Arma 3 – [S.O.G. Prairie Fire] How to setup Task Force Radio for Mike Force Servers

Arma 3 – [S.O.G. Prairie Fire] How to setup Task Force Radio for Mike Force Servers 1 -
Arma 3 – [S.O.G. Prairie Fire] How to setup Task Force Radio for Mike Force Servers 1 -
This guide will walk you through how to install and use TFAR in Official S.O.G. Prairie Fire Mike Force servers. It was a pain for me to learn how to set everything up and I know others will have similar issues. I will try and make the guide as specific as possible to make sure that everyone can understand it. I am currently very drunk so I will need to come back to the guide to fix it up. If things aren’t making sense be patient and it should be fixed.


Installing Task Force Radio

For Mike Force servers you will need to subscribe to the Beta version of TFAR in the workshop. You can find a link here: http://- 
Subscribe to it and we will come back to it later 

Installing Teamspeak

If you did not know TFAR runs off of a separate program known as Teamspeak, it’s pretty much just discord but for mainly voice instead of text. Download the most up to date version of teamspeak from their website: 
Click on the EXE and let it install to it’s default location 
Note: I’d recommend opening it at least once and enabling push to talk 

Installing/Enabling the TFAR addon/plugin for Teamspeak

Next you will need to install a teamspeak plugin for TFAR. You can get this either from the TFAR website or from its github. Make sure you are downloading the most up to date version of the beta branch!!! : 
After you install it open the folder and click on the subfolder called teamspeak, then double click on the file task_force_radio, teamspeak will pop up a TS window just click on install then yes to the warning. After this has been done restart the teamspeak client if it is open. 
Reopen teamspeak and then click on tools, then options. Once the options window is open click on addons, scroll down until you see Task Force Arrowhead Radio addon make sure it says enabled,if it doesn’t click on disabled and it should enable it. Click on ok. Now the plugin is enabled. 

Connecting to a Mike Force server and using TFAR

—As an example I will show how to connect to an Official Mike Force server #3— 
Note: Make sure the main Arma 3 game is closed! You should only have the launcher up. 
For this you will want to use the Arma 3 Launcher Server Browser, not the one ingame, and find an Official Mike Force server you want to join, remember what number it is! 
Open teamspeak and Connect to the Official Mike Force server by clicking on Connections, then clicking on connect. From there underneath Server Nickname or Address copy and paste this then clicking on Connect, you will be brought to a list of all voice chats you can join. 
It is recommended you turn down your volume for this step. Scroll down until you find the server you wanted to join, in this case we want to join server 3, scroll down until you see Mike Force #3 and double click it, this will add you to the chat. From here we can join the server through the Arma 3 launcher. 
On the launcher join the server you wanted to, and when it asks what mods you want to enable make sure you enable TFAR Beta! 


Hurray you should now be able to use TFAR ingame! I am very drunk ATM so I will be coming back to this guide to fix somethings and clear other things up so if you have questions just be patient. 

Written by Ryu

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Arma 3 – [S.O.G. Prairie Fire] How to setup Task Force Radio for Mike Force Servers; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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