Toram Online – Leveling Tips + Basic Partying Words

Toram Online – Leveling Tips + Basic Partying Words 1 -
Toram Online – Leveling Tips + Basic Partying Words 1 -

1.Faster didn’t mean easier
2.The higher level you get, the longer farming will took.
3.Do not does any story quest beside the one stated the Fastest way.
4..If you can’t do story quest, then try another method

    Basic partying words:

  • Ifp = Invite for a party.(Use this when you need a party)
    -> stand at your leveling spot and type lfp in “shout” chat. And someone there will invite you. But I am not guarantee.
  • Ifm = Looking for a member.(Somebody are looking for member)
    *When you going to left the party, always type “typt”(Thank you party) to thanks your party.


    (Recommanded for strong character)
    Level 1-235
    Note: Impossible without a party while farming bosses.
    1-35 Shell Mask -> Nisel Mountain: Mountainside
    35-39 Pova -> Lonogo Canyon
    39-55 Bone Dragonewt -> Ancient Empress’s Tomp: Area 1
    55-67 Story Quest… or Mewte -> Gravel Terrace
    67-78 Flare Volg (Nightmare) -> Fiery Volcano: Lava Trail
    78-87 Metal Stinger (Mini-boss) -> Akaku Desert: Area 1
    87-99 Flare Volg (Ultimate) -> Fiery Volcano: Lava Trail
    99-107 Don Yeti (Mini-boss) -> Polde Ice Valley
    107-114 Masked Warrior (Ultimate) -> Land Under Cultivation: Hill
    114-150 Story Quest…
    150-156 Super Death Mushroom (Mini-boss) -> Monster’s Forest: Animal Trail
    156-179 Venena (Hard-Nightmare) -> Ultimea Palace: Throne
    179-183 Story Quest… or Altoplebas -> Roroko Plains
    183-199 Venena (Ultimate) -> Ultimea Palace: Throne
    199-215 Finstern the Dark Dragon -> Dark Dragon Shrine
    215-230 Espectro -> Arche Valley : Area 1
    230-235 Story Quest…


    (Recommanded for a patient farmer, or not strong character, or mage and halberd character, or character that have a good area attack skill.)
    Level 1-Max (You can level up until you satisfied with your earned level.)
    1. Maybe not efficient method when reached level 170
    2. Party will make the process multiply.(If you somehow can find there)
    3. You can use your another character to process the quest, and use another character to report the quest.
    1-89 Story quest…or until you complete the chapter 5 story quest and have level 89 or more.
    Step 1: Go to “Garden of beginning”.
    Step 2: Talk to the npc named “Researcher’s spirit”.
    Step 3: Accept the quest that stated for level 89, “Free from infesters!”. And you will need to kill 2000 Controlled knights and 2000 Controlled Fighters.
    *You should do until 2000 each to reduce the overall leveling time.
    Step 4: Go to “Dark Castle: Area 2” and start. You should see the farming spot for each one there.



For “Easiest”
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