him to just be zen mode about it before mention how he’s just like him with his brothers. 

  • So what’s your story? 
  • He doesn’t listen to me…

Sean asks about Finn’s story, which Finn tells him how he was the youngest of his brothers how spoiled him and their dad who had them steal and s*rip cars and then sell before getting busted and their Dad narced on them which Finn went to jail for and after he got released he decided to leave them. 
Sean tells him Daniel doesn’t listen to him, which Finn says he’s trying to find his own fit and says for Sean to be himself not just ‘Daniel’s Big Brother’ which Sean asks how he can be both to which Finn says he needs to trust himself more but knows losing his Father was tough but can create his own new world. 
After they both have a little bit of therapy Sean sees Daniel washing the dishes and goes over and asks if he needs some help which he’ll accept his offer for help (or deny if Brotherhood is low.) afterwards Sean will ask Daniel to lift the water tanks with him which Daniel will also accept (or deny) then Daniel asks if they can train now which Sean agrees to and follows him to the lake to begin their training. 

Chapter 5 – Skipping Stones

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 3 - Chapter 5 - Skipping Stones 
Sean now catching up with Daniel sees him skip a stone and then use his power to make it go further, Sean compliments him and asks if can do it without his power which he says he can do even with his own skills (Or say he find a technique on his own if he didn’t learn how to.) Sean then asks if he’s ready to start training which Daniel gets excited for. 

  • Team Howl.
  • Let’s Train on the other side.

Sean tells Daniel to do their Team Howl first which Sean goes first then Daniel joins in (or says there’s no time for that if brotherhood is low.) before going to the other side to train. 
Sean says to go on the other side to train so the others won’t see. 
Sean asks Daniel to lift a fallen tree so they can go under it which Daniel does, but as Sean walks under it Daniel starts to drop the tree narrowly missing Sean’s face which he exclaims but Daniel says he wouldn’t drop it on him before they both walk under it to begin their training. 

  • Train Precision 
  • Train Control 
  • Train Destruction

(You’ll have do all 3 anyways.) 
Sean asks Daniel to pick any rock as he picks up a pine cone and has him train his aim before throwing the pine cone which Daniel successfully hits, Sean congratulates him and picks up 2 more pine cones as Daniel gets his rock back and Sean throws both pine cones and Daniel hits both one by one which Sean congratulates him again. 
Sean has Daniel lift some rocks by the lakeside which he does and successfully has them soar through the lake before laying the back on the lakeside, Sean congratulates him. 
Sean then has Daniel use his power to destroy some Mushrooms on a tree which Daniel looks like he isn’t doing anything at first, but Sean becomes surprised as Daniel successfully destroys all of the mushrooms. 
Afterwards Sean congratulates Daniel on everything he has done which Daniel mentions he has been training on his own sometimes (or say he can do anything now which Sean says for him not to go crazy.) which Sean apologizes for not being around lately. 

  • Didn’t tell anyone? 
  • Still have to be careful.

Sean asks if Daniel told anyone which he says he has not, before Sean asks if he told Finn which Daniel snaps at him for not trusting him. 
Sean tells Daniel he still needs to be careful, which Daniel complains about Sean being on and off with his power. Sean says he has make sure Daniel has control over it which Daniel says it’s his power not Sean’s. 

  • Chill the ♥♥♥♥ out. 
  • What’s wrong with you?

Sean tells Daniel to just chill out and not cause drama over everything he says, Daniel doesn’t say anything. 
Sean asks what’s wrong with him as he’s not fond of the new ‘Emo’ Daniel who throws attitude at him for no reason. 

  • Am I a bad big brother?
  • Finn is a bad influence.

