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Wobbledogs – Breeding and mutating guide 1 - steamlists.com
Wobbledogs – Breeding and mutating guide 1 - steamlists.com

Ever wanted to make a dog a specific color? Or get wings? Maybe multiple tails? Well, today I will show you tips to obtaining all of your wobbly breeding and mutating dreams. Well, I’m not a pro at Wobbledogs, but throughout my time played, I have figured out some things that can help you on your journey.

Into the Basics!

On your journey into becoming a Wobbledog owner, you will need to know how to breed and mutate. You may skip if you already know these things.
First, you should complete the tutorial. This will give you Mingle and Randy, but their names are optional. They are both adults. To breed a dog, they must be an adult, but once they are an adult they cannot mutate anymore unless fed a Dog Core – [fandom.com] .
You may be asking, “Well Diamond, what is a dog core?”. Don’t worry, I will now explain.
A dog core is the remnants of a Wobbledog that has sadly passed away. But don’t worry, if you don’t want your Wobbledogs to die, you have two options.
Your first option is to go into settings. Then, click on options. At the bottom there should be gameplay settings. From there you can turn off dog deaths.
Your second option is to feed a dog a core. It’s age will then be “Ancient”. But to do this, a dog must die and you have to crack open the dog’s core.
Now, onto how to breed. Your dog must lay an Unfertilized Egg – [fandom.com] . Once it does, collect the egg. Then see that egg symbol on the side of your screen? Click that. Now, choose 2 dogs to breed, most likely Randy and Mingle. Once you have clicked “Breed”, you should appear in a black area with some green lines. Instead of selecting your final dog, you should crossbreed until you get a special gene like double heads, more legs, less legs, a tail, wings, horns, ect, or until you get a tiny litter, or in other words, one dog in its litter.
Now for the basics of mutating your dog, If your dog isn’t an adult yet, you can mutate your dog. To mutate – [fandom.com] , wait for your dog to have words above their icon saying “Mutate!”. Once you click this, your dog will enter a chrysalis. Once it is in the chrysalis, take out pet by pressing shift and then pet the chrysalis until it says “Mutation up!” and has a small heart next to the chrysalis. Once it is done mutating, hatch the chrysalis. Depending on what your dog ate before mutation, it should change according to the flora – [fandom.com]  it had in it’s gut.
You might wonder how a dog gets flora in it’s gut, or what flora is. Flora is held in food, and it is the reason for a dog’s mutations. You can view what flora you have unlocked, what the flora does when fed to a dog, and what foods the flora is in.
When you feed your dog, the flora in that food enters it’s gut. You can get food from food dispensers that you obtain through goals, which I will explain later.
Now that you know the basics of mutating and breeding, lets get to special mutations and what causes them.

Special Mutations

Tired of your basic dog shape? Well I will teach you how to get a dog that looks way different from your basic dogs.
As I explained in Into the Basics, your dogs can breed or mutate. Mutations are caused by flora, and breeding is a way to get new dogs. But how do you get dogs to look different?
During mutation, whatever flora your dog has in it’s gut has an effect. For example, Protrusia, which you can get from bananas, gives your dog long legs and a long body. If you were to feed your dog only bananas, it’s legs and body would most likely be very long when it is an adult.
But different sized and different colored dogs can get boring, and that’s where special mutations come in. There are many different types of special mutations, a few examples are multiple legs, a tail, wings, horns, and many more. The main way of getting these is luck in breeding. For example, getting a tail on your dog. You may think that feeding your dog pancakes for a bigger tail will help it gain a tail, but that isn’t true. Pancakes would only work on a dog that already has a tail.
If you want a dog with a tail, import this dog:
Dl102DF080828A0t00F3c050:0c0c:E0093d0<cbaFU710P0:jc:9c65F0^0m0rec:0l00;:Fc;E:c^:2c5;8Faa8D5il:e<AFcnc:80c:0::;tFc0^Fc1aFt:cF.E0:2090DF10C01800FFEP8<aaDc67n01FY90^C0:618c8^08dc1:t^01i000^21F0tfF:utc1^D0a8mmFt81c08^18:^tF0fP8c0008:0:c1A00t12c08cFc2e 0d^
It’s a default colored dog with the default tail.
My fingers hurt so I’m taking a break, I will update this later.

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Wobbledogs – Breeding and mutating guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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