Hunt: Showdown – 7 Steps for Weapon Removal

Hunt: Showdown – 7 Steps for Weapon Removal 1 -
Hunt: Showdown – 7 Steps for Weapon Removal 1 -

Welcome to this post Hunt: Showdown – 7 Steps for Weapon Removal guide.

To prevent the enemy from having firearms after being revived, use two medium slot weapons.

7 Steps:

The scenario: you have two medium slot weapons and don’t have a quartermaster. You have an enemy body in front of you who has a large slot weapon and a small slot weapon.

1. Take the large

2. Take the fallen medium (the one that’s not where the large used to be, it falls on your feet)

3. Take the other medium

4. Take the large

5. Take the small

After step 5 he will wake up with fists only; now you should get your guns back so you can do the same on more enemies

Press q (to switch to small, it helps when taking both mediums)

6&7. Take your mediums

Scenario vs quartermaster enemy

Step 1. Take large

Step 2. Take fallen medium

Step 3. Take your other medium

Step 4. Take large

Step 5. Take the most recent fallen medium

Step 6. Take his quartermaster medium

Inverse scenario (you large small vs enemy medium)

It’s basically taking both his mediums first (keep in mind hold your small to take both of his faster)

Then do the first 5 steps of ‘The 7 Steps’

Need an explanation?

When you trade both the mediums for a large one, the one that falls to the ground on your feet is a disconnected weapon spot, any weapon you put there doesn’t belong to a hunter anymore and will not be burnable either.

Basically trading double Medium for large twice (correctly) makes two disconnected weapon spots for an enemy’s hunter’s weapons.


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