Toram Online – Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles)

Toram Online – Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles) 13 -
Toram Online – Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles) 13 -

As of the MT on 11th Nov 2021, Bag is now split into Categories (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles). As Collectibles does not require ORB to expand, this guide serves to list the list of items needed for the expansion until it reaches 100. I know there’s multiple places to get these information from, but just thought I post one on Steam. Cheers


To the PC players, you will only know of the new bag system since it was implemented on the maintenance of 11th November 2021.
Expanding the collectibles category of the bag is extremely useful for TEC character and also material sellers as they will be able to process/sell more materials in a single go. You are also able to expand technically for free (except for the Spina Required slots) if you farm for all the items yourself. On the other hand, Equipment & Tools category require 30-day tickets/Orbs
Holding more = Selling more = Profit more
There is an ‘In Summary’ portion at the end of every Section for players who prefer to just buy the items needed via Consignment Board. Otherwise each individual slot has the location of where to farm for the said items.

Slot 51-55


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Colon Skin x1
Location: Colon (Lv 4) – Land Under Development
Helm Colon (Lv 18) – Marbaro Forest
Helm Colon (Lv 16) – Marbaro Forest



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Gorgeous Fur x1
Location: Lavarca (Lv 21) – Rakau Plains
Lavarca (Lv 21) – Ruined Temple Town


Required Spina


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Minotaur Skin x1
Location: Minotaur (Boss) – Ruined Temple: Forbidden Hall
Item 2:Orange Crystal Fragment x1
Location: Cobre (Lv 12) – Icule Lake


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Forest Wolf Skin x1
Location: Forest Wolf (Boss) – Marbaro Forest: Deepest Part
Item 2: Goblin Medal x1
Location:Boss Goblin (Boss) – Ribisco Cave: Deepest Part

Toram Online - Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles) - Slot 51-55 - 74749C2

In Summary


  • Colon Skin x1
  • Gorgeous Fur x1
  • 1,000S
  • Minotaur Skin x1
  • Orange Crystal Fragment x1
  • Forest Wolf Skin x1
  • Goblin Medal x1


Slot 56-60


Required Spina


Required Item(s)
Item 1:Mochelo Fur x1
Location: Mochelo (Boss) – Fiery Volcano: Area 3
Item 2: Linen Cloth x10
Location:Crow Killer (Lv 20/21) – Douce Hamlet


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Green Dragon Fur x1
Location: Forestia (Boss) – Land Of Chaos
Item 2: High Quality Horn x10
Location:Billy (Lv 24) – Yorl Highlands


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Boss Roga’s Belt x1
Location:Boss Roga (Lv 62) – Saham Underground Cave: Deepest Part
Item 2:Broadcloth x10
Location: Orc (Lv 46) – Saham Crater
Orc Warrior (Lv 46/47/49) – Saham Underground Cave: B1/B2/B3


Required Spina

Toram Online - Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles) - Slot 56-60 - 199BD37

In Summary


  • 2,000S
  • Mochelo Fur x1
  • Linen Cloth x10
  • Green Dragon Fur x1
  • High Quality Horn x10
  • Boss Roga’s Belt x1
  • Broadcloth x10
  • 4,000S


Slot 61-65


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Sharp Bear Claw x2
Location: Violacoon (Mini Boss) – Darkanon Plain
Item 2:Sheeting Fabric x20
Location:Cassy (Lv 47/48) – Ancient Empress Tomb: A2/A3


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Heavy Tough Chain x2
Location: Masked Warrior (Boss) – Land Under Cultivation: Hill
Item 2: Polyester Cloth x20
Location: Wandering Shadow (Lv 56) – Lost Town/Lost Town: Square
Note: Also drops from Mini Boss Shining Gentlemen


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Grass Dragon’s Scale x2
Location:Grass Dragon Yelb (Boss) – Albatif Village
Item 2: Space Wolf Fur x20
Location: Outer World Wolf (Mini Boss) – Gate to Another World: A1/A2


Required Spina


Required Item(s)
Item 1:Torn Cloak x2
Location:Goovua (Boss) – Akaku Desert: Hill
Item 2: Squirrel Fur x20
Location: Rodentail (Lv 52/55) – Maia Diela

Toram Online - Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles) - Slot 61-65 - BCB7D3E