Sean believes he’s been a bad brother for hanging out with the others more than Daniel, which Daniel says he’s always with them even more with Cassidy (or say it just sucks if you sided with Cassidy less during the drama at Merrill’s) which Sean tells him not to be jealous of her then Daniel says that Lyla was better. 
Sean thinks Finn is a bad influence on Daniel, which Daniel says he’s only jealous which Sean tells him he isn’t but Daniel says he always shows up when he’s with him to which Sean says to knock it off as he does like Finn. 
After they fight Daniel then stalks towards the lake as Sean tells him that it does suck as it is now before telling it’s time to grow up, in response Daniel uses his power to lift a giant tree trunk in the water which scares and shocks Sean seeing Daniel do this and tells him multiple times to stop. Daniel then looks at Sean tears coming down his face before dropping the trunk back into water saying he is no longer a kid. 

Chapter 6 – Campfire Tales

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 3 - Chapter 6 - Campfire Tales 
Later that night the group set up a campfire to have a party. Sean and Daniel are also present while Penny has the ‘munchies’ but Hannah tells him to take another hit next to them Cassidy playing her Guitar and singing her song. Penny now high says he sees a UFO which Finn jokes about them taking him back, afterwards Cassidy finishes her song which everyone congratulates her. 

  • That was Cool 
  • I love your voice

Sean tells Cassidy her song was cool. 
Sean says he loved her voiced, which Cassidy meows at him. 
Cassidy thanks everyone for their words, then Finn passes a joint to Sean and tells him to pass it on. 

  • Yes 
  • No

Sean accepts it and takes a puff before passing it to Cassidy, but Daniel tries to take a hit but Sean stops him who then complains about he taking one but him. 
Sean simply tells him no so Finn passes it to Cassidy, but Daniel tries to take a hit but Sean tells him no who then tells Sean he was joking. 
Ingrid and Anders then leave to rest as the other waves bye to them. Hannah then tells Cassidy her song reminds her of Blackflag, Daniel asks who that is which Hannah says it was her dog when she Cassidy and Finn were in Colorado before the cops were called on them for stealing and they got on train they saw from afar without Blackflag who was left behind. Sean comments about it, Hannah just hopes they took him to a better home before raising her beer as does everyone else for Blackflag. 

  • We lost a dog too. 
  • Sorry Hannah. 
  • Silence.

Sean tells Hannah they lost a dog as well that being Mushroom, Hannah knows it’s hard but that’s life. 
Sean says he’s sorry for Hannah loss of Blackflag, Hannah says it’s only life. 
Sean won’t say anything but Daniel will tell her they lost Mushroom, which Hannah feels sorry for. 
Hannah then apologizes for ruining the mood, but Finn says they can do worse and asks around for the others to join in and share their worst memory. Penny goes first sharing his story of his friend Jinx who had a past of self-harm and delirious but seemed to get better with him around, Penny felt like he actually loved him and as a sign of his trust Jinx had gave him his coin which they never trusted anyone before. After meeting up where they are now a few times he just vanished now Penny has to hold onto his coin until he can see him again. 

  • Your name? 
  • Investigation? 
  • Silence.

Sean asks if that was how he got his name, Penny says it was which Sean says he must mean a lot to him. 
Sean asks if they tried to investigate his disappearance, Penny said no as they don’t even care about them. 
Sean remains silent, but Cassidy will make a comment about Penny’s story. 
Finn and Hannah then comment about Penny’s friend before Finn then asks Jacob for his bad memory. Jacob then explains how he had lost his faith where he was once a sheep as he was raised in Haven Point, Nevada, how their Reverend where many would listen to her but one day he started doubting himself where the people said he was trouble even from his own family until he too left his family to find the answer on his own. 
(Heaven is Real) 
Daniel will hope Jacob can get a signal from God and bets his family does miss him, Jacob agrees with Daniel. 

  • Families are complicated 
  • You did the right thing

Sean relates with Jacob knowing how much of a mess Families ties can be, Jacob thanks him for understanding. 
Sean says that Jacob did the right thing and hopes he can find the answers, Jacob thanks him. 
Jacob then asks Cassidy about her bad memory who says no after playing her song, Finn then asks Sean about his bad memory but says it doesn’t have to be everything that happened in Seattle. 

  • Yeah… 
  • Nope.

