Wobbledogs – All Chapter and Walkthrough

Wobbledogs – All Chapter and Walkthrough 1 - steamlists.com
Wobbledogs – All Chapter and Walkthrough 1 - steamlists.com

This is just my WALKTROUGH.
Stay tunned FOR MORE
oooooh yeah its a new SLOT.

Misc stuff i set on….

Death: OFF
Live time: 6000s
Dogs: wait what is that for?

Chapter 1: TUTORIAL

So i started the slot. . .
Then a random DOG appeared named Desease.
I builded 5 food dispenser and DESEASE eat some french frys, but it pupated then.
After that i though i should build 3 EGG MACHINES THINGYS.
Then i got an pup named EXTRA and the tutorial was finished but i praised it so i got 2 more dogs. . .
Randy and Proto are the new dogs! Horaay!

Chapter 2: Seriously UNSTABLED BREED

So my dogs began to realise they should make a den.
I let my other dogs in the chaos in tho.
Wait did just desease lay an egg!?
So i began to breed Proto and Desease.
I bred all to 0% and the final was golden/yellow with a normal coloured head with is tiny, also had an tiny tail.
I didnt trust my eyes what i CREATED.

Chapter 3: Madness

Desease was coo coo crazy and made an capsule. . .
Extra finished a digging and wanted to pupate.
After 1 pupate of him the den was finished. At the next one UH he was more orange and had a green snout and ears. Then he completly turned ORANGE so uhhhhhh, i want to take a break from him and took him in the storage.
And i bred an TINY DOG THEN.
Then i made some mess with gravity and fans. . .
I began to breed agian to make an dog named EARTH, instand i got a sun.
I tryd agian, but i got a dog with blue pattern and 6 legs :I .
I tryd agian, but at 93% i got an golden dog with an tail and with is short and with has so thin LEGS.
The last try was an wierder dog.

Chapter 4: Codes using

So i used few codes from an guide.
And breed an legless dog.
I got Cranule.
I started an room for pups. After few times i got an other room. . .
And i starting hatching an legless dog. (god that was wierd, its name is cheese)
jhen.visionintcontruct sended me an dog. Its name is mint! (i copy it agian if it dies if i set on deaths by accident)
Mint made so much chaos, but i agree having it.
So uh i put him in a den void for a moment.
So i grew up cheese, starting to let a dog die, (bad idea) so i can have GHOSTS.
I choosen desease and randy (they was default dogs).
So the others began to eat the bodys.

Chapter 5: spooky scary ghosts

So after few waiting randy CAME ALIVE AS AN GHOST.
So i made desease a ghost.

Requested dog codes

None. . .

Written by The One Fox

This is all about Wobbledogs – All Chapter and Walkthrough; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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