In Summary


  • Sharp Bear Claw x2
  • Sheeting Fabric x20
  • Heavy Tough Chain x2
  • Polyester Cloth x20
  • Grass Dragon’s Scale x2
  • Space Wolf Fur x20
  • 8,000S
  • Torn Cloak x2
  • Squirrel Fur x20


Slot 66-70


Required Item(s)
Item 1:Jade Raptor Horn x2
Location: Jade Raptor (Boss) – Gravel Terrace
Item 2: Goat Fur x20
Location: Koza (Lv 63) – Dunkel Valley


Required Item(s)
Item 1:Twilight Dragon Wing x2
Location: Twilight Dragon (Boss) – Fort Solfini: Roof
Item 2: Fleecy Fur x20
Location:Rabby (Lv 68) – Polde Ice Valley
Little Snow Boar (Lv 69) – Polde Ice Valley


Required Spina


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Chain of Purgatory x2
Location: Cerberus (Boss) – Spring of Rebirth: Top
Item 2:Wavering Cloth x20
Location: Jewel Eye (Lv 84) – Spring of Rebirth: Middle/Upper


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Aranea Silk x2
Location: Aranea (Boss) – Garden of Sublimation: Central Part
Item 2:Small Spider Silk x20
Location:Aramia (Lv 87) – Garden of Sublimation: A2/A3

Toram Online - Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles) - Slot 66-70 - E3A4C3D

In Summary


  • Jade Raptor Horn x2
  • Goat Fur x20
  • Twilight Dragon Wing x2
  • Fleecy Fur x20
  • 16,000S
  • Chain of Purgatory x2
  • Wavering Cloth x20
  • Aranea Silk x2
  • Small Spider Silk x20


Slot 71-75


Required Item(s)
Item 1:Copied Goddess’s Cloth x3
Location:Imitacia (Boss) – Dark Castle: Grand Hall
Item 2: Floating Cloth x10
Location: Flying Executioner (Lv 89) – Cradle of Soldier: Entrance/Inside
Item 3:Soft Paw x20
Location: Bunny Summoner (Lv 79) – Trace of Dark River
Note: Also drops from Mini Boss Lapin The Necromancer.



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Evil Beast Mane x3
Location: Memecoleous (Boss) – Dark Castle: A2
Item 2: Hard Paw Pad x10
Location: Manticore (Lv 96) – Dark Castle: A1
Note: Boss Memecoleous also drops it.
Item 3:Dark Shadow Feather x20
Location:Shadow Fly (Lv 94) – Dark Castle: A1/A2/A3



Required Spina



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Tapir Fur x3
Location: Tapir (Boss) – Blazing Graben: Surface
Item 2: Stiff Fur x10
Location: Wooly (Lv 96) – Blazing Graben: Surface
Item 3: Anti-Rust Oil x20
Location: Ornis Demi Machina (Lv 85) – Artillery Defense Line



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Ancient Fabric x3
Location: Proto Leon (Boss) – Singolare Ruins: 3rd Floor
Item 2:Soft Tree Bark x10
Location:Floral Bee (Lv 91) – Site of Simcracker
Item 3: Dirty Potum Hair x20
Location:Slum Potum (Lv 89) – Klaspe Slum

Toram Online - Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles) - Slot 71-75 - CF58F17

In Summary


  • Copied Goddess’s Cloth x3
  • Floating Cloth x10
  • Soft Paw x20
  • Evil Beast Mane x3
  • Hard Paw Pad x10
  • Dark Shadow Feather x20
  • 32,000S
  • Tapir Fur x3
  • Stiff Fur x10
  • Anti-Rust Oil x20
  • Ancient Fabric x3
  • Soft Tree Bark x10
  • Dirty Potum Hair x20


Slot 76-80


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Crimson Huge Bone x3
Location: Dusk Machina (Mini Boss) – Small Demi Machina Factory: A2
Item 2:Torn Black Coat x10
Location: Rugos Demi Machina (Lv 105/108) – Small Demi Machina Factory: A1/A2/A3
Item 3: Torn Chain x20
Location: Torture Machina (Lv 106/109) – Small Demi Machina Factory: A1/A2/A3



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Chimera Scale x3
Location: Mozto Machina (Boss) – Large Demi Machina Factory: Deepest Part
Item 2: Mysterious Luminary x10
Location: Horn Machina (Lv 109/110) – Large Demi Machina Factory: A1/A2/A3
Item 3: Tough Tentacle x20
Location: Ledon Machina (Lv 108/111) – Large Demi Machina Factory: A1/A2/A3
Note: Also drops from Mini Boss Odelon Machina.