(Unless Sean was high or intoxicated he won’t say his bad memory then Daniel will say his bad memory instead.) 
Sean will tell them his bad memory, talking about Mushroom how she went outside only to run into the Cougar which shocks Hannah and Penny asks what had happened. Sean will he scared it away (Or say he killed it if Daniel used his power, which shocks Finn but not everyone else.) but Mushroom was taken away by it which Hannah and Cassidy say their sorry for their loss. 
Afterwards Finn talks about his dream of a beach house in Costa Rica, which Cassidy makes fun about and talks about Sean getting a Haircut which Finn is all in on before Penny and Jacob leave to go to bed then Daniel asks Sean if he’s ready to sleep as well. 

Go to bed with DanielStay and get a Haircut.

(You won’t be able to getting any closer with Finn though.) 
Sean decides to go to bed with Daniel which Cassidy says he’ll miss their makeover skills before Sean jokes about losing his ear and they both go to their tent to reconcile their current mood about what had happened earlier before making up and going to bed. 
Sean decides to stay with the others to get a haircut which Daniel pouts about but Finn walks him back to his tent and returns to start the makeover. 
After Sean gets his haircut getting teased by Cassidy and Finn, he now has a Mohawk which he can like it or says he’s as ugly as them (Liking the new look adds intimacy with Finn.) Finn tells him thank you while Cassidy and Hannah have a beer though Hannah says she might be hosting before taking one. 

  • How long together? 
  • Don’t stay in the same tent?

Sean asks how long have Hannah and Finn been together. Which all three of them start laughing 
Sean says he sleeps like a log but asks why they don’t share the same tent, the three start laughing. 
Sean asks what’s funny which Hannah and Finn say they’re not are together just buddies. Finn says he’s open Sean gets it and mentions how Brody was able to save him and Daniel a long time ago, before Sean eventually opens up quietly dropping the hint of him being Bisexual which Cassidy says he’s a little curious and asks what he’s into. 

  • More into Girls. 
  • Some Boys are cute 
  • Many Girlfriends

Sean believes he prefers girls more and mentions Jenn, which Finn jokingly says he missed his chance and Cassidy teases him. (Adds intimacy with Cassidy) 
Sean says he finds some boys cute but never really thought about it, Finn asks what’s his type which Cassidy tells him not to tease him which he jokes about saying he knows he’s cute. (Adds intimacy with Finn) 
Sean says he had many girlfriends meaning he preferred girls more, which both Finn and Cassidy tease him about it. (Adds more intimacy with Cassidy.) 
Afterwards Hannah goes to bed and asks if Finn will swing by agreeing or disagreeing (depending his intimacy with Sean.) as Sean also gets to bed with Daniel for the night. 

Chapter 7 – Daily Grind/Pay Day

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 3 - Chapter 7 - Daily Grind/Pay Day 
The next morning Sean is fast asleep while the group calls out to him to wake up, before Big Joe also yells at him to get up from his truck until he wake ups realizing he ended up oversleeping as he scrambles out to get dressed and get to the truck with the rest and then a mini montage kicks off with the group doing their work cleaning up the greenhouse and trimming more buds until the montage ends. 
Now everyone is finally getting their pay day while Sean Daniel Cassidy Finn and Jacob are outside while the others are getting their pay. Cassidy asks what’ll everyone do with their cut, Sean says the usual just save it up Cassidy jokes about him being stingy and then asks about a keg offering or some hookers or drugs. Jacob then says not to bring that up since Daniel is with them, but Cassidy believes he’s heard worse and that he’s their mascot now. 
Daniel says he’ll buy a burger pizza and a whole box of Choc-o-Crisp which Finn is all excited for, Cassidy then says Sean to be more excited about money and treat himself every once in a while. 

  • New toothbrush 
  • Save it all. 
  • Socks.

