How to Find All Relics in Phantom Liberty DLC Cyberpunk 2077

How to Find All Relics in Phantom Liberty DLC Cyberpunk 2077 1 -
How to Find All Relics in Phantom Liberty DLC Cyberpunk 2077 1 -

How to Find All Relics in Phantom Liberty DLC Cyberpunk 2077

In the exciting Phantom Liberty DLC of Cyberpunk 2077, the game’s makers, CD Projekt Red, have introduced some cool new features for players like you! Among these, the Relic Skill Tree stands out, letting you customize your character in fresh, powerful ways. In this guide, we’ll walk you through finding all 14 Relic Points in this expansion, alongside the missions that help you unlock them.

Unleash Your Potential: Relics Points and Perks

The Relic Skill Tree is neatly split into three paths: Jailbreak, Vulnerability Analytics, and Emergency Cloaking. Each one offers a set of perks that help you craft a character that suits your playing style, thanks to the new Relic Points system. To get those precious Relic Points, be sure to look for Data Terminals hidden in Dogtown.

A Seizure of Power: Relic Points 1-3

At the start of your adventure, during the “Dog Eat Dog” quest, you’ll automatically receive your first three Relic Points. This happens as you, playing as V, approach Dogtown’s main entrance. Here, a character named Songbird pops up to walk you through using the new Relic Skill Tree.

A Meeting of Fate: Relic Points 4-6

As you move further into the game, you’ll stumble upon the mission “Birds With Broken Wings.” In this part, after meeting with Alex and Reed at The Moth, you’ll need to don a disguise to enter a stadium. Inside, your task is to hack into some tracking stations, and Songbird will reward your efforts with another 3 Relic Points.

Hidden in the Shadows: Relic Point Location 7

Next up, there’s a Relic Point you can visit anytime, located near the Dogtown Apartment. Venture down an alley next to the Kress Street fast travel point, and interact with the data terminal there to claim another Relic Point.

Trespassing for Power: Relic Point Location 8

Near areas marked for Increased Criminal Activity, you’ll find another Relic Point in a restricted zone close to V’s apartment. Be cautious around the Barghest guards – you can choose to confront or avoid them. If they spot you, they won’t be happy, but you can use obstacles to block their view and access the terminal in secret.

A Hidden Gem: Relic Point Location 9

Continue your quest in Dogtown and head to an area known for Increased Gang Activity. Look for a neon-lit bar in a small alley, where inside you’ll find a data terminal with the next Relic Point.

Stay Tuned for More!

We’ll be back with the locations of the remaining Relic Points and the missions that unlock them. With these points, you can create a character that’s truly legendary.

Discover 10 Unique Relic Points in Dogtown

Ready for more adventure? Dogtown is a city of secrets, and as you explore its streets, you’ll find Data Terminals holding valuable relics. These not only boost your powers but also reveal stories about Dogtown. Below, we’ll guide you to 10 Relic Points, each unique and exciting, so get ready for a treasure hunt!

Capitan Caliente Building – Relic Point Location 10

First up, let’s head to the center of Dogtown, where the Capitan Caliente building is. Climb the nearby bridge, walk up the concrete steps, and you’ll find a Data Terminal at the top, waiting just for you. This Relic Point tells a tale of the resilient folks who once frequented this now-abandoned restaurant.

Relic Point Location 11: Nightlife Secrets at Heavy Hearts

Near the pyramid-shaped Heavy Hearts nightclub, there’s a surprise waiting. Look for a green crane and a building that’s seen better days. Go upstairs, and you’ll find a Data Terminal. This point gives you a peek into Dogtown’s once lively nightlife scene.

Relic Point Location 12: Dogtown’s Busy Market

Take a stroll in Dogtown’s busy market. Amid the crowd, there’s a hidden spot just waiting for you. Go left from the Black Market weapons dealer, and then down some stairs. At the end of the room, behind some big crates, there’s another Data Terminal. It’s a little piece of calm in the middle of the market hustle.

Relic Point Location 13: A Challenge in the East

Head east in Dogtown, near the stadium. You’ll spot a gang hideout, marked by three green skulls on your map. Clear out the bad guys, and you’ll find your next Data Terminal. This spot tells the story of Dogtown’s tougher side.

Relic Point Location 14: Secrets Under the HFS Building

Right under the big round HFS building, there’s a tunnel you should explore. Remember meeting Reed there during the “Lucretia My Reflection” mission? That’s the place! Jump over a fence guarded by some Barghest thugs, and you’ll discover another Data Terminal. Sometimes, the best finds are hidden right under your nose!

Relic Point Location 15: South of Dogtown’s Troubles

In the southern part of the city, where there’s a lot of criminal activity, you’ll find another Relic Point. Keep your eyes open and stay safe!

Where Art Meets History: Hollow Sphere Sculpture

Now, let’s head to the city center. Spot the big **hollow sphere sculpture**? Go down to the parking lot beneath, painted in a **bright yellow** color. Wander around and you’ll find a little market. There, behind one of the counters, is your next **Data Terminal**. It’s a spot where art and history come together in Dogtown.

Your Own Adventure: Create a Relic Point

Here’s the thing about Dogtown – it’s huge and full of secret spots. While we’ve given you some points, you might find your own unique **Relic Points**. Discover new places, tell your own stories, and add your treasures to the map. Every corner of Dogtown has a story waiting to be told by explorers like you.

Final Thoughts: Uncover Dogtown’s Mysteries

Dogtown’s a city of wonders and mysteries. From the Capitan Caliente building to hidden art spots, each Relic Point offers something special. So, adventurers, grab your gear, explore Dogtown’s streets, and find out its secrets. Happy exploring!

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