Required Spina



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Forest Spirit’s Robe x3
Location: Lalvada (Boss) – Monster’s Forest: Deep Part
Item 2: Plant Fang x10
Location: Nepenthe (Lv 113/114) – Monster’s Forest: Foggy Way/Animal Trail/Deep Part
Item 3: Felt Fabric x20
Location:Puppet Dragon (Lv 114/115/116) – Lufenas Mansion: Entrance/Corridor/Library



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Lyark Alloy x3
Location: Gwaimol (Boss) – Cuervo Jail: Roof
Item 2: Torn Officer Clothes x10
Location: Lyark Jailer (Lv 120/121) – Cuervo Jail: 1F/2F
Item 3: Ox Fabric x20
Location: Lyark Specialist (Lv 119) – Brahe Laboratory: 2nd Building
Note: Also drops from the Mini Boss Lyark Master Specialist

Toram Online - Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles) - Slot 76-80 - CFF1BC2

In Summary


  • Crimson Huge Bone x3
  • Torn Black Coat x10
  • Torn Chain x20
  • Chimera Scale x3
  • Mysterious Luminary x10
  • Tough Tentacle x20
  • 64,000S
  • Forest Spirit’s Robe x3
  • Plant Fang x10
  • Felt Fabric x20
  • Lyark Alloy x3
  • Torn Officer Clothes x10
  • Ox Fabric x20


Slot 81-85


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Light Emitting Cloth x4
Location: Seraph Machina (Boss) – Buried Tower: Inside
Item 2: Damaged Artificial Leather x20
Location: Lyark Brawler (Lv 124/126/127) – Suburb of Droma Square: A1/A2/A3
Item 3: Executer’s Loincloth x20
Location:Volo (Lv 124/125) – Suburb of Droma Square: A2/A3



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Lil Empress Cloth Piece x4
Location: Venena Coenubia (Boss) – Ultimea Palace: Throne
Item 2: Hard Armor Bit x20
Location: High Tigris (Lv 128/129) – Ultimea Palace: Storage A1/Demi Machina Storage
Item 3: Snake Skin x20
Location:Pond Snake (Lv 115) – Copia Reservoir



Required Spina



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Mom Fluck Skin x4
Location: Mom Fluck (Boss) – Forgotten Cave
Item 2: Colon Big Leaf x20
Location: Leedle Colon (Lv 128) – Rokoko Plains
Item 3:Vertical Stripe Fur x20
Location: Tehon (Lv 119/122/131) – Curonne Forest: East/North A1


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Mardula Spiritual Cloth x4
Location: Mardula (Boss) – Hall of Blessings Gods
Item 2: Mysterious Shiny Cloth x20
Location: Bubble Angel (Green/White/Red/Blue) – Shrine of The Gods: A1/A2/A3
Note: Also drop from Mini Boss Bubble Bogey.
Item 3: Grey Feather x20
Location: Haliabubo (Lv 139) – Ruins of Mt. Mithurna: Stylobate

Toram Online - Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles) - Slot 81-85 - CCF8939

In Summary


  • Light Emitting Cloth x4
  • Damaged Artificial Leather x20
  • Executer’s Loincloth x20
  • Lil Empress Cloth Piece x4
  • Hard Armor Bit x20
  • Snake Skin x20
  • 100,000S
  • Mom Fluck Skin x4
  • Colon Big Leaf x20
  • Vertical Stripe Fur x20
  • Mardula Spiritual Cloth x4
  • Mysterious Shiny Cloth x20
  • Grey Feather x20


Slot 86-90


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Carbuncle Fur x4
Location: Carbuncle (Mini Boss) – Hall of Construction Gods
Item 2: Knit Fabric x20
Location: Bubble Angel (Purple/White/Yellow) – Shrine of the Gods: A4/Heresy Corridor/Hall of Special Gods
Item 3: Bag Bear Tail x20
Location: Oddy (Lv 144/145) – Shrine of the Gods: A4/Hall of Construction Gods



