How to complete Eyewitness in Starfield

How to complete Eyewitness in Starfield 1 -
How to complete Eyewitness in Starfield 1 -

How to complete Eyewitness in Starfield

What You Need to Know

Are you heading into the Eyewitness mission? Well, it’s a direct sequel to the Delivering Devils mission in the UC Vanguard side quests of Starfield. This adventure is designed to highlight the menacing Terromorph threat, with a gripping scene where these creatures launch an assault on the New Atlantis spaceport. So, before you even think of diving into this mission, ensure you’re geared with an EM weapon. There’s a part where you’ll definitely need it.

But, heads up, sometimes the game has a hiccup, and the weapon doesn’t spawn. So, maybe grab one in advance? And while you’re prepping, think about saving your progress in a new file. Just to be safe.

Oh, and if you have a buddy from Constellation with you, you might want to tell them to sit this one out. You know, to keep them happy. And one last thing: During your mission, you’ll have to have a chat with the big guns of New Atlantis – the cabinet and president. If you want smooth sailing, bring only Hadrian along for that part.

Conquering the Eyewitness Mission

Step 1: Link up with Hadrian outside MAST.

So, Hadrian’s got this idea. He thinks you should share your worries about the Terramorphs with the president of New Atlantis. Why? Well, there’s some juicy intel on xenowarfare stored in the Archives of New Atlantis. He’ll be right there with you during the cabinet talk, but guess what? You’ll be the main show. Pro tip: Chat with Hadrian before you head in. He’s got some pointers that might help you out with the cabinet folk.

Step 2: Time to head into MAST.

Once you’re summoned, the cabinet’s all ears. Take the elevator ride up to the Cabinet Chambers. That’s where the big decisions happen.

Step 3: Let’s chat with the big players.

Okay, here’s the thing. No matter what you say or how you say it, they’re going to give you the data in the end. But hey, try to win them over anyway. It’s good practice!

Choosing Your Words with the Cabinet President

The golden line to drop when you’re with the president:

“Yep. If everyone’s worried about the data turning into a weapon, remember the Terrormorph program didn’t work out. So, the data? Not that scary.”

Now, remember, this choice only pops up if you’ve had that pre-meeting chat with Hadrian outside MAST. Whether or not you persuade the cabinet to hand over the data, they’ll have a change of heart after the next events unfold.

Unexpected Guests: The Terramorph Attack

Just when you think you’re about to wrap up with the cabinet, alarms start blaring. Guess who’s come knocking? The Terramorphs. And they’ve chosen to crash the New Atlantis spaceport in Jemison. Talk about perfect timing, huh?

Handling the Affected Civilians

As soon as you step out of that elevator, you’ll notice a chaotic scene: civilians going head-to-head with UC security guards. Turns out, those sneaky Terramorphs have a knack for messing with people’s minds, making them turn against each other. The heart of New Atlantis is in turmoil, with its own residents acting out aggressively. But don’t fret; that’s where your trusty EM weapon comes into play. If you haven’t picked it up yet, look around for a blue mission marker – that’s where you’ll find one.

A word to the wise, though: sometimes, one shot might not do the trick. You might have to hit the civilians a few times to ensure they’re really out for the count. Oh, and don’t even think about using another weapon – the game’s got that covered and won’t let you. If, for some reason, you can’t find the EM weapon, well, you might hit a little roadblock in your mission progress.

Note: Here’s the deal: this guide is your one-stop shop for nailing the Eyewitness mission in Starfield. Keep it handy for all those little details and steps you need to remember.

Killing the Terramorphs

Getting Ready for the Mission

Now, if things go sideways (and sometimes they do), you might have to reload a previous save or kick off the mission again from the top. Once you’ve calmed the storm with those brainwashed folks, you’ll get a mission update. One of the UC guards who was under attack will want a chat. Next up, hop onto the NAT train and make your way to the spaceport. As for the specifics of handling the Terramorphs? That’s something the game leaves a bit open-ended for now.

Facing the Terramorphs in Starfield

Alright, so the first Terramorph you’re going to encounter is right past the security barriers in the spaceport, hanging out on the left. Trust me, you can’t miss it – there’s a whole bunch of UC guards doing their best to bring it down. Before you jump into the fray, make sure you’re ready to rumble: gear up with your top-notch weapons, stock up on ammo, and have some Aid items close by. You never know when you’ll need them.

Getting a Helping Hand from Sergeant Yumi

Once you’ve shown that first Terramorph who’s boss, take a minute to catch up with Sergeant Yumi. He’s got some intel for you: there’s a fireteam prepped and ready to give you a hand against the other Terramorphs that are trying to crash the party in the city. Your call on how to use them: want them by your side in the heat of battle, or would you rather they hang back? If you’ve packed enough supplies, maybe let them stay out of harm’s way – just a thought.

Taking Out the Rest of the Terramorphs

Continue through those barriers on the left and keep an eye out for the marker to find the two remaining Terramorphs. Be warned – these creatures are neither slow nor weak. So, go in with your best gun, and if you can, take those shots to the head. If you’ve got that fireteam with you, let them draw the creature’s attention. It’ll give you a better shot from a distance. And here’s a pro tip: if you start hearing weird voices in your head, shake it off. Those are just the Terramorphs trying to play mind games. Stay focused on the task at hand and take those monsters down.

Wrapping Up the Mission

Once you’ve cleared out the Terramorph menace, head back to Sergeant Yumi to give him the good news. Offer up a detailed report on how things went down. With the Terramorphs’ surprise attack, any doubts about their threat level are out the window. If the cabinet were playing hardball about the data in the Archives before, they’d be singing a different tune now. If they were already on board, they’ll underline how crucial it is for you to get that access.

The Spoils of Victory

And there you have it! With your chat with the cabinet wrapped up, you can consider the Eyewitness mission in the bag. As a little thank you, you’ll pocket 350 EXP and a cool 12,000 credits. With that under your belt, you’re all set to face whatever challenges the Terramorphs throw your way next.

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