Hunt: Showdown – Fixing Frametime Gameplay Guide (Radeon)

Hunt: Showdown – Fixing Frametime, Fluid Gameplay Guide (Radeon) 3 -
Hunt: Showdown – Fixing Frametime, Fluid Gameplay Guide (Radeon) 3 -
Having high frametimes, micro-stutters, despite 60+ fps and game “doesn’t feel” right?



I almost have 200hrs in Hunt Showdown. 
Most of this time, I had issues with overall “feel” of the game. Aiming and feel never felt right while playing. Some sort of “latency” was always there, didn’t matter what I try. Even with FPS well above 90+ aiming always felt like game is running at low fps. Doesn’t matter which preset, driver, driver setting I have tried, Frametime was always high than any other game, well above 30. 

Radeon Driver settings

  • Enable Adaptive Sync under “Display” tab

Hunt: Showdown - Fixing Frametime, Fluid Gameplay Guide (Radeon) 

Navigate to Gaming tab then select Hunt

  • Enable Anti-Lag 
  • Vertical Refresh: Always On 
  • AMD FreeSync: On 
  • Enhanced Sync: Disabled

Hunt: Showdown - Fixing Frametime, Fluid Gameplay Guide (Radeon) 


System information: 
GPU: Radeon 5600XT (21.2.2 Driver) 
Driver Details: Software Version – 2021.0205.0017.514 
Driver Version – 

Share your results

Obviously these settings are for freesync compatible display. 
With these settings, game felt like IT SHOULD for the first time for me: when you look around in-game, you will immediately realize how smooth it is. Like playing counter strike. Snappy, like a shooter should feel in the first place. 
Turning VSync always On with Anti-Lag enabled might give similar results on standard, locked refresh rate panels. If you test and get any good results drop a comment. 
Oddly, these settings didn’t turn V-Sync “on” all time for me. FPS goes beyond, something still off with that; for instance, my average framerate Is not 150ish, but 70 maybe. I think this is about how rendering works in Hunt. But nwm. 
What is important here is Frametime. That is accurate. As you can see, in radeon driver screenie I took it says 6ms which is incredible. I used to see 30-40 in driver tab all the time and >20 in MSI Afterburner overlay in-game. And game always felt like running on 20 Fps didn’t matter even if it was well above 100. 
Please share your findings in comments, this method might work in non-freesync panels as well. Turn on the V-sync and anti-lag and test it. I hope it works, because reducing frametime makes gameplay fluid as it should. 
Happy hunting. 

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