How to Find Spinda Field Research Location in Pokémon Go

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How to Find Spinda Field Research Location in Pokémon Go

Hi there, Trainer! Ready to dive into Pokémon Go’s October 2023 Field Research? The spotlight is on the challenge: “Five Great Curveball Throws in a Row“, and successfully completing it rewards you with a cool Spinda! But, which form will show up? Hang tight, and let’s journey through the details of catching this whimsical Pokémon together!

3. Time for Spinda:

After nailing the “Five Great Curveball Throws in a Row” challenge, the magic moment arrives — it’s Spinda time! Claim your Field Research reward, and there’s Spinda, ready for capture. No stress, take your time aiming. And here’s a pro tip: use a Pinap Berry for extra candies!

5. Community to the Rescue:

Finding the Spinda Field Research task might feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, but remember, many trainers are on the lookout too! The Pokémon Go community is vibrant and supportive, sharing info on their findings. So, connect with friends or join a community to discover which PokéStop is handing out the Spinda quest.

4. Finding the Spinda Quest:

Now, with skills polished, it’s quest-finding time. With various Field Research tasks floating around, spotting the Spinda one can be tricky. But here’s a hack: you can discard a Field Research task and spin another PokéStop for new tasks. So, keep on spinning and don’t stop until the Spinda quest pops up!

1. Curveball Throw Mastery:

First things first, let’s tackle the “Five Great Curveball Throws in a Row” challenge. If curveballs are new to you, no worries! Simply spin the Poké Ball in circles before letting it fly, aiming for the Pokémon’s colored circle. Timing is everything — wait for the Pokémon to make a move first, increasing your chances of a successful throw!

2. Practice with Legendary Raids:

Struggling with those curveballs? Legendary Raids are here to help! These raids not only offer practice but also feature Pokémon with larger hit circles, simplifying your task. And who knows, you might end up catching a mighty Legendary Pokémon in the process — talk about a win-win!

With these tips, your October quest for Spinda is set! Master those curveballs, engage with the community, and spin, spin, spin those PokéStops until you snag your Spinda Field Research. Here’s to a successful hunt, Trainer! May your Pokédex soon boast of various delightful Spinda forms!

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