Stray – All Memory Locations Achievement

Stray – All Memory Locations Achievement 1 -
Stray – All Memory Locations Achievement 1 -

all 27 memories in Stray for the ´´ I Remember Achivement´´
Memory:1-Story related during chapter 3.
Memory:2-Chapter 4 Slums, on the roof above the Guard.
Memory:3-Chapter 4 Slums, trade for 3 energy Drinks.
Memory:4-Chapter 4 Slums, top floor of the bar.
Memory:5-Chapter 4 Slums, inside Momo´s apartment.
Memory:6-Chapter 4 Slums, in the alley near the start.
Memory:7-Chapter 4 Slums, jump up in the alley to the left of the guardian.
Memory:8-Chapter 4 Slums,top floor of Elliot´s house.
Memory:9-Chapter 5 Rooftops, after the 2nd Zurk area jump up straight ahead.
Memory:10-Chapter 5 Rooftops,on the 2nd floor of the construction area.
Memory:11-Chapter 5 Rooftops,story related can´t be missed.
Memory:12-Chapter 7 Dead End, very close to the start take the first left.
Memory:13-Chapter 7 Dead End,after the Zurk chase jump up on the truck go strait ahead.
Memory:14-Chapter 7 Dead End,as soon as you meet Doc look right.
Memory:15-Chapter 8 The Sewers,after Momo holds the door for you take the tunel on the left.
Memory:16-Chapter 8 The Sewers,just after the area with eyes on the wall go left.
Memory:17-Chapter 9 Antvillage, Story can´t be missed.
Memory:18-Chapter 9 Antvillage,go up and speak with Zabaltazar then come back down to here.
Memory:19-Chapter 10 Midtown, Story related can´t be missed.
Memory:20-Chapter 10 Midtown,at the top of the first escalators.
Memory:21-Chapter 10 Midtown, take the first alley to the right and jump up.
Memory:22-Chapter 10 Midtown,jump inside the window just before the hologram area.
Memory:23-Chapter 10 Midtown,inside the roof of the restaurant.
Memory:24-Chapter 10 Midtown,this can be only be done after finishing the factory area.
Memory:25-Chapter 10 Midtown,insite t he Club after you find the clues in Clementine´s house.
Memory:26-Chapter 11 Jail,after saving B-12 and going outside the drone in the cell.
Memory:27-Capter 12 Control Room,story related can´t be missed.


This is all about Stray – All Memory Locations Achievement; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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