War Thunder – Best Performing Vehicles – Top Tier

War Thunder – Best Performing Vehicles – Top Tier 1 - steamlists.com
War Thunder – Best Performing Vehicles – Top Tier 1 - steamlists.com

A guide for War Thunder

Best Performing Vehicles

The best vehicles for each category of vehicles.
[Black Night] – Has an APS system to counter missiles and rarely tank rounds. Decent armor for turret but lacking lower chassis armor. 120mm cannon with 564mm of maximum pen for 0 degrees. L27A1 APFDS round is the for best British top tier (you can use hesh but experiences may vary.) Commander and Gunner’s sights both have thermal optics which are great for spotting and situational awareness.
[Challenger 2 TES] This tank is a good pick and for many reasons. It has a ton of anti missile and explosive armor and the same firepower of the Black Night. The mobility is slightly less of the Black Night because of its massive 72 ton weight but can still get around decent enough. This tank also has thermal optics for the gunner but does not have amazing commanders sight of the Black Night and without thermal optics. The armor is the same just with a lot of extra ERA protection which can be useful against ATGMS and HE rounds. The 120mm cannon is also the same as well as the rounds for it.
[Stormer HVM or ADATS M113] – Both have pros and cons. Lets start with the Starstreak HVM which is the more mobile counterpart. The catch is that this SPAA is a more short range SPAA than the ADATS which has a much more longer range capabilities. The Stormer HVM uses the Starstreak missiles which are good missiles but require a little bit more guiding and are great against helicopters. The ADATS M113 is the Canadian version of the American ADATS and has the same missile turret and missiles but has a completely different chassis and lacks mobility. The 30mm cannon on the American version is also not on the Canadian version. The ADATS has anti tank capabilities though which is a huge advantage over the Stormer HVM but it cannot spot or climb hills as easily. The missiles of the ADATS can easily kill just about anything with proper aiming and are proximity detonating which helps against jets and helicopters.
[AH64D] – The AH64D is the latest variant of the Apache and everyone knows just how deadly this helicopter is. Good mobility and lots of firepower with anti air capabilities make this helicopter the top pick.
[FG4 Phantom or Jaguar] Both are very good jets and have bombing or air superiority capabilities. The Jaguar is more for ground bombing and support while the Phantom is best used for anti air. Use whatever one you are more comfortable with.

Line up for top tier

Row 1. Black Night or Challenger 2 TES (main tank)
Row 2. Challenger 2F (backup tank)
Row 3. Adats M113 or Starstreak HVM (for anti heli and jet)
Row 3. Lynx or AH-64D (Heli for kills and support)
Row 5. Any light tank (Spotting and sniping)
You can change this up to your preference but this is just a general idea.

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