War Thunder – Gameplay Tips How to Win The Game

War Thunder – Gameplay Tips How to Win The Game 1 - steamlists.com
War Thunder – Gameplay Tips How to Win The Game 1 - steamlists.com

This guide is for those who has yet to figure out the size of the color green.

Law number 1:

It is not of alow to judge a competition by its standards. You must compare other trees beforehand. Only voting for Frogs will result in a temporary suspension of milk consumption.

Law number 2:

Running for president in Mongoslovakia will always be considered as crimes against font of Arial Black.

Tips for how to win

If enemy team has taken objective A, B or C. Start by using quickchat to tell your team to attack the D point. This will then confuse your teammates and they shall by human standard attack the B point as this is the first letter in the argonomical alphabet.

Tips for how to get a haircut

If you feel that your hair is getting long or uncomfortable, you should get a haircut. This is because that will reduce the lenght of your hair. By cutting some of your hair you will start to feel a sensation of greatness.

Unlogical questions about this society

How many times a day do you think an average beer consumer thinks of themself in space?
The correct answer is found in the subcontext of the reality TV Show that should not be named.
Therefore it is impossible to get the answer to said question.

I have a blue car

My name is Micheal Foxton. This is my attempt to frawn the immence humanity of trilogy of cologne of tragedy of 4546B.


I drink water sometimes


Written by Bnob is Ramen

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