Starfield – How to Enhance Your Arsenal – Adding Weapon Attachments

Starfield – How to Enhance Your Arsenal – Adding Weapon Attachments 1 -
Starfield – How to Enhance Your Arsenal – Adding Weapon Attachments 1 -

Starfield – How to Enhance Your Arsenal – Adding Weapon Attachments

So, you’ve been exploring the vast universe of Starfield, huh? You’ve probably noticed the heaps of weapons available. But guess what? You can make them even cooler! By adding some rad attachments like optics, lasers, barrels, and grips, you can turn a simple firearm into a power-packed blaster. Let me walk you through it.

Where to Begin: Research Projects

Your first stop? The Research Laboratory. Inside, there’s a Weaponry section just waiting for you. You’ll start with a few projects, but to unlock the real goodies, you’ll need the Weapon Engineering skill. And where can you find this skill? Right in the Science section of the skill tree. Spend those skill points wisely!

When you hit Rank 1 in Weapon Engineering, things start getting exciting. You’ll unlock cool projects like Optic and Laser Mods 2, Muzzle Mods 1, Barrel Mods 2, and Grip and Stock Mods 2. And as you climb to Rank 2 and Rank 3, even more weapon mod projects will open up in the Weaponry section at the Research Laboratory.

How to Prep: Gathering Resources

Ready to start those Research Projects? You’ll need some materials. Gather everything before you startβ€”it makes things way smoother. Have you got all your stuff? Head to a Research Laboratory and drop in the right amount of resources for your project. By wrapping up these projects, you’re one step closer to having the coolest guns in Starfield.

Time to Shine: Adding Those Attachments

Are you finished with the Research Projects? Awesome! Now, let’s head to a Weapon Workbench. You’ll find them scattered across big cities and planets in the galaxy. Fun tip: There’s one hidden in the underground part of The Lodge on planet Jemison. Ready? Let’s dive into the fun part.

Pick a gun from your collection, and let’s start customizing. Imagine adding a shiny optic or a sturdy grip to your favorite weapon! At that time, I boosted a Demoralizing Maelstrom (Legendary) with some Optics, Muzzle, and Grip mods. Just ensure you have all the materials you need (listed at the top right of your screen). Then, go wild adding all sorts of mods to your weapon!

The universe of Starfield is massive, and with the right weapon mods, you’re set to conquer it. Unlock mods with Research Projects, slap them onto your guns at a Weapon Workbench, and watch as your weapons go from “meh” to “WOW!” Dive into the customization journey and let your creativity shine.

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