Toram Online – One Hand Sword Gameplay Guide

Toram Online – One Hand Sword Gameplay Guide 1 -
Toram Online – One Hand Sword Gameplay Guide 1 -

This One Hand Sword Guide serves as a general guide for the specific weapon you decided to make. Please know that you make your own build dont take this guide serious think of it as guide that can help you not make mistakes on the long run because this guide isnt accurate.


One Hand Sword or the short term OHS/1HS is a weapon used often by tanks and less used by damage dealers because of how little the skills offer to do more damage for one hand sword users.

Types of OHS

There are two types of ohs sword build that generally exist

  • Tank Build
  • Damage Build

If you are wondering why a support build dose not exist is because of how most support skills are terrible or how it works but that doesn’t mean that will stop anyone from making it.

Are the builds good for new people?

Tank Build
If you use it for tanking the build is good because you will reach level 100+ easily when you keep continuing the main quest. The equipment isn’t also a problem since your objective is to survive and let your team do the damage.
Damage Build
If you use it for damage of course it will never be that good for new people because of how much skill points you need to put to make good damage out of it. The equipment is even more problematic for you because of the requirements and items to find and the huge amount of money to spend.

Tank Build

A tank build is often pare with a sword and shield like any other tank class you could think of.
The build will be base on do less damage and focus more on survival. Your main objective is to generate aggro and take many hits and survive.
If you want to build a tank the ones below could help you on what you should have.

Things to Prioritize

On putting player stats you should put more on VIT and MTL for more hp and defenses while also have more ailment resistance.
Toram Online - One Hand Sword Gameplay Guide - Tank Build - 7063566

    For skills these are the main skills a tank uses

  • Guardian
  • Perfect defense
  • Sanctuary
  • Decoy
  • Any Interrupt skill

A tier 4 Shield skill that helps the tanker to generate more aggro and reduce more damage taken by them (level character requirement: 110)
Perfect Defense
A tier 3 knight skill that gives the tanker eye frames for 1 second. (level character requirement: 125)
A tier 3 support skill that creates an aoe field that reduces damage base on the player’s max hp. (level character requirement: 120)
A tier 4 bow skill that creates a clone and attack the mob/boss used for attack mana point regen or ampr in short. (level character requirement: 150)
Interruption Skills
Skills that stops a boss from moving or performing any attack move.
Example: Shield Cannon a tier 3 shield skill that has a chance to inflict stun to your enemy (level character requirement: 50)
If you want to look up more into the skills its self on CorynClub – [] .
There are other more skills a tank could use but due to being limited on skill points you have to choose carefully talk to any toram community for help. The tank build you make is yours to decide don’t waste your skill points on skills you don’t need or mistakenly put they aren’t easy to get refunded or reset them.

Budget and Equipments

The equipment and budget you need is not hard to get because you only need npc stats to wear but if you want an example of a tank gear here is the list i can give you that might help.

  • Toy Hammer (One Hand Sword)
  • Rock Dragon Heavy Shield (Shield)
  • Lil Empress (Armor)
  • Lucky Sushi Roll & Potum (Addition)
  • Dark Fighter Bangle (Special Gear)


Builds you could try and copy

There are youtube toram builds you can try so if you want to copy a build from a Youtuber named Not4u2nv here is the link you could watch


Damage Build

The one hand sword has build is a down side for anyone who wants to use one hand sword are damage by default. The builds that exist and was used are magic sword builds and some build require a lot of spina and have more skill points in most progress even if you have spina the damage is sometimes lacking. Here on this table list is what you can possible equip with your sub weapon.

Main WeaponSub Weapon
One Hand SwordKnuckle
One Hand SwordDagger
One Hand SwordMagic Device
One Hand SwordShield
One Hand SwordArrow
One Hand SwordNinja Scroll


Sub Weapon Equipment Explain

So you saw some sub weapons have knuckles or magic device as possible sub weapon equipment. The equipment and crysta abilities that is (weapon stats) equipped as sub weapon will not work. However, a specific weapon equipment bonus for attack skills will work.
The Image below should show you an example how it should look like.
Toram Online - One Hand Sword Gameplay Guide - Damage Build - D3B449B


Things to prioritize

Now in stats you have you decide this on your own could be Dex over Str, Str over Dex, Dex over Int, and the list will go on. The other ones below will be some what an example idea for you to get please know that you can not copy other builds because
Magic Sword Stats
If you use Sword and Magic Device you can try to go with Dex and INT or you can copy a youtuber’s build. But, remember to learn this by your self before copying otherwise you lose damage.
Sword and Shield Stats
If you use Sword and Shield you can try to go with Dex and Str or again copy a youtuber’s build. Not all builds are easy to make. It is base on your decision and your understanding because some sword and shield builds could be Str and Dex.
Sword and Knuckles Stats
If you use Sword and Knuckles you can try go for Str and Dex or learn it by your self. A youtuber’s builds exist for that curiosity.
Sword and Ninja Scroll/Sword and Arrow/Sword and Dagger Stats
The stats could be the same as Sword and Shield build compare to magic device or knuckles.
There isnt any core skills but i can put an example list of skills that each weapon build uses.
List of skills


Budget and Equipments

I honestly do not know about the budget its really high and not really worth your time i will put a list example but will not go on any details.

  • Player weapon stats
  • Any sub weapon you use
  • Player armor stats
  • Specific addition for your build
  • Specific special gear for your build


Builds you could try and copy

Here is the exiting part if you have the skill points and money you can try out the build from these youtubers for your self!
Sword and Knuckle

Sword and Magic Device

Sword and Shield

Sword and Dagger

Sword and Ninja Scroll

Sword and Arrow?
No youtube update links about it from what i was searching so sadly none but feel free to do an experiment on it.

Weapon BuildSkill Tree
Sword and Ninja ScrollNInja Skill
Sword and ArrowBlade and Shot Skill
Sword and KnuckleBlade and Martial Skill
Sword and Magic DeviceMagic Blade Skill
Sword and ShieldBlade and Knight Skill
Sword and DaggerDagger and Assasin Skill



You should thank the youtubers for videos of builds they have made and put a lot effort to it.
As for the rest ive made i got help by the Toram Nova discord server if you need help and have questions on how to make your own one hand sword build the link is below.
Feel free to join Toram Nova. – [] 
If you need more data about skills Phantom Library is usefull. – [] 

Written by FiendDer

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Toram Online – One Hand Sword Gameplay Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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