How to Fix Weather Bug Status Effect Glitch in Starfield

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How to Fix Weather Bug Status Effect Glitch in Starfield

Picture this: You’re fully immersed in your game, exploring different planets in Starfield, when out of nowhere, you get smacked with the incoming weather bug. It’s like this annoying fly that won’t buzz off, throwing a hazardous status effect at you, and it doesn’t matter where you go or how long you wait, it just won’t leave you alone.

How to Squash the Incoming Weather Bug

Now, it’s not like you asked for this guest, right? So, let’s look at a few tricks to show this bug the exit door.

Step One: Braving a Stormy Planet

Here’s a thought: pay a visit to a planet that’s known for throwing tantrums – I mean, one with a hazardous weather system. It’s best if it’s the same spoilsport planet where you first got the incoming weather status effect. Face the storm, but swiftly, no dilly-dallying. Race back to your ship without taking shortcuts like fast travel. If you’re lucky, that pesky incoming weather effect would’ve taken the hint and left you alone.

Step Two: Play the Waiting Game

If Step One didn’t work, it’s time for Plan B. Stay within the hazardous system, find yourself a cozy spot – could be a bed, a chair at an outpost, or a cave that’s not dripping too much – and wait. Once the storm decides it’s had enough fun and leaves, the incoming weather effect might decide to pack its bags, too.

Step Three: Try Some Tech Magic (For the PC Masters)

If you’re playing on a PC, here’s a neat trick. With a quick tap of the “~” on your keyboard, you’ll have access to console commands where you can demand (politely, of course) the incoming weather effect to skedaddle. The magic words are “player.removespell 1639f9”. Remember, using this spell – I mean, command – means you won’t get any gaming achievements, but there’s a Starfield mod to fix that if you care about it. Need to get rid of something else? Type “help “(condition)” 4″ and check the “OTHER FORMS” section. You’ll find the ID for the spell you want to be rid of.

So there you go, friend! With these steps, you can say goodbye to the incoming weather bug in Starfield and play without interruptions. Remember, always save before trying anything – better safe than sorry!

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