How to Farm the Dawning Momento in Destiny 2

How to Farm the Dawning Momento in Destiny 2 2 -
How to Farm the Dawning Momento in Destiny 2 2 -

How to Farm the Dawning Momento in Destiny 2

Hey there, Guardians! Ready to score a Dawning Momento in Destiny 2? First thing’s first: you can only have one of these cool items in your inventory at a time. Once you’ve got it, jet over to the Enclave on Mars to add some zing to your weapon. Or, if you’re feeling it, you can just break it down instead.

So, where do these Dawning Momentos come from? They’re like winning a mini-lottery – super rare and totally random, popping up when you open those A Gift in Return boxes. You get these boxes by sharing your homemade Dawning cookies with NPCs across the galaxy. In other words, to get your hands on a Momento, you gotta dive headfirst into the whole Dawning shebang. And for that, you’re gonna need a bunch of Essence of Dawning and ingredients to whip up those cookies. Keep playing the game, bake those goodies, and swap them for rewards – fingers crossed for a Dawning Momento!

How to Farm the Dawning Momento in Destiny 2 1 -
How to Farm the Dawning Momento in Destiny 2 1 –

Mastering the Dawning Momento Hunt

Alright, let’s break down the steps for farming those elusive Dawning Momentos:

  1. First up, tackle all your Dawning bounties, both daily and weekly. This is your golden ticket to scoring Essence of Dawning and the stuff you need for your cookie recipes.
  2. Next, find the quickest ways to farm Essence of Dawning. I’m talking Vanguard Ops, Legend Lost Sectors (if you’re up for the challenge), and other activities you enjoy.
  3. Then, it’s time to go full-on cookie factory. Bake ’em till you can’t anymore and hand them all in. Pro tip: Keep snagging those Dawning repeatable bounties and bake extra cookies for those too. If a bounty isn’t pointing you to a Tower vendor and you’ve got Glimmer to spare, ditch it and grab another one that does.
  4. Now, open every single A Gift in Return box you get. Remember, only one Dawning Momento at a time. Crack open those boxes until you hit the jackpot, then slap that Momento onto your favorite crafted weapon.
  5. Last but not least, rinse and repeat!

Good news, everyone! The Dawning event’s got some extra time on the clock thanks to a delay with The Final Shape. So, you’ve got loads of time to hunt down those Dawning Momentos. Oh, and a cool little tidbit – when your crafted weapon hits level 30, it gets this awesome blue shader color. Happy hunting!

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