Arma 3 – Recommended Flight Speed Tips

Arma 3 – Recommended Flight Speed Tips 1 -
Arma 3 – Recommended Flight Speed Tips 1 -

VTOL Take-off
Vertical take-off and landing aircraft are easy to operate.
Select Auto hoverĀ 
from the action menu. This will stabilize the vehicle.
Use [Left Shift] to increase thrust and go up.
Use [Z] to decrease thrust and go down.
For non-VTOL aircraft, follow a standard procedure:
Gain speed with increasing thrust [Left Shift] and pulling the nose up [S].
You can move flaps up to increase the upward lift and shorten the take-off [Right Ctrl+K].

Recommended Flight Speed

< = more than
> = less than
Take-off: 170km/h<
Landing: 160km/h>
Tight-turns: 200-250km/h
Taxi speed: 35km/h>
Cruise speed: 300km/h<

Tips and Tricks from Pros

1. Pilot/Gunner on same radio channel. Local can be hard to hear, so its best to use your own frequency.
2. Load all your ammo. Most likely, you’ll need everything. Make sure you have everything so your not wishing you had something that you didnt think you’d need to load.
3. Keep AA missiles selected. Any helicopters/air units are always 1st priority.
4. Keep AP loaded. Vehicles are always higher priority than foot soldiers. You can load HE if you see groups of infantry.
5. Fly high. AA are less likely to spot you if your 1k-2k+ in the air. However, if you fly below the hilltops, radar will not be able to spot you.
6. Coordinate with ground forces. They’ll give you target rich environments to engage so your not risking your helicopter hovering over an AO without engaging enemy.
7. ALWAYS keep your flares reloaded. Anytime you deploy them, you should rearm them. Even if you only use 1-2 bursts. You never know when you’ll have series of AA guns firing at you in rapid succession.
Following these simple rules in a heli should keep you alive. Anything else is all basic common sense.

Radar Meanings

Arma 3 - Recommended Flight Speed Tips - Radar Meanings - 021958A

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