Sean says he’ll get himself and Daniel a new toothbrush, and joke about their morning breath which Cassidy jokes about it being hot. 
Sean says he’ll save every dime so the hookers can wait, which Finn says they will. 
Sean says he’ll need some new socks as his current ones aren’t always dry after washing, Finn jokes about him having cold feet. 
Afterwards Ingrid and Anders come out with their pays and Merrill calls in Sean Cassidy Finn and Jacob but Daniel tries to join but Sean tells him not to and just wait out here either agreeing to Sean or complaining to him (depending on Brotherhood.) before Sean also goes inside with the rest. 
Merrill will then comment about everyone didn’t think Jacob would last a day, Cassidy whining a lot, Sean’s efficiency with trimming, and Finn saving the pots in the greenhouse. Merrill then gets the money but hears Big Joe in the other room yell and brings in Daniel, Sean goes up to him but pushes him back which Finn catches him. 
Merrill demands an explanation which Big Joe says he was sneaking around which Daniel says is a lie, Sean begs him to let Daniel go but Merrill tells him to shush Finn and Cassidy try to convince him but then Merrill denies them their pay and then fires both Sean and Daniel before going into the other room telling Joe to teach Daniel a lesson. Cassidy gets scared Joe says he doesn’t want to do this before Daniel gets frightened and lifts an ash tray and tosses it at him who then asks who did it. 

  • I did.
  • Say nothing.

Sean will take the blame for it, which Big Joe comes up to him and punches him. 
Sean remains silent but Finn steps to take the blame, Big Joe comes to him and punches him. 

Chapter 8 – The Oath/Paradise Lost

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 3 - Chapter 8 - The Oath/Paradise Lost 
That night after what happened back at Merrill’s with Sean or Finn taking the blame now either with a very visible black eye, Daniel shows off his power to Jacob Finn and Cassidy who are shocked to see Daniel do this and Sean tells him that’s it and knew it would sound crazy. 

  • We’re careful. 
  • I am.

Sean says they’re both careful and he’s always there in case something happens, which Daniel says he practices everyday. 
Sean says he is but everything is just going so fast and gets lost, but Daniel says it’s okay and that he knows what he’s doing. 
Finn then asks if Sean can does this as well, but says he doesn’t even when he tried to once which Daniel gets excited and asks when he did. Jacob then asks if he knew where it came from as it couldn’t be random. 

  • He’s a reptilian! 
  • Doesn’t matter. 
  • Started in Seattle.

Sean jokes about Daniel being a reptilian, which Daniel says he isn’t a reptile 
Sean says it doesn’t matter as Daniel has it and he has to deal with it, Daniel complains about him having to deal with it as well which Sean meant ‘we’. 
Sean thinks the shock in Seattle is what started it, Daniel says he can’t remember anything which Sean says not to worry about it. 
Afterwards Sean tells them not to tell the others but Jacob thinks he has those powers for a reason and thinks they need to help guide him but Sean refuses as it’s his job to keep Daniel safe Jacob walks off. Finn then thinks about using Daniel to bust into Merrill’s Safe which Cassidy is repulsed by Finn tries to reason but Cassidy won’t have it as she knows Merrill and Big Joe are armed so Finn shuts the idea down, Finn then asks to share a beer with Sean who accepts before taking off as well. 
Cassidy then says that Finn just needs his a*s kicked once in awhile which Sean can see why before she talks about giving Sean a tattoo before also taking her leave, Daniel also wants a tattoo but Sean won’t let him but Daniel says he’s sorry and that he shouldn’t have gone in there but Sean tells him that there’s now 3 more people who know about the power. 
Daniel says not to worry as they can trust them and they won’t tell (or say it’s his power not Sean’s and trusts them with low brotherhood.) Sean then says what if someone gets scared and calls the police which Daniel says he’ll be extra careful (or say he’ll take care of them) eventually Sean says they’ll won’t worry anymore once they reach Puerto Lobos which Daniel doesn’t like so Sean says they’ll talk later. 
Now back at the Camp Sean and Daniel spend their last night with the group, Sean goes to have a beer with Finn. Finn asks what’ll Sean do next which Sean says he’ll figure it out as he and Daniel are homeless Finn then tells Sean what he did after he got out of Jail where he got out but his brothers were still in until he left them all to start all over as Sean and Daniel are doing the same and says the next step for Sean is to build something for him and Daniel. 