Required Item(s)
Item 1: King Piton Fur x4
Location: King Piton (Boss) – Elf Mountains: Shrine
Item 2: Thick White Fur x20
Location: Billy (Lv 136/139) – Garden of Ice & Snow
Item 3:Stiff Grey Fur x20
Location: Silveria (Lv 149/151) – Elf Mountains: A1/A3



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Ancient Angot x4
Location: Thug Golem (Mini Boss) – Dark Dragon Shrine: Middle
Item 2: Ice Wolf Fang x20
Location: Corloup (Lv 147/148/149) – Elf Mountains: A1/A2/A3
Item 3: Dusky Fabric x20
Location:Soul Reaper (Lv 151/152) – Dark Dragon Shrine: Lower/Middle



Required Spina



Required Item(s)
Item 1:Tuscog Fang x4
Location: Tuscog (Boss) – Eryldan Street: Near the Forest of Ein
Item 2: Larva Silk x20
Location: Moss Mole (Lv 146) – Forest of Ein
Item 3: Werewolf Fur x20
Location:Wolfret (Lv 156/157) – Eryldan Street: A2/A3

Toram Online - Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles) - Slot 86-90 - 059D308

In Summary


  • Carbuncle Fur x4
  • Knit Fabric x20
  • Bag Bear Tail x20
  • King Piton Fur x4
  • Thick White Fur x20
  • Stiff Grey Fur x20
  • Ancient Angot x4
  • Ice Wolf Fang x20
  • Dusky Fabric x20
  • 200,000S
  • Tuscog Fang x4
  • Larva Silk x20
  • Werewolf Fur x20


Slot 91-95


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Kuzto Splinter x5
Location: Kuzto (Boss) – Labilans Sector: Square
Item 2:Stoat Fur x20
Location: Sentreast (Lv 147/150) – Fabriska Sector
Item 3: Mysterious Waist Sash x30
Location: Moculus (Lv 160/161) – Fractum Sector: A1/A2/A3



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Crystal Pouch x5
Location: Canemofish (Mini Boss) – Recetacula Sector: A1
Item 2: Cushy Tail x20
Location: Alpoca (Lv 164/165/155/153) – Labilans Sector: A2/A3/Dikkit Sector
Item 3: Sturdy Papula x30
Location: Toxinaria (Lv 170/171/172) – Recetacula Sector: A1/A2/A3



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Repthon Wings x5
Location: Repthon (Boss) – Deltzon Research Zone: Deepest Area
Item 2: Legume Button x20
Location: Marquis Colon (Lv 161) – Old Lufenas Mansion Ruins
Item 3: Frock Coat Scrap x30
Location: Swirly Whirly (Lv 173/174/175) – Deltzon Research Zone: A1/A2/A3



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Empress Ogre Hair x5
Location: Venena Metacoenubia (Boss) – Neo Plastida
Item 2: Torn Red Cloth x20
Location: Sand Bandits Potum (Lv 174/177) – Geist Desert: A1/A3
Item 3:Corroded Leather x30
Location: Cabrigo (Lv 177) – Ruins of Urban Elban



Required Spina

Toram Online - Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles) - Slot 91-95 - C2BE142

In Summary


  • Kuzto Splinter x5
  • Stoat Fur x20
  • Mysterious Waist Sash x30
  • Crystal Pouch x5
  • Cushy Tail x20
  • Sturdy Papula x30
  • Repthon Wings x5
  • Legume Button x20
  • Frock Coat Scrap x30
  • Empress Ogre Hair x5
  • Torn Red Cloth x20
  • Corroded Leather x30
  • 300,000S


Slot 96-100


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Pisteus Bone x5
Location:Pisteus (Boss) – Ducia Coast: Depths
Item 2: Phantom Cloth x20
Location: Flooray (Lv 162/165/167)Lunagent Cliff Base/Inje Village
Item 3:Sea Otter Fur x30
Location: Lutris (Lv 178/179) – Ducia Coast: A2/A3


