Hunt: Showdown – How to be a chad

Hunt: Showdown – How to be a chad 7 -
Hunt: Showdown – How to be a chad 7 -
A simple guide for putting the fear of god into your enemies.


Chad school

Select glorious white shirt to announce your location to other hunters for more combat. Notice the fashionable cowboy hat and bandanna. Free hunters are even better.

Hunt: Showdown - How to be a chad

Select the Avtomat, be sure to fire a volley when you spawn and when entering an area with other hunter in it, this lets then know you are approaching so you can have more engaging and enjoyable gunfights.
A single bullet from the avtomat does 136 damage meaning that a burst will kill a hunter from almost any range as long as you hit.
You do not need any spare ammo, simply pull bullets out of dead hunters and load them back into your gun.

Hunt: Showdown - How to be a chad

Fire rounds are entertaining for setting people alight and the tracers will inform your enemies of your location, this gives them a small chance of killing you.
High velocity rounds are good for long range but you should always be pushing.

Hunt: Showdown - How to be a chad

Next select the Calvary sabre, this is an excellent tool for killing grunts, gentlemanly duels between other hunters and charging down fleeing prey.

Hunt: Showdown - How to be a chad

No tools, and four big dynamite bundles. If you kill other players fast enough you do not need healing. Uses of dynamite bundles include killing hunters, bosses and grunts that dare hit you.
The big dynamite bundle does 3000 damage and players only have 150 health. Use it to kill cowardly hunters that will not leave their building out of fear.

Hunt: Showdown - How to be a chad

Your loadout should look something like this:

Hunt: Showdown - How to be a chad

A seemingly little known fact is that hunt has a local voice system, most players will not use because it can give away their position, you are not most players.
Blasting John Denver’s “Take me home, country roads” over local voice signals to other players that their free trial of life is quickly coming to an end.

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This is all about Hunt: Showdown – How to be a chad; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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