  • Build What? 
  • You’re Right. 
  • Not sure what I want.

Sean asks what he meant by building before saying that Daniel doesn’t listen to him as he now feels like a parent, Finn agrees before taking a sip of his beer then toss it. 
Sean believes Finn is right but it’s just a lot to think through, Finn says it really isn’t before tossing his can and tells Sean to just trust his gut. 
Sean says he doesn’t know anymore since he’s pretty screwed, Finn tells him to keep on keeping on before tossing his can and gets that nothing is easy. 
Finn then asks if Sean has enough money for his trip, Sean doubts he does so Finn asks how they’ll get to Mexico before eventually bringing back his idea to rob Merrill’s safe but tells Sean he wouldn’t bring it up if he had any doubt. 

Okay. * 
I can’t.

(opens more dialogue depending on Finn’s intimacy) 
Sean asks if Finn means it if they won’t get busted Finn says they won’t, Sean eventually gives in which Finn gets excited. 
Sean tells him no as it too dangerous even for Daniel, Finn says Daniel is more dangerous but Sean won’t let him so Finn eventually accepts Sean’s decision (Locks you out from getting any closer to Finn.) 
Finn knew he could count on Sean before saying that he and Daniel could stay with them which Sean wonders if he really would, Finn says yeah before saying he was glad they both met and mention a ‘strong connection’ before apologizing. 

  • I feel the same. 
  • Got me wrong…

Sean says he feels the same way, Finn asks what he’s afraid of which he says nothing before the two kiss and break away Sean saying he’ll miss this place and eventually gets up and Finn thanks him for the moment. 
Sean tells him he doesn’t think the same way, Finn tells him not to stress about it. 
After talking with Finn about the heist either agreeing or disagreeing to it, Sean now goes over to Cassidy about the Tattoo but apologizes to Ingrid for interrupting Ingrid says it fine and goes off. Sean and Cassidy then talk to each other Cassidy bummed out that Sean and Daniel are leaving Sean says they’re still going to Mexico Cassidy says it’s cool they still have a goal and likes to get out of here. 
Sean then asks if Cassidy would want to come with them, Cassidy says that’s nice but isn’t cut out for that life and she wants to see places not so much of one single place her whole life and doesn’t want to bum out him and Daniel. Afterwards Cassidy says it’s time for Sean to get his Tattoo. 

  • ♥♥♥♥ Yeah! 
  • Not a good idea.

Sean agrees to getting a tattoo which Cassidy becomes happy and jokes about asking for Sean’s favorite gang and then asks what Sean really wants. 
Sean says no as it’s isn’t a good idea, which Cassidy tries to convince him which repeats the question. 
Sean then asks for a wolf tattoo (or surprise him with the camp) which Cassidy does, at first Sean winces in pain Cassidy tells him to relax as it isn’t like doodling on his arm with a pen. Sean asks where she got her tattoos which Cassidy says a lot of places either when she got bored or drunk, Sean then asks if she had any regret Cassidy says she does not and that skin is like a sketchbook which Sean gets and says it’s pretty cool. 
Once Cassidy is finished she asks Sean to join her at the lake for a midnight swim, kissing his cheek before taking off. 

Chapter 9 – Midnight Swim

Life is Strange 2 - Choices and Outcomes Episode 3 - Chapter 9 - Midnight Swim 
Sean catches up with Cassidy for the swim who then proceeds to take off all of her clothes and just barely makes it into the freezing lake and invites Sean who then complains about it being too cold. 
Sean eventually musters up and joins in also n*de before Cassidy splashes him and joked about having to pee when Sean it got warmer who in turn splashed her back. Cassidy then asks about Finn’s plan to rob Merrill. 
Sean will say it’s a stupid idea as it’s dangerous for Daniel (or try to lie or say he’s doing it if he accepted the heist.) Cassidy gets it as Finn usually puts himself first but does want to take care of them Sean feels a little guilty for ruining his dream which Cassidy says he’ll rage about it then he’ll be all cool and say he really likes Sean which Sean gets confused about. (or say he ended up kissing him if he accepted the heist.) 
Cassidy then calls Sean a heart breaker as tells him everybody does like him and then plead guilty. 

