Arma 3 – List of Missiles + Bombs & Acronyms

Arma 3 – List of Missiles + Bombs & Acronyms 1 -
Arma 3 – List of Missiles + Bombs & Acronyms 1 -

I was unable to find a proper list with all the missile and their new guidance.
So i decide to create one
AA(Air to Air) Missile:
AMRAAM : Radar Active Homing (RAH)
R77 Adder: RAH
Zephyr: RAH
BIM-9X: IR guidance
R73 Archer : IR guidance
Falchion 22 : IR guidance
Sahr 3: IR guidance
ASRAAM : IR guidance
AG(Air to Ground) Missile:
Macer: IR guidance only
Sharur : IR guidance only
KH 25 Kedge: IR guidance only
Scalpel : IR and Laser guidance
DAGR : IR and Laser guidance
DAR : Dumb fire
Shrieker : Dumb fire
Tratnyr : Dumb fire
DAR: Dumb fire (but burst mode)
If I forgot a missile or if I made a mistake say it and I will correct it.


LOM-250G (KAB-250): Laser guided bomb
GBU-12 : Laser guided bomb
Mk82 : Dumb Bomb


-Ambiguous – UNKNOWN
-ARH (Active Radar Homing) Guided missiles require the radar to be switched ON, target needs to be locked on
-LASER GUIDANCE requires a target marking with a laser designator. This can be done by handheld Designators, Drones or by using the On-Board Camera (Default – CTRL + RMB)
-IR can only lock/detect warm (vehicles) targets. Vehicles warm up by shooting the onboard weapon/having the engine turned on (still warm after both actions have ended a time ago)

Written by WANHEDA

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Arma 3 – List of Missiles + Bombs & Acronyms; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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