Toram Online – Types of Blacksmith & Skills

Toram Online – Types of Blacksmith & Skills 1 -
Toram Online – Types of Blacksmith & Skills 1 -

This Refinement guide is a general guide and it might get an update because it isn’t accurate due to the developer saying how the refinement will change after 7th Anniversary but for those who are curious on how it works this guide will somewhat explain it to you.

Blacksmith Skills [Something to Explain]

In the game you can pretty much self refine equipment, fill equipment stats and craft equipment in other terms some thing like this on the image will show up.
[Note: The more Tier skills you unlock and max, the better you improve your refinement]
Toram Online - Types of Blacksmith & Skills - Blacksmith Skills [Something to Explain] - 5579DC8
Toram Online - Types of Blacksmith & Skills - Blacksmith Skills [Something to Explain] - DE94209

    Here are the Level Requirements for unlocking skill tier.

  • Tier 1 Skill (Requires lvl 25 character)
  • Tier 2 Skill (Requires lvl 50 character)
  • Tier 3 Skill (Requires lvl 100 character)
  • Tier 4 Skill (Requires lvl 200 character)


Types of Blacksmith

There are 2 types of Blacksmith build in the game which is:

  • Full Tech Stat Build
  • Full Luck Stat Build

    Full Tech Blacksmith

    A Full Tech BlacksSmith improves the chance of success rate of your equipment that you’re refining by maxing out the Tech stats on the character.
    The Ores that is being consumed determines the chances of success.
    It is often used for refining from 0+ to B+/13+.
    However, you may also refine it to A+/14+ depending on the ores used.
    How Full Tech Black Smith Build looks:
    Toram Online - Types of Blacksmith & Skills - Types of Blacksmith - B456EDB


    Full Luck Blacksmith

    A Full Luck Blacksmith increases the chance of your equipment not getting degraded regardless on what ores you use by maxing out your Luck stats on the character.
    I do not know how much chance you get to make it not get degraded.
    This build its used for refining from B+/13+ to A+/14+ and from A+/14+ to S+.
    The reason why luck is used is because refining the equipment from A+ to S+ is always 1% and there is no ore that can increase it. (Unless you’re using Orb Shop Hammers)
    In my opinion, if you’re that type of player who can gamble that 1% chance success rate on every pull, then LUCK is the way [just like a mobile gatcha player]
    How Full Luck Blacksmith Build looks:
    Toram Online - Types of Blacksmith & Skills - Types of Blacksmith - 3CC3EA6


Refining [the main thing]

In the game you want to upgrade equipment to get stronger.
The way to refine is just simply by

  • Selecting the Ores to use
  • Selecting the Equipment
  • Selecting any Support Item
  • Double checking and Start Refinement

(There is also no fee involved as you’re refining with your OWN character vs using an NPC)
Depending on what you’re doing, there is a chance your equipment success or not if it fails there is a chance that the equipment gets degraded or not and degradation value depends on how many slots it has. The more it has, the more it gets degraded.
The Image below will show you how it looks like in game.
Toram Online - Types of Blacksmith & Skills - Refining [the main thing] - 1EE376B

What does Refinement affects?

Refinement affects stuff on your equipment.


For Armor, Shield, and Hats (Addition) gives 1% to every damage resistance for each refine you put for example B+ (or 13+) you get 13% damage resistance.


For Weapons, each additional refinement gives more Weapon Attack by (refinement value).
Yes im not joking i don’t even know how much refinement value is in there you can put 1+ on your weapon and it increases the weapon attack by 1% and if the refinement of the weapon is at B+ or 13+ then the weapon attack increases by 169% and at A+/14+ it has 196% weapon attack increase along with S+/15+ having a 225% weapon attack increase.
All this information I got is from Coryn Club Website – []  and Phantom Library Discord Server – [] so im not sure if they are accurate on how much weapon attack it gives because there are hard to explain on my point of view. If you want to look up more into the weapon you can go check it and find it your self.

Ores and Values

If you don’t know what ores do they simply improve the chance of upgrading equipment and that’s about it.
If you want a full math stuff of the ore value here is stuff that the community made so you can understand how its percent chance works based on the ore value.
Please be reminded that this chart is shown base on what tier skill you have on your blacksmith it does not show the chance of Tier 1 or Tier 2 skills of blacksmith.
Toram Online - Types of Blacksmith & Skills - Ores and Values - 764BB12

Support Item

Support items are like extra stuff to improve depending on item you have or owned.
It can either be a chance to not get down graded or increase the chance of success. It can also be two things at once
If you’re the guy who can spend more money into the game you can go to Orb Shop and buy blacksmith support items.
As for the value of orb items? You can find that out by your self on Coryn Club – [] its too much to explain.
Here are the item examples that are noted as support item for refinement.
Toram Online - Types of Blacksmith & Skills - Support Item - 2C09945

Pity System

Yes I’m not joking a Pity System exist. [True Gatcha Experience]
It got added around May 12 and during that time it screwed up the whole economy so developers will nerf this system after the 7th anniversary event.
So the Pity System works like any other gatcha game you know that has a pity system.
Every refine (success or not) you get a point and every 150 points you get +1% flat increase in success (Both on TEC and LUK Smith).
Depending on what ore you are using will give how much points you get.
So around 300 points you get 2% flat increase, 450 for 3%, 600 for 4%, 750 points for 5%, and the list goes on.
Regardless on what you do you are unable transfer points to other equipment it will stay there for ever.
Down grade also has a value depending on quality for example the ore value is +2 points it got degrade once you still earn a point from it.
If it degrade down by 2 tiers the points is multiplied by 2.
If it degrade down by 3 tiers possibly x3.
If your Wondering how much value the ore gives its on the list below.

    The Ore Value

  • Hematite +1
  • Iron +2
  • High-purity Iron +6
  • Damascus Ore +2
  • Damascus Steel +4
  • High-purity Damascus +12
  • Mithril Ores +4
  • Mithril +8
  • High-purity Mithril +24
  • Ori Ores +8
  • Orichalcum +16
  • High-purity Orichalcum +48

This is how pity system looks like in the game.
Toram Online - Types of Blacksmith & Skills - Pity System - 07E4913

My End

Honestly I didn’t make whole thing but the Toram community did make it I just set up a guide so you guys can go research this your self about it more in the future.
If you’re asking my opinion on what build you should make just go full luck character since the pity system tells full tech characters to get a new job.
Like literally it increase flat success rate, you can trade your time and stack your bad luck for better success rate than using full tech character just to increase the success rate not to mention getting from A+ to S+ is still 1% so you better have it increased.
Don’t forget this guide will be outdated after the 7th anniversary event.
For more questions go ask people from PhantomLibrary – []  or ToramNova – []  they will provide you better help than what this guide provides
Cheers & Happy Refining!!

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Toram Online – Types of Blacksmith & Skills; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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