  • I like you too * 
  • I’m not into dating

(opens more dialogue) 
Sean tells Cassidy he like her too, Cassidy gets flattered and asks if uses this line every time he goes skinny dipping to which Sean says it’s his first time. 
Sean says he’s been busy more so in the Friend Zone, which Cassidy considers smart as that’ll mean a lot less drama (locks you out of getting closer with Cassidy.) 
Cassidy then asks Sean if he wants to kiss her (if you chose the first option) 

  • Yes I do. 
  • Not a good idea.

Sean agrees to kissing Cassidy, which they both do and then leave the lake. 
Sean doesn’t want to which Cassidy says is cool, but Sean apologizes. (Locks you out of getting any closer.) 

After getting out the lake they head back to Cassidy’s tent (Unless you agreed to Finn’s heist he’ll come looking for you with Daniel if you didn’t tell Cassidy she’ll get mad and lose all intimacy with her.) which Cassidy apologizes for the mess but invites Sean inside. 

  • I do… 
  • I don’t know…

Sean accepts the invitation and so he enters her tent, which they both get comfortable and get busy. Afterwards Sean loses his virginity to Cassidy before they get dressed and exit which Hannah goes to and realizes what they were doing. 
Sean isn’t sure but Cassidy brings up their kiss in the lake, Sean says it was a cool moment but Cassidy gets it and doesn’t let Sean enter her tent. (Sean remains a virgin, rip.) 
Hannah then asks if they’ve seen Finn and mentions he was with Daniel now she can’t find him, Sean then realizes Finn took Daniel to do the heist without telling him so Sean and Cassidy go after them. 

Chapter 10a – Under the Hood/Bad Harvest (Finn)

After getting Daniel to come with Sean and Finn they both reach Big Joe’s trucks which is of course locked, so Sean asks Daniel to use his power to open it which he does successfully. Once they get closer suddenly a light comes on and Daniel destroys it which one of Big Joe’s dogs starts barking and then he too wakes up. 
Now the three must try to steal a vehicle without alerting Big Joe, in which case the easiest is to grab a screwdriver and use it to puncture the wheels of the car and use it to break the engine of another before using it to open the back window of Big Joe’s truck (Or you can have Daniel do it as it won’t alert him.) afterwards send Daniel in to unlock the door then you can now leave with Big Joe’s truck and he won’t follow you. (If you use Daniel’s power to get the hood open or open some tools this will alert Big Joe and he will follow if you didn’t sabotage the other vehicles.) 

Now at Merrill’s place there will be more CCTV’s all over, have Daniel destroy them all. 

  1. The Greenhouse 
  2. The Kitchen 
  3. Back of the House 
  4. The Porch 
  5. Entrance to the Kitchen

Afterwards, Sean will see a lockbar on the Kitchen door and will ask Daniel to lift in which he does then they all go inside to get into the safe which Daniel uses his power once more to open the Safe which Finn looks rather excited for all of that cash. Sean then sees a gun inside of the safe. 

Take Gun * 
Don’t take Gun

(Gives a new option) 
Sean will take the gun and hide it. 
Sean will leave the gun inside the safe. 
Merrill then comes out with his shotgun and sees the three, Sean steps away from the safe and all three put their hands up as Merrill aims his gun at them. Finn tries to reason with Merrill but of course he won’t hear it and then gets mad at Sean for getting Daniel involved with the plan. 
(If Big Joe was alerted and had one vehicle to follow them Merrill will let him in.) Merrill then orders them to get on their knees Sean tries to get him to change his mind but Merrill won’t have it. 

Use Gun

(Gun option is only available if you took it and Big Joe isn’t present.) 
Sean tries to explain to Merrill, who in turn hits him in the nose with his shotgun. 
Sean tells Daniel to get his knees in which he does, but Finn tries to reason which Merrill won’t have before hitting him in the stomach with his gun (Or Big Joe shoots him in the leg.) 
Sean tells Daniel to get down before shooting Merrill in the shoulder, who in turn shoots Finn in the chest. (Early end) 
Merrill then approaches Finn ready to shoot him in the back, Daniel tries to tell Sean to let use his power. 

