Hunt: Showdown – Solo Player Guide and Farming Tips

Hunt: Showdown – Solo Player Guide and Farming Tips 1 -
Hunt: Showdown – Solo Player Guide and Farming Tips 1 -

Are you new to Hunt: Showdown and/or have you missed out on previous events and aren’t _really_ sure how to get those sweet, sweet event point efficiently? This guide is here to help!


First off, let me state that this guide isn’t a “how to play Hunt normally” guide – it’s intended for new players/solo players that haven’t had the chance to participate in previous events and would like to do some point grinding when their usual Hunt partners aren’t available. If you’ve participated in, say, the Scrap beak event – there’s little new you’re likely to learn here. These tips don’t apply to normal gameplay – please don’t do these things outside the event, it makes for boring games.

The Light the Shadow event lets you pick one of two paths (bow or throwing axe) that lead you to unlocking various weapons, skins, Hunter Traits, and legendary Hunters.

The event items/actions that give points are:

Destroying pyres – 2 points. Pyres are small, smoking bundles of sticks that show up on dark sight as white objects. Look for smoke coming from an unusual place.

Killing a Hive with a Hunting Bow – 2 points. No headshots are required, just a bow kill. Most hives will die to one well-placed and fully-charged close-up torso shot.

Killing an Armored with a Throwing Axe – 2 points. Two throwing axes may be necessary here.

Activating an Event Ward – 4 points. Event Wards are tall, wooden structures with a dreamcatcher-like topper. To get the points, simply interact with them. They do show up as large, white objects on darksight, but you’ll usually see them without it quite easily.

Killing a Boss – 4 points. Only a kill is required – not a banish or a bounty pickup.

Looting a Hunter Corpse – 5 points. Theoretically the most lucrative option, but also the most risky.

All points are shared within the team.

Equipping your Hunter

There are some general rules to equipping your hunter, but overall – equip for stealth. More specifically:

A. Bow path:


1. If you’ve already unlocked the bow – equip it! You’ll need it both for shooting the hives and for quietly taking down those hard-to-reach exposed pyres.

2. Any medium to long range weapon – to complete your range profile – or, if you have quartermaster, a silenced weapon (Winfield Silencer shines here) to let you conserve your arrows a bit.


Medkit and knuckles for that inevitable Immolator oopsie.


1. Flash bomb – the bow is a _fantastic_ short-range weapon, and a flash bomb will help you plenty in getting enough time to run in, draw to full strength, and let loose.

2. Stamina shot – useful for making traversal more efficient.

3. Sticky bomb – in case you run into a boss you can safely eliminate.

4. Vapors – equip them anytime you’re able to. See the Gameplay Tips section.

B. Axe path:


1. Whatever stealthy, silenced weapon you’re comfortable with, paired with

2. A silenced pistol.


Throwing Axe, if unlocked, plus the med kit and the knuckles.


Same as on the Bow path.

Gameplay Tips

1. Vapors

The vapors are relatively cheap, and definitely a great help in finding pyres. My personal preference is the 25-proof vapors, as they still let you find the vast majority of event points in any compound without costing too many Blood Bonds.

Remember the vapors stack, and that includes within a team. With two team members running one bottle of 25-proof vapors each, your dark sight range for the event points goes up to 30 meters, and your bonus points up to 50%. Remember that bonus points are added AFTER the match. You don’t need to survive the match to get the points, but it’s always good to get out alive, since you’ll inevitably find some upgrade points/hunter xp/cash registers along the way.

2. General Gameplay

If all you want is to farm points relatively quickly, simply avoid fights and disengage from any and all disadvantageous situations. While looting dead hunters DOES give a whopping 5 points, it’s still less time-efficient than simply avoiding the confrontation and killing a few hives/armored or smashing a few pyres.

If that’s your style, play as a solo/duo in trios. The fewer teams around the map, the easier it is to be aware of where everyone is, and – more importantly – isn’t.

On round start, do the usual adjacent spawn checking, then grab your first clue. If you’re in a compound that just blacked out on the map, you’re in luck. If not, exercise extra caution.

Run around the compound and check inside buildings using your dark sight. Pyres are quite inconsistent in spawning – some compounds can have five or six, while some will have one or none. Kill any hives or armored you encounter, according to your path.

Then, run for the next compound, aiming to be in the blacked out zone. In general, you want to scavenge around the blacked out zones as much as possible. It’ll just be a bit easier, and if anyone comes a-calling, you’ll have the upper hand and the choice whether to engage them or not.

It might happen that there are no blacked out compounds nearby. Maintain stealth, pick your engagements, and head for a blacked out zone.

If you find yourself in a boss compound along the way, check your whispers. If they’re white and you have a sticky bomb, feel free to chuck it at the boss, then finish it off. After that, move on. Don’t wait around for a team to come along and put you in a bad situation. Don’t engage the boss if you can’t kill it safely.

If you’re in a team, feel free to scatter across various compounds. The more ground you cover, the better.

3. Optional tips:

Be on the lookout for cash registers, money bags, blueprints, and posters/envelopes – you’re already skulking around, might as well improve your hunters and get some huntbux while you’re at it.

You’re likely to run into some extracts along the way. You CAN be a spiteful bastard and trap them. Same goes for boss lairs. It’s not productive or generally nice, but it IS funny, especially with the alert trip+explosive barrel combo. Nobody expects trips on a white-whispers boss lair, after all.

Extracting and suchlike

It might just happen that you’ll be the last player on the map, after all the bounties have been extracted. Keep in mind your location – you can always get to any of the extracts from any point in the map in 4 minutes if you hoon it there directly. Stamina shots and stamina-related Hunter traits help, giving you a little more time to gather things. Remember, as long as you’re on the extract when the round timer hits zero, you’ll extract safely.

That said, don’t get TOO attached to your Hunters. Be prepared to lose some, be it from you misjudging your chances in a fight, an Immolator Oopsie, or just getting too distracted and having your head caved in by an elevator you weren’t _entirely_ on.

Overall, with a little care, you can get 85+ points per match easily – even 100+ if you take a few fights and loot the resulting bodies.

Hunt safely, folks, and good luck!

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Hunt: Showdown – Solo Player Guide and Farming Tips , if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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