Hunt: Showdown – Basic Weapon Build + Classes

Hunt: Showdown – Basic Weapon Build + Classes 1 -
Hunt: Showdown – Basic Weapon Build + Classes 1 -

Got money? Want it gone? Wanna try something new? Here is some loadouts I have run that you might also like.


This is for people who play for fun really, If you don’t like to prestige and just like deathmatching these loadouts might be fun for ya.
Feel free to substitute with whatever guns you can afford or what you might think would be better.
Give me some of your loadouts in the comments and I might put them in if I get time to use them.
Sidenote* Sorry for all the TF2 Loadouts but they were what gave me inspiration when I made these.
I will add more when I can think of them, or when i’m not busy.

Heavy (TF2)

“Vzzzzzt! Rahrahrahrah! Vrrrrr! Wahahahaaaaaa!”
Guns, ammo, and plenty of supression.
Hunt: Showdown - Basic Weapon Build + Classes - Heavy (TF2) - EBDF5F4
This loadout isn’t really made for getting kills, rather, suppressing the enemy and hoping the enemy doesn’t want to peak someone streaming bullets constantly in their direction. The secondary being a lone pistol and having fanning allows you to guarantee kills up close so that your not completely defenseless. You may wish to run both as duel chain pistols, however I can’t say you will be killing much, but you will be shooting for a longer duration. Time your chain pistol shots right and you can keep a decent stream of gunfire for almost a full minute. The main problem with the loadout is the insane reload time you will be dealt with upon expenditure of all your ammo. Play with friends or trios for max play ability.
Hunt: Showdown - Basic Weapon Build + Classes - Heavy (TF2) - B770097
P.S. Don’t rely on that terrible baby pistol, if it comes to the worst run knuckle knife or heavy knife, (or brass knuckles for real heavies) and beat the snot out of any ugly ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ who got too close to your guns!

Demoman (TF2)

“Not one of ya’s going to survive this!”
“Loud and extremely dangerous to both ally and foe.”
Hunt: Showdown - Basic Weapon Build + Classes - Demoman (TF2) - 981BAE6
All explosive ammo with plenty of bombs and ways to make explosions without bombs!
Let’s go down the list:
1. Duel akimbo explosive uppercut, your bread and butter, can kill low health hunters without even hitting them. Careful though, as they have lost much of their deadliness from repeated nerfs.
2. Springfield double explosive ammo, helps you conserve ammo since you can’t spam it, good for scaring the ♥♥♥♥ out of people and forcing them inside, don’t worry, they WILL feel it.
3. Alert Trip Mines, set on barrels with trigger facing barrel for easy one shot kill traps, teammates WILL run on these, risks of the job.
4. Choke-Bombs, for snuffing out your fires and explosives, but why tho? 🙁
5. Flare gun, conserving ammo for primaries, ignite barrels or mobs with it.
6. Four ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Dynamite Bundles, your deadliest weapon, what keep hunters up at night, you only get four and no more, make them count, will obliterate hunters and piss them off to no end, kill them all.
Hunt: Showdown - Basic Weapon Build + Classes - Demoman (TF2) - 26B1F25
Sorry for the traits being jumbled, i’ll upload a better screenshot later after I win some matches, here they are in text
Bulwark: For not killing yourself on your owns bombs (As easily)
Dauntless: For defusing enemy bombs (your a demoman, duh)
Pitcher: For throwing those dynamite bundles far and wide
Everything else is extra
-Replace Springfield with bomb lance if you wish to get up close personal
-Replace dynamite bundles with Frags or any grenade of your choice, however dynamite bundles are the best on god.

Pyro (TF2)

“Hudda hudda huh!”
Burn it all, and burn it some more.
Hunt: Showdown - Basic Weapon Build + Classes - Pyro (TF2) - 468574E
Salve skin: You don’t burn as bad
Iron Devastator: Better shotgun handling
Very close range fighting in store for you with this loadout, most shots won’t kill outright but while they are trying to extinguish themselves you can strike.
Hide inside buildings and tunnels, the open fields outside are as alien to you as not burning everything. Don’t be afraid to ignite barrels with your star shell shots as they won’t be much use to you against players, the main threat you pose is with the hellfire bombs.
These bad boys are quite large in their explosion and makes most players flee upon being hit, you will not get long so chase down those bastards and finish them off, stagger your approach so as they don’t swap off healing to shotgun you back.
Use the shotgun club as well, it one shots players in the upper body.
Hunt: Showdown - Basic Weapon Build + Classes - Pyro (TF2) - 61076F8
Swap Romero with with Specter if you want more shots than the Romero
You can also duel wield the pistol if that’s more up your alley


“Heinz! Get the Maschinengewehr!”
Hunt: Showdown - Basic Weapon Build + Classes - WW1 - C928CD0
Hear me out, get some friends with heavy loadouts, or more of the same, get to the boss location and don’t give them an inch. Be like tunnel rats under the cremation house, or fortify the saloon like the alamo in DeSalle.
Hunt: Showdown - Basic Weapon Build + Classes - WW1 - E054DEE
The Atvomat needs no introduction, it is a killing machine, and rips players apart with ease. (Like a real machine gun!)
Your secondary may be a saber or some kind of automatic pistol. (I’m using the officer variant)
Now your tools and traps, the real meat of the loadout.
This is where teammates come in handy, someone needs to be the ammo guy obviously if your going to be mag dumping into charging players but there are many options for the two other guys.
-4 Posion bombs for a gas screen (Very deadly)
-4 Throwable barb wire bundles + Plenty of barb traps
-4 Frag grenades (It’s ww1 of course their will be bombs)
But Atleast make sure everyone has:
-As many traps as they can
-All your throwable slots filled with some kind of explosive, trap, barb wire, etc.
Remember to get to the boss first or you will be on the wrong side of the trench!
If you run out of ammo you may wish to call one last hurrah and charge, melee is deadly as few players realize that a bayonet can one shot you.

Written by Jack

This is all about Hunt: Showdown – Basic Weapon Build + Classes; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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