Daniel’s Power 
Do Nothing 
Use Gun

(Gun option for the same reason.) 
Sean tells Daniel to use his power, which Daniel does and makes Merrill’s shotgun fly into the hallway while Sean tackles him. 
Sean doesn’t let Daniel do it, and then Finn says he’ll try to make it up to Merrill who says he knows before shooting him in the back. (Or Daniel disobeys Sean and launches Merrill’s shotgun away then Sean tackles Merrill.) 
Gun Option is the same. 
Afterwards Daniel then uses his power one last time before getting shot in the shoulder by Merrill and then explode causing everyone to go flying. (Or attack Sean first for letting Finn die.) 

Chapter 10b – Under the Hood/Bad Harvest (Cassidy)

Sean and Cassidy leave the party to look for Finn and Daniel who are both pissed, they reach Big Joe’s place to find the gate wide open and fresh tracks knowing they both took a car. 
The easiest way is to get the screwdriver to get into Big Joe’s truck through the back window so you pursue Daniel and Finn (The same items in Finn’s side can alert him here.) 
Sean and Cassidy reach Merrill’s place to see a CCTV broken, which Sean knows why it is broken. The two then go inside the Kitchen to find Daniel and Finn who get scared by them but the two are already mad that Finn even let Daniel do this. Finn says that Daniel wanted to do this which Sean scolds Finn for even giving into him in which Daniel says he’s only doing this so they can get to Mexico. 

Let’s Do It. 
No ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Way.


Sean gives into Daniel, which Finn thanks him for but Cassidy doesn’t approve of it before leaving then Daniel opens the door. 
Sean tells Finn no and tells Daniel to go, Daniel doesn’t listen to him before using his power to blast open the door (Or Choke Cassidy if you killed the Cougar which Sean tells him to stop.) 
Merrill’s voice then alerts both Sean and Cassidy as they both run in which Merrill gets alerted and asks if anymore are coming before ordering them both to join Finn and Daniel. 
Finn tries to reason with Merrill but of course he won’t hear it and then gets mad at Sean for getting Daniel involved with the plan. (If Big Joe was alerted and had one vehicle to follow them Merrill will let him in, with Cassidy if you agreed to the heist.) Merrill then orders them to get on their knees Sean tries to get him to change his mind but Merrill won’t have it. 



Sean tries to explain to Merrill, who in turn hits him in the nose with his shotgun. 
Sean tells Daniel to get his knees in which he does, but Finn tries to reason with Merrill which Merrill won’t have and Cassidy tells Finn to get on his knees before Merrill hits him in the stomach with his gun. 
Merrill then approaches Finn ready to shoot him in the back, Daniel tries to tell Sean to let use his power. 

Daniel’s Power 
Do Nothing

Sean tells Daniel to use his power, which Daniel does and makes Merrill’s shotgun fly into the hallway while Sean tackles him. 
Sean doesn’t let Daniel do it, and then Finn says he’ll try to make it up to Merrill who says he knows before shooting him in the back which Cassidy and Daniel become horrified. (Or Daniel disobeys Sean and launches Merrill’s shotgun away then Sean tackles Merrill.) 
Afterwards Daniel then uses his power one last time before getting shot in the shoulder by Merrill and then explode causing everyone to go flying. (Or attack Cassidy and then Sean if Finn died.) 

Epilogue – Aftermath

The next morning reveals the aftermath of what had happened in Merrill’s house showing Big Joe in the hallway (if he came along) Cassidy on the ground (If she came along) Finn lying in broken glass unconscious or dead Merrill also on the ground with a bruise on his forehead Sean with a few shards of glass in his clothes before revealing his left eye hit with a shard of glass and Daniel no where to be present amid the wreck. 

End of Episode 3.



Written by Aigis

This is all about Life is Strange 2 – Choices and Outcomes Episode 3; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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