Required Item(s)
Item 1: Arachnidemon Wing x5
Location: Arachnidemon (Boss) – Arche Valley: Depths
Item 2: Metal Shackles x20
Location: Besy (Lv 182/183/184) – Arche Valley: A1/A2/A3
Note: Also drop from Mini Boss Espectro.
Item 3: Weird Snake Skin x30
Location: Coofer (Lv 171/174/178) – Rokoko City Ruins/Nezim Wetlands



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Slimy Hide x5
Location: Lord of Nezim (Mini Boss) – Nezim Wetlands
Item 2: Enty Cloth x20
Location: Enty (Lv 185/186/187) – Witch’s Woods A1/A2/A3
Item 3: Sturdy Core x30
Location:Eerie Scarecrow (Lv 183/184/185) – Witch’s Woods A1/A2/A3
Note: Also drop from Mini Boss Grim Reaper Scarecrow.



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Inferno Curse Cloth Scrap x5
Location:Hexter (Boss) – Witch’s Woods Depths
Item 2: Kappa’s Plate x20
Location: Kappadon (Lv 175/177) – Nezim Wetlands
Item 3:Crow Feather x30
Location: Eerie Scarecrow (Lv 183/184/185) – Witch’s Woods A1/A2/A3
Note: Also drop from Mini Boss Grim Reaper Scarecrow.



Required Item(s)
Item 1: Wriggling Latebra x5
Location: Trocostida (Mini Boss) – Nov Diela Area 1
Item 2:Viscous Liquid x20
Location: Juvestida (Lv 186/187/188) – Nov Diela A1/A2/A3
Item 3: Bizarre Skin x30
Location:Evil Eye (Lv 169) – Morga Wasteland: A1
Note: Also drop from Mini Boss Demonic Eye

Toram Online - Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles) - Slot 96-100 - DC6BCB3

In Summary


  • Pisteus Bone x5
  • Phantom Cloth x20
  • Sea Otter Fur x30
  • Arachnidemon Wing x5
  • Metal Shackles x20
  • Weird Snake Skin x30
  • Slimy Hide x5
  • Enty Cloth x20
  • Sturdy Core x30
  • Inferno Curse Cloth Scrap x5
  • Kappa’s Plate x20
  • Crow Feather x30
  • Wriggling Latebra x5
  • Viscous Liquid x20
  • Bizarre Skin x30


Final Words

Congratulations, you have maxed out you collectibles bag slots!
Toram Online - Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles) - Final Words - 192B9AD
Time to enjoy farming for material and having to pause less to process/sell due to bag full.
I hope the above information have been useful for you in saving time while expanding your collectibles slots. There are people selling material farming in town via shout.
Hopefully, maybe in the future, you can try out selling Bag Expansion Service (since I don’t see much at the moment). Selling the materials needed in bunch of 10 slots perhaps? Like slot 51-60 for example 500K Spina, 91-100 for maybe 3M Spina. Could be a way to earn Spina as well.
I mean last I checked King Piton Fur x4 cost like 250K ish in Consignment! And its not like its difficult to get, just time consuming maybe for those who wants to farm event bosses etc. So they might want to get Bag Expansion Service if its available.
Do comment if you have any questions. Cheer & Happy Toraming!

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  • 02 Feb 2022 [19:12]: Created this Guide
  • 02 Feb 2022 [19:40]: Created the Sections
  • 02 Feb 2022 [20:01]: Added the Information to top Sections
  • 02 Feb 2022 [20:16]: Added the Collated Images to each Sections
  • 02 Feb 2022 [22:10]: Completed All Sections & Double Checked
  • 02 Feb 2022 [22:21]: Published Guide



I know there’s more than a few places to get these information from. My reason for posting it here is so that I can use it for myself via Steam overlay without ALT+Tab even though I am on dual screen. The information was solely gotten by myself back in November based on screenshots I saved while expanding the 2nd time on my ALT account. There is no copy paste of information from other places. Huge thanks to Coryn Club because the first version didn’t include the magnifying glass which shows where to find the items needed in-game
On the first day the new system was released, it cost me roughly 34M Spinas to expand fully (with some items not even in board having to farm them myself). There is no edited text(which shows on Discord should you have edited a piece of information) on the screenshot below and it was dated 12th November 2021
Toram Online - Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles) - Logs - D7A261D

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Toram Online – Bag Expansion List + (Equipment/Tools/Collectibles), if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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